Interview : Adam Morgan : 07/03/2015
Adam Morgan Speaks To The BBC After The 2-1 Win Against Oldham
Adam Morgan
Adam Morgan
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Yeovil Town striker Adam Morgan spoke to local journalist Chris Spittles in an interview for BBC Somerset after his side had beaten Oldham Athletic 2-1 on Saturday 7th March 2015.

CS: Winning a game like that right at the end, what's it like in the dressing room after that?

AM: The lads were buzzing. We knew at half time that if we stuck together as a team - the gaffer and Daz changed a few things around tactically and it worked to a T. It's what this club is all about - we kept fighting until the end and deserved the win today.

CS: Could you quite believe the position at half time, because you'd dominated that game, yet somehow you're a goal down.

AM: I think we came in at half time frustrated because we played so well in the first half. I think we were completely on top of the game, but that's what our season has been a little bit like. We've been on top in games and then giving silly goals away. But the goal was no-one's fault as their lad has taken it well. But it was all about regrouping, and we still believed that we could win. We're delighted to come out with the win.

CS: It needed a moment of magic to light up the game for Yeovil, and if I might be so bold, it came from you. Just talk us through what happened when you received the ball and subsequent events that led to the goal for Joel Grant.

AM: I'm confident in my ability, so the shot from there was always coming. I think I was due a shot because when the gaffer named the team yesterday and he had me on the right, he said he wanted me cutting in and shooting. So I listened to the gaffer and listened to Daz and that's what I've done. I'm a bit gutted that it didn't go in, but we've got to give it for Granty as he's got us a couple of penalties in the last week and it's nice for him to score and I'm delighted for him, and for Hayts to get the winner.

CS: It looked like it was an outstanding save from their keeper, wasn't it?

AM: Yes, what a save - I can't believe it, but fair play to him for the save and well done to Granty for following in. The ball is never dead. But that really spurred us on and I was confident that we were going to win.

CS: I think you were on the bench when the winner came. It was a huge scramble, with James Hayter finally getting the touch. What was the feeling like on the bench when that went in?

AM: We're a team - we're not individuals here. We fight together, so when Hayts comes off the bench and scores the winner everyone is delighted. Everyone was appealing for a penalty, I think, but Hayts does what he does best in and around the six yard box and pokes it in. I haven't seen the goal yet as I was too busy moaning at the ref for a penalty, but fair play to him as he was in the right place at the right time.

CS: We spoke a couple of weeks ago when you came on as a substitute. You got your first start today, and looking at your stats that was your first start since December 2013, so how pleased are you with the impact that you're making and how you're establishing yourself back at the club?

AM: As I've said, I'm always confident in my abilities. It feels as though I've come to a new club, and I'm delighted to be in and around the team. Hopefully I can now get some more minutes between now and the end of the season. But it's about the lads now - we want to stay up and nothing else now. It's not about individuals - it's about the team. We're all behind the manager and all the coaches here, so we just want to fight until the end.

CS: Looking at the League table tonight, you've closed the gap to three points and so you're a win away now. How good is that feeling to see that you are closing that gap?

AM: Everyone knows that we're working really really hard, so it's good to see the table showing good positive things to us. We will continue to work hard and do what we can. But we know we're not dead and buried - we're not dead and buried until we are mathematically relegated, which is not going to happen. The lads are going to keep fighting and if we fight like today then there is no way that we are going down.

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