Interview : Steven Caulker : 01/05/2010
Steven Caulker Talks To The BBC After The 3-0 Win Over Oldham
Steven Caulker
Steven Caulker
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Yeovil Town's on loan defender Steven Caulker spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Alistair Durden after his side had beaten Oldham Athletic 3-0 on May 1st 2010.

AD: Steven, I made that four out of five of the end of season awards that you've gone off with. You're in danger of missing the last game of the season with a back injury, taking that lot home!

SC: I am obviously very very pleased to received them, but as I've said in other interviews, I'm here to support the boys and I couldn't really do it without the coaches, the support of my family and the team.

AD: The whole season couldn't have gone any better for you could it?

SC: No, to be fair it's gone very well. But I always like to see if I can do better, and I feel that I could have got a goal or two. So I'm always looking to improve.

AD: You've even got the seagulls (audible in the BBC interview) cheering after you! When you arrived here at 17 years of age, coming here to play hard professional football in the league, is this more than you expected?

SC: Yes, by far. I wasn't expecting to play in every game either. I watched it here last season, and taking a step out of it, I thought it would be difficult, but I said I'd come here, and I've done well and I'm very pleased.

AD: I make it that you've only missed one league game all season?

SC: Yes, one league game all season. I'm hoping to continue my record and play next Saturday (at Brighton) and see how next season goes.

AD: It was really goodbye to the home fans here today. What are your plans for next season? Is it to play Championship football sometime?

SC: Yes, that's my aim - to play in the Championship - but I need to see where the season takes me. I may end up staying at Tottenham and giving that a shot. But as I've said, I'm going to come back fresh in pre-season and we'll see what happens.

AD: When you've got King and Dawson and that lot to get past, it's quite a job!

SC: There's going to be a lot of tough competition there - I'm not going to lie. But with injuries and that, you never know. It's something to look forward to.

AD: There's obviously a good link-up between Yeovil and Spurs, with a couple of the other boys coming here as well. Would you go back and recommend to some of the young lads at Spurs about spending a season here?

SC: Yes, without a doubt. This club has been great for us. What I like as well here, is that there is not much pressure on you to perform. I think that gets the best out of players and I think that's showed this season. We've got a lot of young players coming here and doing well. So I think I'd recommend it highly - very very highly.

AD: You've got a busy summer, as you're off to England Under-19s again, aren't you?

SC: Yes, I'm off there in the end of May, and that will be a 12 day trip. So I'm looking forward to it. But I'm also looking forward to getting back for my own holiday. Hopefully it will be a good trip.

AD: You've got one game to go before that. But it's great to see you down here this season and I'm sure we'll look on in years to come and say that Steven Caulker started his career properly with a season at Yeovil.

SC: I do hope so. Thank you very much.

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