Interview : Gary Warren : 29/12/2018
Gary Warren Speaks To The BBC After The 0-0 Draw Against Tranmere Rovers
Gary Warren
Gary Warren
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Yeovil Town defender Gary Warren spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles, in an interview for BBC Somerset, after the team had drawn 0-0 with Tranmere Rovers on Saturday 29th December 2018.

CS: It was a real battle. I guess as a defender, a clean sheet, you probably quite enjoyed that?

GW: Yes, I think as a defender and as a team collectively, when you come away from home I think that's the first thing that you look for - to be solid and to come away with a clean sheet. It gives you a chance in any game. You build your bases around keeping clean sheets. Today we defended very well, and to be honest unlucky not to come away with something from the game, I thought. But we showed a good side to us today, and a good character, when it really mattered. It's a tough place to come here, and they're on a good run at the moment, and still probably riding that crest of a wave from the promotion. But very pleased with the boys today.

CS: James Norwood has got eighteen goals this season. You look to relish that battle as well.

GW: Yes, that's what you come up against, and you want to come up against the best players and the best centre-forwards and it's a test for you. But I'd like to think that it's a test on the other hand as well. He is coming up against some experienced and some good defenders that we've got on our side. So yes, a very good test, and one where we've come out on top today, and one where like you say you relish it when you come up against places like this.

CS: A word for Adel Gafaiti - he'd only played one game in English football before he came to Yeovil, but he's getting better all the time, isn't he?

GW: Yes, he's been brilliant for us. Very good. He's only a young lad still, and still learning the game. But in terms of his attributes and in terms of his character, he's got everything. He's good on the ball, very calm and he likes to go and attack the ball as well. So he's someone for the future, definitely.

CS: At the other end, Yoann Arquin in the first half and I think Alex Fisher in the second half had a couple really good chances there.

GW: Yes, very good. It's just not falling for us at the moment. It's just that little bit of luck. Sometimes you just need one to fall off someone's backside and to roll in. When you're defending, and when you're going up the other end, you hope that the boys can finish off chances. But that will come. We work on it week-in, week-out in training, so that will happen. It's one thing that I know, we've come away with a point, but as a group we're probably a little bit disappointed that we haven't come away with three points.

CS: I've got to ask you as captain of the team, you went to clap the fans at the end, and there was a group of fans calling for your manager to go. How does that affect you as players?

GW: As players, and for me personally, I'm trying to describe it ... it's frustrating. It makes me angry because these guys don't see the work that the manager puts in behind the scenes. If you were to get these guys to turn up day-in, day-out and see what this guy does for the players and for this club. He's been here for a number of years now, and he's been through things that probably half the fans haven't been through. He's been through promotions, relegations, so he's seen everything. And for you to come up all this way, and to travel and to call for his head, it's not nice. As a group, this is where we need fans to stick with us. The manager week-in, week-out will always go and clap the fans, and always back the fans, and that's something he needs in return. It's frustrating from our point of view, because like I've said collectively as a group and and as a club, we're going in the right direction and we need everybody on board. Like I've said, as a manager, he's relentless in what he does.

For me personally, you won't find someone who is as relentless and wants so much success for a football club. That's why the guy has been here for so long. I'd ask you the question of how many managers do you know that have been at a football club for this long, not only as a manager, but as a player, and will go through thick and thin? So as a player, and as a group, it's not nice for us, because he is our leader, and he leads the troops, and obviously he leads the fans as well. So for us as players, and for me on a personal level, we need these guys to get behind us and to back us through everything. I'm not talking about all the fans, it's just a select few. There are some great fans in there as well. They back us, and will travel week-in, week-out, but for those that turn up and call for his head, I just ask them to have a little think about what he has done for the club, and what the guy is working with. We're a club at the moment that's probably got one of the lowest budgets in the league, and week-in, week-out we're trying our best. That's all you can ask for. So I just ask for these guys to back us, and to give him support and probably give him the support that he needs.

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