Interview : Scott Priestnall : 06/07/2019
Scott Priestnall Talks About The Club's First Pre-Season Friendly And Takeover Latest
Scott Priestnall
Scott Priestnall
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Yeovil Town prospective owner Scott Priestnall spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after the 2-0 win over Stratford Town on Saturday 6th July 2019.

CS: Scott, the Meet the Fans (event) seemed to go well before the game, and the team has just won 2-0, so what are your overriding thoughts on today?

SP: Well it's been a good day, hasn't it? I thought our boys out in the first half did a really good job. It was nice to see some of the new lads performing and also some of the younger kids coming through. So I'm really pleased as it's quite a good start. Let's hope it continues.

CS: This Main Stand was packed with green and white. As a prospective new owner that must please you as well?

SP: I think twice as many people turned up as we expected really, so it's fantastic. They seemed to really enjoy the game. I've had some comments just now saying how much they enjoyed the way we played as well. So I'm very positive, and couldn't be happier really.

CS: I am calling you the prospective owner. Just outline for us just how quickly you expect things to go. When will you actually be the owner of Yeovil Town?

SP: Maybe tomorrow? (laughs) No, I still think we're maybe between a week and two weeks away, if we're being realistic. The sooner the better for us really, but I think realistically with lawyers it's probably a week to two weeks. We're still in legals - as lawyers do. If you want my opinion, the deadline was yesterday. But we're not far away. We're doing really well. We made actually a really good week this week, and moved forward a lot. So I'm hopeful that it's going to happen very soon. So keep fingers crossed at the moment and watch this space.

CS: Just outline who are going to be the owners. Yourself and Errol Pope have been mentioned in connection with the takeover. Just explain how that will work with the two of you.

SP: It's just myself and Errol. Errol will be around, but it's very much a partner-based business between the two of us. I'll be very much hands-on here and hopefully taking the positive feedback from the fans hopefully, rather than some recent negative stuff.

CS: You'll appreciate that the fans have seen a number of seasons now where the club hasn't been successful. What can you do to turn that around?

SP: I think it all starts with mentality. Hopefully today is the start of that. It's an era with a lot more transparency and openness and hopefully the fans have seen that today. But also more importantly in my opinion, is having a winning mentality on the pitch. That starts with Darren (Sarll) right down to the Academy boys really.

CS: Darren Sarll has been your choice as manager. How pleased have you been with the work that he's done so far?

SP: Very pleased. I think you can see in only a short period of time he's getting a group of guys together that are going to be tough to play against. We're going to play the ball around. At the back we had big strong players today, who aren't going to take any rubbish from strikers. Then we've got guys that seem to want to play at the top end of the pitch. So it seems really exciting.

CS: The former Swindon Town Chairman Jed McCrory, who is well known to our viewers, was here in his role as Stratford Town owner. Just outline your relationship with Jed and how you see that.

SP: Well Jed is a friend. We've obviously done business together. We've been part of the same consortium that took over Worcester Warriors last year. But it really is that. He is helping us out with some players at the moment. Obviously there's one that he's helped us out with that we've signed today. Jed has obviously had more experience in operating football clubs - more experience than I have. He'll be a great help to me really.

CS: Finally, will you be the the owner at the start of the season - it's four weeks away?

SP: Oh yes - if we're not, then I'll be extremely disappointed. But yes.

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