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Glovers Trust Chairman Stuart Burrell Speaks To The BBC About The American Consortium
Glovers Trust
Glovers Trust
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Glovers Trust Chairman Stuart Burrell spoke to BBC Somerset Breakfast Show presenter Claire Carter on Wednesday 30th January 2019, about reported interest in the club from an American Consortium.

CC: What do you make of this?

SB: I think that cautiously optimistic would be the feeling that I've got at the moment, to be honest. There's obviously very little detail at this stage. There's a reference to a 'controlling interest' as well. Entirely what that means, we're not too sure. But I think it's safe to say, as Chris (Spittles) mentioned there, that change is long overdue. A lot of supporters are disillusioned with what is going on with the club at the moment. They feel that it's stagnated for a number of years, and I'd like to think that change can only be good. But without knowing the detail about who the potential new owners might be, it's very difficult to say at this point.

CC: Are you surprised that they're Americans?

SB: Not necessarily. As long as they understand, or take the time to appreciate what the demographic of Yeovil Town supporters look like, and how they feel about the club and the community, and to be a part of that, make sure that the supporters are engaged in the journey that is the development of the football club, then I think that could be good.

CC: Let's be honest, and just be quite frank. You're a Yeovil fan. Do you just want somebody to swoop in, with a ton of money, pump it into the club, and make it better? Is that the answer here - just loads of cash?

SB: That's an answer - whether it's a long term answer remains to be seen. Obviously every supporter across the country wants success, but I think every supporter across the country would also be mindful that with success there comes risks and costs, and it needs to be managed in a way that the club can be successful, but without putting the long term stability of the club at risk too. So whilst it would be lovely for somebody to come in, and pour lots and lots of money into the club, there's always the question of what they're expecting in return. If they are genuinely doing that for the good of the local community, much in the same way that we saw at Leicester then that's absolutely fantastic, but there are also some less positive stories going around about consortiums as well, and we just need to be mindful of that. Obviously we're keen to work with any prospective new owners, and look to support them in doing what they're looking to do. But there's always a sense of caution there that goes with any period of change.

CC: Let's say it all goes ahead and the Football League confirms it. What would you want at the top of the 'To Do' list for the new owner?

SB: I think just reengaging with the supporters. Again, getting that feel-good factor back around Huish Park. Presenting what they're looking to do, supporting the manager, and the operations side, in making Huish Park a more fun place to be than it has for the last few years.

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