Interview : Craig Alcock : 05/09/2009
Craig Alcock Speaks To The BBC Following the 0-1 Defeat Against Swindon
Craig Alcock
Craig Alcock
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Yeovil Town right-back Craig Alcock spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson after his team had lost 0-1 at home to Swindon on September 5th 2009.

PS: Craig, it wasn't the prettiest of games to watch. Was it quite tough playing in that kind of atmosphere?

CA: Yes, we knew it was never going to be easy and that clubs today will come here with a gameplan, but I don't think it was a game for the purists.

PS: In comparison to Leyton Orient, when it was very free-flowing and lots of attacking football, today was always very tight and there was not going to be much in it that settled the game.

CA: Yes, I always thought it was going to be a cagey affair. But at the minute, we're getting there, but sort of not at the same sort of time. We're not a million miles away and we'll keep plugging away.

PS: Terrell Forbes was unlucky with that own goal. We spoke to the manager and he said that there was not much that he could have done about that. Would you go along with that?

CA: Yes, definitely. He was one of our better players today, I would have thought really. It is unfortunate. But he's a big enough man and he'll get along with it and he'll go again next week.

PS: Was the disjointedness maybe in part because yourself and Sam Williams had to come off through injury?

CA: Yes, I think it didn't help, because obviously it tied the gaffer's hands. He's got to make those decisions straight away. But that was a big disappointment with Sammy going off because I felt that he and Jon had started the game well together. But to be fair to Andre, he came on and he worked his socks off.

PS: And yourself? What's the latest there? Is it a hamstring injury?

CA: Yes, it's just the hamstring. I don't know about them as I've never done it before, so I don't know how long it will be, but hopefully not too long.

PS: In terms of your performances, obviously you played brilliantly and won on the opening day, but results haven't gone so well since then. It's early days though isn't it?

CA: Yes, I think it's early days for us. We're all working in the same direction. We're trying to achieve the goal together and at the end of the day as long as we stick together and keep pushing and believing in each other, then I think we're not going to be too bad in the end.

PS: On a wider general point, how are you enjoying being captain?

CA: On a personal note, I love it. I must admit it's helping me gradually as a player, in coming out of myself. I enjoy it, in front of this crowd and everything like that, and hopefully I can lead the team well.

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