Interview : Nathan Baxter : 12/01/2019
Nathan Baxter Speaks To The BBC After The 0-1 Win Against Mansfield Town
Nathan Baxter
Nathan Baxter
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Yeovil Town goalkeeper Nathan Baxter spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after his side had won 1-0 against Mansfield Town on Saturday 12th January 2019.

CS: Nathan first of all, the save from Danny Rose. Quite how did you keep that one out?

NB: Yes, it was one for the highlights reel at the end of the season, that's for sure. I'm just delighted for the lads. I'm delighted for the manager, but more importantly the supporters. It's a long journey and they've watched some poor performances. So I'm just delighted for everyone at the football club, especially the supporters, and yes it's good to be back. Obviusly I had that injury, and now I'm back, and we're back to winning ways, so hopefully this is the start.

CS: In the first half, you guys were pressing forward. Just talk us through the second half, because that's when you were called into action, with your defenders. There was your save and they had a goal disallowed. That was a real battle in the second half, wasn't it?

NB: Yes, for sure. It was a battling performance from everyone, from one to eleven. Josh Grant was unbelievable on his debut. Alex Dobre as well did great stuff on his debut. But I was busy in the first half, as I think I made four or five saves in the first half as well. I think the wind played a massive part, with the galeforce wind. So we were always going to be under pressure in the second half. And Mansfield are a good side - they're a really good side. So I'm delighted for everyone. It's been a long time. Carlisle away was the last win, and I remember saying to you after that game, that it was a similar performance. It was backs to the wall, and we were making a lot of saves. So it was great that we could grind it out, and more importantly it was three points.

CS: You mention Josh Grant. You put some great pictures on social media this week. You guys have virtually grown up together, haven't you?

NB: Well we actually went to school together as well. So I had some of us at school, but I didn't want to put that up! But it's nice. I think the last time we actually played together was in the FA Youth Cup final. So it's great to see him here, and obviously Chelsea have seen that I've come here and played regular football. I know they've had a lot of conversations with the club about me over the last couple of weeks, and obviously that's helped bring about Josh. It can only help. Most of the time, the manager trusts you on players, so it's a good place to be if you're playing regularly. So it's good that he's come, and a great shift from him.

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