Interview : Andy Welsh : 05/04/2010
Andy Welsh Speaks To The BBC After The 1-2 Defeat Against Leeds
Andy Welsh
Andy Welsh
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Yeovil Town left-winger Andy Welsh spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, reporting on behalf of BBC Somerset, after his side had lost 1-2 at home against Leeds United on April 5th 2010.

CS: Andy, how disappointing is that to go down to Leeds today?

AW: Yes, it is disappointing, but obviously in the first half they could have been out of sight with the amount of chances that they had. In the second half we picked up a little bit and arguably we could have got back into the game with a few chances.

CS: The revival seemed to coincide with you coming onto the pitch.

AW: Well, I'm not going to say that, but I'll let you say that to everybody else, then maybe I might get a chance! But obviously it's nice to come on and see the team start to do well, but I don't think Leeds were any great shakes. They hadn't scored in about four games and so to concede from two set pieces was disappointing from our point of view.

CS: I'm sure the manager will be looking at that. When you came on during the last 20 to 25 minutes, it must have been enjoyable to be on the pitch at that stage, because you totally dominated.

AW: Yes it is. Obviously they were kind of on the back foot. You're always going to get a good spell in a game, and if you can make it count then all the better. I think we had a lot of chances and we maybe could have nicked a point. You were looking at their players and they were arguing with each other. They looked tired and were stretching their calf muscles and suchlike and we could have got back in it if we had taken our chances.

CS: There were a number of chances and Gavin Tomlin looked like he had a header cleared off the line. Were you close to that, or did you see how close it was?

AW: I think he was right on the line, to be fair. So obviously from their point of view it is good defending because they've put people on the line and that is what they are there for. Deano had another header and obviously I had a chance near the end to lob the keeper. If we had started off like that then maybe we would have been in a position to win the game.

CS: One thing now is to take that last 20 to 25 minutes into the Stockport game. You're from up in the North-West. What are the reports on their pitch like?

AW: Well I used to play there, so obviously I know what it's going to be about. It's going to be difficult at the end of the day. I feel for Stockport a little bit at the minute with the troubles they are having. That isn't good for them but they'll be wanting to fight. I think they may go down today if they lose. So we don't want it to be a situation where they want to come back and they are just enojying themselves playing happy football.

CS: The pitch up there can be a great leveller. I think it's more sand than grass?

AW: Yes definitely. There will probably be a rugby game being played on the Friday night as well, which has not only wrecked the pitch but wrecked the club as a whole. We've just got to be ready for that and hopefully pick up the three points.

CS: I know they'll be fighting for their lives, or they may be relaxed if they've already gone down. But they are bottom of the table, and you need a couple of wins to reach safety. You've got to target three points for this game.

AW: Definitely without a doubt. We can't go there thinking the pitch is this, or the pitch is that. We've got to go there and win the game, whatever it takes. If it takes an 89th minute winner or we get an early goal, then we have got to target three points for this game.

CS: You said it is going to be a battle, and the gaffer has said that he needed to see more battling qualities today. So is he just going to ask the players to step it up a little bit?

AW: I think so, although I think with teams like Leeds, they do say that good teams grind you down at first. They did a bit of grinding in the first half where maybe we could have worked a bit harder on that side of things. Maybe we do need to get that into our game, and we will definitely need it against Stockport because of the pitch as well. So yes, he does want us to do that and we're working on that and looking forward to the game on Saturday.

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