Interview : Simon Gillett : 07/08/2014
Simon Gillett Speaks To The BBC After He Signed A Contract With The Club
Simon Gillett
Simon Gillett
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Yeovil Town midfielder Simon Gillett spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Thursday 7th August 2014, as part of the build-up to the home match against Doncaster Rovers. The interview came on the day that Simon signed a two year deal with the club, and he started off by talking about that.

SG: Obviously I had a little spell here before, so I know the area a little bit. I was only here for a month but it's nice to get something sorted and to be ready for the big kick-off. It's gone on for a bit longer than I would have hoped, but now I can't wait for the weekend.

DA: Was it in the end an easy decision to come to Yeovil Town?

SG: Yes, I came down here and played a few games and I really enjoyed it. The lads are great and I feel like I fitted in well. Things are looking really positive.

DA: And in terms of the squad here, Gary has brought in some experienced players at this level especially. It looks like there's a good squad assembled here.

SG: I certainly felt that. That's something that I felt when I went away and spoke to my family about it. I feel that there is a good group of players here, and a good bunch of personalities here as well, and abilities footballing-wise.

DA: You had League One experience last year with Bristol City. I guess that can only help you as well in that you know what to expect at this level.

SG: Yes, I know this level and obviously I know what we need to do. The manager knows this level probably more than anyone else. He's done really well here, and I'm really looking forward to it and to finally get it underway at the weekend.

DA: Doncaster are first up and that's one to look forward to. But I guess it doesn't matter who you're playing on the opening day, you're going to be looking forward to it.

SG: Yes obviously I was there (at Doncaster) before, so I'll be wanting to win, as I want to in any game. But there will be a couple of faces I know there, and it will be nice to see them. Hopefully we can start the season well and everything will be looking positive.

DA: Does it put an extra edge on it for you?

SG: Yes, you always like playing against your old clubs. For whatever reason you've left, it's always good to play against them. That won't be any different and I will be looking forward to it.

DA: They are one of the teams, in having come down from the Championship, who will probably be one of the tougher fixtures that you could have started with.

SG: The manager actually said it himself earlier. This club and Doncaster have seemed to progress up the levels, and then down the levels at a similar sort of rate. But yes it will be a good test. They're a good team, and it was quite close last season with relegation. No-one really drifted away, so we're all looking forward to it and certainly looking to get three points at home for a start.

DA: It's nice to start at home isn't it? That's what you want.

SG: Yes, we've got two games at home, which is nice. Hopefully we can bed ourselves in and make it a hard place to come. We certainly feel that we can do that, and if we can then that will help us massively.

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