Interview : Stephen Allinson : 20/04/2015
Stephen Allinson Speaks To The BBC About The Ladies 4-2 Win Over Reading
Stephen Allinson
Stephen Allinson
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Yeovil Town Ladies Chairman Stephen Allinson spoke to BBC Somerset presenter Emma Britton on Monday 20th April, the day after the Ladies had beaten Reading Women 4-2 in the FA Women's Super League.

EB: I was very pleased when I saw the result - a 4-2 win over Reading on Saturday. How was the game?

SA: It was a really good game actually. The perennial game of two halves. Reading went in 1-0 up at half time and deserved it. In the second half we came out and scored four goals, and that was great because that was the first time that we've actually got a result against one of the top teams. Reading are one of the top teams and quite rightly will be one of the favourites for promotion. So that was lovely. I actually managed to go via Swindon, get in the first half of the men's game, and then drive over to Farnborough for the Ladies game.

EB: Yes, because it was a six o'clock kick-off, wasn't it for the Ladies?

SA: That's right - a six o'clock kick-off and a really nice atmosphere there. We love the friendliness of the clubs in the Women's Super League. They made us feel very welcome and it was a very pleasant journey back.

EB: Bring us up to speed with the season so far, because it's fairly early doors with the season, isn't it?

SA: That's right because the Women's Super League effectively runs over the summer months. As you've said we currently sit in fourth place at the moment which we hope is reflective of how we've been. We've played Reading twice and Doncaster once, who are the top teams. This Sunday we've got our second home game which is against London Bees, which is the team from Barnet. That will be another tough one, but one that we are looking forward to. Hopefully we can make it a real family occasion again for everybody on Sunday afternoon.

EB: Now I've heard you claiming that you've got more supporters coming to watch you since the men's side got relegated. Is that true, as you've only had two away games since relegation was confirmed a week ago on Saturday?

SA: No, I'm sure I didn't say that. We're all one club together. But there's no doubt that a feelgood factor helps. It's been very tough for the men, and as you know I've been very involved there, and will always be a fan. But what we'd like to do is to ensure that anyone comes to watch the whole Yeovil brand. We're targetting, and I'm sure it's ambitious, but we're targetting to get 500 fans on Sunday. A quick plug as we are doing food beforehand ...

EB: Are you trying to appeal to my better senses!

SA: ... Of course! Well I've got that VIP ticket waiting for you anytime, you know that!

EB: You'll get me into trouble, Stephen Allinson! I've got it in my diary as to when I'm coming to my first Yeovil Town Ladies game, which is on May 31st.

SA: That's right, and hopefully by then we'll have had some more good games and we'll be able to keep the season going.

EB: As a club, and I joked with you about the attendance figures for fans, but as a club and as a league it's very family-oriented, and it's about gathering momentum behind the team and making a day of it, isn't it?

SA: I think that's absolutely right, and that's generally where the Women's Super League goes. That's certainly what we believe in. We were lucky enough to win the Club of the Year last year and that was all about what we can do off the field as well as on the field. I can't influence what's on the field, as that's my superb team and my manager (Jamie Sherwood) but off the field what we can do is give the fans - young and old - a good experience and make it something that they'll be interested in. We also have young fans coaching sessions and Respect sessions so that they can take part and hopefully get into Women's football, because it is still the fastest growing sport in this country at the moment.

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