Interview : Ryan Seager : 02/03/2019
Ryan Seager Speaks To The BBC After The 3-2 Win Against Morecambe
Ryan Seager
Ryan Seager
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Yeovil Town striker Ryan Seager spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had beaten Morecambe 3-2 on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

CS: Well played today. What does it feel like to score a spectacular goal like that to win a game?

RS: Yes, it's great. You always dream about scoring the winning goal. But like I said before the game, to get two wins on the bounce now is massive. We go above Morecambe, so it's perfect really.

CS: When you received the ball, there wasn't really a lot on. Was it in your mind straight away to shoot?

RS: Yes, as soon as I got the ball on the turn I knew I was going to shoot. Then as soon as it left my foot, to be fair I thought it was in. So I just started to run off. So yes, that was good.

CS: In off the crossbar, and they were protesting. Any doubt in your mind that the ball crossed the line?

RS: No, it was definitely in! That was why I just ran off celebrating. I was just hoping the linesman put his flag up, because he was a bit behind the play. But luckily for me, and us, he saw it.

CS: You've spoken about it before, but for you, your hometown club, to score a goal like that to win such an important game must mean so much to you.

RS: Yes it does, and I think with the position that we're in, at the minute, obviously it puts us up a place. So for me it's obviously an important goal for the club, and I'm just happy that I'm contributing in that sort of way.

CS: You're hoping that you can kick-start your time here. There's no much better way to do it than a goal like that.

RS: I've been working hard on the training ground, and putting 100 percent effort in. I've been speaking to the gaffer all the time as well, and he's telling me my time is going to come. So hopefully now I can kick on, but I'm just going to keep working hard.

CS: As a Yeovil fan, I'm sure you've seen scenes like that towards the end here at Huish Park. We haven't seen them for quite some time. It was fantastic in the way the fans and the players celebrated together.

RS: It was great to see. Obviously the fans have found it difficult this season, with everything that's gone on and the position that we're in as well, especially after the good start to the season. Obviously the expectations may be a little bit higher. But today especially, they got behind the team and got behind the players, which is the same as last week and I think that help everyone at the club a lot.

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