Interview : Stephen Allinson : 24/09/2016
Stephen Allinson Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To Everton Ladies
Stephen Allinson
Stephen Allinson
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Yeovil Town Ladies Chairman Stephen Allinson spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Simon Parkin on Saturday 24th September 2016, as part of the build-up to the Ladies FAWSL2 match against Everton Ladies.

SP: How are you on this eve of a must-win match?

SA: Well I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was nervous, but I'm allowed to be nervous and I know that Jamie (Sherwood) and the girls are very ready for this game.

SP: Very ready is how you need to be, because you're up against Everton and there are only four sides that can still go up, and two of them are playing tomorrow. You've got to win it haven't you?

SA: We could - a draw would not be a disaster, let's be honest. But we're going out to win it, and as you say there are four sides. Because of a quirk of the fixtures, Bristol play Durham today (Saturday) and at least we'll know a little bit more by the end of today. But we've been in the box seat all year. Everton are a great side. We owe them something as they beat us at their place. That was probably our most disappointing performance of the season. They're a good side, and they're a very well established Ladies football team. They've come down from FAWSL1 and they're full time. So once again it's little old Yeovil, here we go.

SP: Yesterday in the cricket we had that nearly moment with Somerset cricket. As you say, you've had a fantastic season, but if it doesn't go quite right are you able to say look at what we did achieve or is it all about the promotion?

SA: I said that to Jamie, our manager, yesterday. Whatever happened, I wanted to pass on to our girls and the management how proud as a Board of Directors, we were of what we'd achieved to date. But he quite rightly said to me that we hadn't achieved anything. So that shows his mentality. But I'm really proud that we're moving in the right direction. Every year now we have improved. We're going for promotion, of course we are, although I'll get in trouble for mentioning it. But we have still improved this season and it's been a great season. We've been the most consistent FAWSL2 side, and let's hope that consistency and that guts in what we've shown will reap rewards. I can tell you one thing though, there will be no contrived results like there was yesterday (in the cricket). I really felt for Somerset, to be fair.

SP: It was a day we'll never forget for all the wrong reasons. Also in terms of the skills on the pitch, you've done pretty well off the pitch in terms of the crowds that have been turning up. Around 800 people at Huish Park, but it would be lovely to get just a couple more in and get up to a thousand.

SA: That's our aim before the end of the season, whether it be tomorrow against Everton, or on the last game of the season against Sheffield. We don't know, but we set ourselves a target of one thousand, and for all your listeners today I can say that if you want to have a pleasant afternoon, I guarantee tomorrow that you will be really impressed with the atmosphere, by the experience and by the quality of the football. Do come and join us, because every new fan that does come, we're hearing that they want to come back. It's a very good news story for Yeovil football at the moment, with our Ladies club.

SP: I'm thinking that with you being the Chairman, we'll be in the stands having a pie. Are you in a nice posh box with a prawn cocktail?

SA: Certainly not - that's not the way we do it in Ladies football. I always try, partly because I get nervous, to walk around the ground and chat to as many fans as I can. It's the family atmosphere that we really like, and that we try to build. So no, I'm a fan first, as well as a Chairman. So I'll be joining you and enjoying a pie!

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