Interview : Glovers Trust : 26/06/2019
The Glovers Trust Speak To The BBC About The Impending Ownership Change
Glovers Trust
Glovers Trust
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Glovers Trust Chairman Stuart Burrell spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Matt Faulkner on Wednesday 26th June 2019.

SB: We received an email over the weekend, and that was off the back of a letter that we wrote to the National League last week, just expressing some concerns over the delays in the takeover negotiations and the updates that we were receiving from the club. As a result of that, both myself and Rich Rendell, the Chairman of the Yeovil Town Supporters Alliance were invited to the club on Monday afternoon to meet with Scott Priestnall. We spent a good 45 minutes with him, listening to some background on himself and what his immediate aims and objectives are as part of the process, assuming it completes successfully, as we are anticipating.

MF: Can I ask what your first impressions were then?

SB: First impressions were that he is a very enthusiastic young man. He seems to be very keen on ensuring that the priority is on getting Yeovil Town back into the Football League. Obviously one of the actions that was imperative to ensure that we can catch up, following the delays during the summer was to recruit a manager and he explained that he played a significant part in that. The preparations are well under way now, in terms of the player recruitment and the necessary activities to ensure that we've got a competitive squad for the start of the season.

MF: I guess that means that you're feeling a bit more optimistic about things now. I think it's next Wednesday that the fixtures are released, isn't it?

SB: Potentially yes - I think it's still early days. I think the proof will still be in the pudding in terms of how it is delivered but the early signs are good. The feeling that we've had is that the progressing of the talks is far more developed than maybe it was back in February (with Rob Couhig). There's been talk of completion potentially in the next three weeks or so, which would mean that we'd be starting the campaign with the ownership situation resolved. Hopefully I think that would be the end of the uncertainty that I think has been a real challenge for a lot of Yeovil supporters. That can be put behind us and we can focus on the job ahead, which is to make a swift return to the Football League.

MF: Just finally Stuart, was anything said about future investment, and how much money might be available for players?

SB: Not specifically, no. From what we understand, the due diligence has been done and the prospective purchasers are comfortable in terms of what they are purchasing. But in terms of the actual detail in terms of what they would be looking to invest, it wasn't specifically made clear.

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