Interview : Paddy Madden : 21/08/2014
Paddy Madden Speaks To The BBC About His Return To Huish Park
Paddy Madden
Paddy Madden
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Scunthorpe United striker Paddy Madden spoke to BBC Radio Humberside reporter Mike White on Thursday 21st August 2014 ahead of his return to Huish Park for the League One fixture against Yeovil Town.

PM: I'm excited as I haven't been down there in quite a while. It will be nice to go down and see a few familiar faces. Hopefully it will start a run for us (Scunthorpe) and we can pick up all three points.

MW: What was your time like there? How do you look back on it?

PM: I loved it. So far in my career, it was the best spell I've had. I was down there and I was happy, and I was loving playing football. I was getting my run of games and everything was going well. Obviously it was sad that it had to finish on a sour note, but it will always be a special place for me down there and I'll always have nice things to say about them.

MW: What did go wrong? What happened?

PM: It's hard to know. Obviously Gary has his reasons, and I have my reasons. I just felt that things changed when I came back after the pre-season, for whatever reason, in that summer. There were little things, like in the summer when I came back maybe my body fat was a little high and held me back. It was only up a bit, but I obviously worked hard to get it down. I've just got one of those bodies where I put on weight when I stop training. So it could be stuff like that that probably annoyed him. I don't know all the stuff. But I was still coming in and working hard, and I just felt that there were a lot of people on my case all the time, for whatever reason. One thing led to another, and we just kept fighting.

To be fair to Gary, I'll always respect him, as he'll always be the man who gave me my chance in English football, so I'll always have respect for him for that. Things didn't go well at Carlisle, and I went down to Yeovil, and just hit the ground running really, and showed people what I was all about. I played up front with James Hayter - the man is just a brilliant strike partner to play with.

MW: How did you respond and how did you react to that when that was happening?

PM: I just let it go for a while, but if someone keeps hitting you over the head, then you have to react. I'm sure I regret things, and Gary regrets things as well, but that's the way it's gone now, and I wish them all the best in the future.

MW: Were there any attempts to sort it out and to try to smooth it over from either side?

PM: Yes there were. I always found that when I was talking to Gary one-on-one, when I was around him, that you'd get through to him a little bit more.

MW: So did you think that it was other influences maybe, pushing and stirring it?

PM: I'm not too sure. But I always found it easier talking to Gary on his own. When I talked to him on his own, it was different and he sort of opened up with me. I found it easier when there weren't other people there. So maybe it was other peoples opinions. But that's the way it's gone now, and we just move on and I'll just wish him the best now it's gone. I'm just delighted to be a Scunny player, and hopefully I can do with Scunny what I did with Yeovil.

MW: Will you celebrate if you score?

PM: We'll have to wait and see, but no I don't think I will. Obviously I have too much respect for the fans down there. The fans are one of the main reasons why I did so well down there. They're a great set of fans. They let you play even if you make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and if things aren't going well for the team they're a good bunch - they get behind the team and urge you on. They made my time down there brilliant. I've got respect for them so I don't think I will (celebrate scoring a goal) but then again you never know on the occasion what might happen.

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