Interview : Dean Bowditch : 06/02/2010
Dean Bowdtch Speaks About His Two Goals At Wycombe In The 4-1 Win
Dean Bowditch
Dean Bowditch
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Yeovil Town striker Dean Bowditch spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles on behalf of BBC Somerset after his side won 4-1 at Adams Park against Wycombe Wanderers on Saturday 6th February 2010.

CS: Obviously a week is a long time in football, you must be ecstatic tonight after the lows of last weekend.

DB: Yes, like I said in the changing room, it was a great response from the team and myself in particular. I felt devastated for myself and the team last week and we came out today and it was a win that we needed. We said that before the game. But we'd had such a good week's training to take your mind off the game against Huddersfield. We've done really really well today. It's always great to score but the team performance was very good.

CS: What's this week been like? How do you prepare? I know that you're strong mentally, but that miss was played on the Football League Show and I'm sure everywhere you turned and you've just got to be strong haven't you?

DB: Yes, it happens in football. The gaffer came up to me and said that happens to the best of us. There's players that have got to bounce back and we've just got to do it. So I worked probably the hardest I'd worked in training probably all week concentration-wise and you've just got to forget about it. During the game I tried to forget about it as well and so it's good to come out and score a couple of goals and to win, and so special thanks to Sammy (Williams) who was up front with me today. He worked his socks off, and the two wide men were fantastic.

CS: Let's talk about the first goal first of all. It was a fantastic finish right into the top corner.

DB: Yes, it was, although it was instinctive. Welshy has done really well when he has come inside and he has laid it on a plate for me. I'd tried to keep it low and I'd worked in training on keeping shots low, so in a way if I'd tried to go for the top corner, it would have probably have hit the top of the stand. It flew in the top corner with it and I was well happy and well chuffed.

CS: And an assist for Andy's goal as well?

DB: Well, you can't really call it an assist when I'd tried to score! I think the keeper parried it, and it's gone right into Welshy's path. Sammy was more gutted because it went just past him. Welshy thanked me for that, so I can claim a little bit of an assist for that.

CS: Then the one in the second half, you just had to beat the defender, and then it was a toe-poke finish which was an earlier shot than the keeper was anticipating.

DB: For me, I've just spoken in the dressing room, that I felt that goal was better than the first one. To be able to do that and to put the keeper off balance and then have a little toe-poke. For me that's a better finish than the first one and I'm pleased that went in because at one point it looked like it was going wide and then it's just nipped in off the post. That was my best one today, but I could have had three or four.

CS: The gaffer took Sam off and left you on and clearly felt that you had time for a hat-trick.

DB: I really wanted to score a hat-trick today and there were a couple of one-on-ones there where I was trying to do it myself and get a goal. I was probably unlucky not to get one in the first half as well. So I'm pleased, and don't get me wrong, and I'm pleased with scoring two, but I could have got more today, so that's a plus and a positive.

CS: For you personally what does this do for the whole club with an away win at last, and a 4-1 win as well?

DB: It's massive, because we've played well away from home at times, then sometimes we haven't played so well away from home. I think our only win was Bristol Rovers and I wasn't involved in that game, so I haven't won an away game yet. So to beat a team that I used to be at was great for me and it was great for the team and hopefully we can take that confidence to other away games and win comfortably.

CS: Two more goals, and you're heading towards that double-figures that I'm sure you're looking to get to?

DB: Yes massively. I'm looking for more than double-figures this season. I've been a bit unlucky at times, but now I'm back and playing where I'm most comfortable up front. Me and Sam seem to bounce off his flick-ons and we seem to combine quite well. That's where I want to play and that's where I'm going to score my goals, and when I've scored my goals this season has been when I've played there. I've done a job when I've played a little bit wider but I think the gaffer knows I can play better up front.

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