Interview : Steven Caulker : 18/03/2010
Steven Caulker Speaks To The BBC In The Build-Up To The Bristol Rovers Game
Steven Caulker
Steven Caulker
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Yeovil Town central defender Steven Caulker spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Rob Scanlon on Thursday 18th March 2010 as part of the build-up to the home match against Bristol Rovers. The Glovers went on to lose the game 0-3.

RS: Steven you played in the last fixture against Bristol Rovers. They're a tough side aren't they, but you turned them over.

SC: Yes, it was a good game and a very close game last time we played them. Obviously with it being a local derby the boys were quite up for it. They've got a good front two, so we're well aware of that, and I hope we can do it again to be honest. I'm sure we can with the fans behind us at home.

RS: It should be a big crowd shouldn't it?

SC: Hopefully yes, and they'll support us because we put on a good performance last week for them.

RS: Paul Heffernan and Jo Kuffour are their front two. They are very experienced at this level and above.

SC: I remember watching Jo Kuffour when he was at Brentford. I was a little fan when I was younger. He's a good player and I'm well aware of what he can do.

RS: How did you assess the performance at Carlisle? It was a close game, but it was a long journey home.

SC: It was a very long journey home, especially after losing. But I think it took a bit of luck and something special to beat us. That's what they've done and hopefully we'll hit back on Saturday. We're more than capable of getting results against teams around us.

RS: With Exeter winning that closes the gap, but there's still plenty of breathing space.

SC: I wouldn't want to worry too much about those things. We've still got a few points clear. But at the same time we don't want to get too carried away and complacent.

RS: It must be good that you're a permanent fixture in the team. I don't think you've missed a game have you?

SC: I missed the one, which was against Brighton (at home) whilst I was away (on international duty). It's been good to play week-in, week-out and obviously I'm grateful to the gaffer for giving me the opportunity at the start of the season.

RS: Are you tired at all, because obviously you've played in a few England games as well.

SC: Yes, I'm a little bit tired as I've also been back to Tottenham for more stuff in midweek. So yes, it's caught up with me, but hopefully I'll get a break at the end of the season.

RS: When I said to Nathan Smith that you hadn't been booked this season, he said he was going to give you plenty of stick.

SC: I've had a fair bit of stick from the players, but I just like to tell them that I read the game like Rio (Ferdinand)! Yes, there's a bit of banter going on about it.

RS: Actually whilst I've been commentating on you, we've enlikened you to Rio Ferdinand, in that you've got the height and you've got the pace to get you out of any bother.

SC: Yes, sometimes my pace helps me when I'm out of position, so I've got to thank God for that, I suppose. I use it quite often when I shouldn't need to, when I should be in the right position.

RS: Is Rio Ferdinand the sort of person that you look up to and somebody you'd like to match?

SC: Yes, he's been my role model for a few years, so I look up to the likes of him with people like John Terry who are playing week-in, week-out for Man U, Chelsea and doing those things.

RS: You go back to Tottenham regularly. They must be pleased with your progress.

SC: Yes, it's been very pleasing at the moment. I have to play games there as well. I'm eager to impress there as well, because although I want to do well on loan, I've got to do it under the manager's nose. So I just want to keep doing what I'm doing.

RS: Do you have any idea what's happening at the end of the season?

SC: No, I've no idea at the moment. I'm just going to go back there and see what happens and take it from there.

RS: Finally, you've got a settled back four, in yourself, Craig (Alcock), Terrell (Forbes) and Nathan (Smith) and that always helps.

SC: Yes, it does and I think that's shown up in that we've got quite a few clean sheets lately. We'll hope to get one on Saturday, and I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't quite get one on Tuesday night against Carlisle, but as I said it took something special to beat us.

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