Interview : Craig Alcock : 26/09/2009
Craig Alcock Speaks To The BBC After The 2-0 Win Over Brentford
Craig Alcock
Craig Alcock
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Yeovil Town right-back Craig Alcock spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson after his side had beaten Brentford 2-0 on September 26th 2009.

PS: Craig, you said you should have scored against Southampton. But today you actually hit the back of the net, so you must be very pleased.

CA: It makes a nice change to be right for once! No, it was good and it was just pleasing to get the win and the three points.

PS: You timed that run to perfection. I've spoken to the manager and he said he was confident that you'd win the game, but you'd put them under a lot of pressure prior to that without creating a clear-cut chance.

CA: Yes, definitely and I think we had a lot of the ball today to be fair and I felt that the front three that we had worked really well together. Obviously the new additions that we had today, such as Macca (Shaun MacDonald) worked really well today. I thought they all put in a good performance, including all the lads who came on.

PS: It was your second career goal, and Terry Skiverton said you reminded him of himself. What do you make of that?

CA: After all the goals he got, I must be doing something right! But it's just pleasing to score, to be fair, and especially because we won.

PS: You're actually mildly shorter than me, and I wouldn't consider myself a tall man, so I guess it's all about timing in those situations, as you proved.

CA: Yes, and thanks for bringing up that I'm short! But yes, that's lucky in that you can get in there being undetected if you're small.

PS: Did it have anything to do with the nets? I noticed they changed them today for hexagonal holes!

CA: I think if it means that we keep scoring and winning games, then it would mean that it has worked! Whatever helps!

PS: Andy Welsh also got on the scoresheet. It was good to see him put the game to bed.

CA: Yes, and it was good for him to get his first goal for the club, because I think he has been one of our stand-out players this year. He brings a lot to the team so it's good if he can bring another string to his bow in goal scoring. If he can bring in five or 10 goals this season that would be brilliant.

PS: How impressed were you with his torso when he took his shirt off?

CA: I think he's the whitest man in the world! I thought I was white, but he is a very white man.

PS: It all bodes well for Tuesday night, which is a tough trip to Millwall.

CA: Yes, I think it was important that we got a win sooner rather than later really. It gives us a bit of momentum going into Tuesday when we will see a few old friends.

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