Interview : Tom James : 30/03/2019
Tom James Speaks To The BBC After The 1-3 Defeat Against Newport County
Tom James
Tom James
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Yeovil Town defender Tom James spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had lost 1-3 at home to Newport County on Saturday 30th March 2019.

CS: First of all let's talk about the result of the game. Not what you wanted, but the manager was encouraged by the performance today.

TJ: Yes, I think it was a definite improvement. I think it's clear to see what we've been working on in the last week. It's been helping. Obviously it's really disappointing not to get the win. But we've got to keep going and keep fighting, and bring on next Saturday.

CS: In the first half in particular, you really seemed to get your game together as a team. Probably in that spell was when you needed to score.

TJ: Yes, I think that's probably why we've been down where we are, because we don't take the chances, or we haven't taken chances that we get at the start of the games. We kind of wait for things to happen later on. I think that's something that we're going to have to look at and sort out, going on through the next few weeks. But there are still positives, because I feel that we dominated the game for the first hour or so. It's just a couple of mistakes towards the end that let us down.

CS: Newport improved after the break, but your goal got Yeovil back in it. Just talk us through it because I didn't have the greatest view of it. It looked to be a flick at the near post.

TJ: Yes, to be fair I think Tristan (Abrahams) underhit the cross. But that was my job, to get across at the front post. I got a little flick to it and luckily it went in.

CS: That's seven for the season. As someone who plays predominantly in defence, although in midfield today, you must be pleased with that tally.

TJ: Definitely - I think I said at the start of the season that anything between five and ten. I'm right in the middle of that now, so I'm happy that those have gone in. I want to get a few more, but we'll see how it goes.

CS: What did you and the rest of the players make of the atmosphere today at Huish Park? A bigger crowd and all the fans behind you.

TJ: Yes, you could see as soon as you walked out for the warm-up there was straight away a lot more than we've had in recent weeks. It definitely helps the boys. If we're going out there and playing for a lot more fans, it definitely helps you on in the later part of the games, to make you run, to make you work harder. So I've got to say thanks for that.

CS: With six games left, that's the sort of support that you're going to need at this stage of the season.

TJ: Yes for sure. We can't ask for it enough. We need the fans with us for the whole season, from start to finish. Especially for these six massive games coming up we definitely need them with us.

CS: A week now to prepare for Swindon away. Obviously the new manager took charge of last week. Just give us an idea of what he's been like and what he's had to do this week.

TJ: He's been really good. There's been a lot of football-based stuff, a lot of passing, getting on the ball, getting everyone's confidence back. I think that's what we need. We need to get the confidence back in this team and back in the club, because I think that's what we've been missing for the majority of the season. It's not having that confidence to get on the ball. Hopefully that continues, and we'll continue to improve, and get results from now on.

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