Interview : Luciano Alvarez : 03/09/2005
Luciano Alvarez after the memorable 1-0 away win at Hartlepool
Luciano Alvarez
Luciano Alvarez
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Luciano Alvarez speaks to the media after playing in the memorable 1-0 away win at Hartlepool on Saturday 3rd September 2005 in front of the dedicated 179 travelling fans.

Qu: It must be great to be involved in Yeovils first league win of this campaign?

LA: We are very happy as we were working very hard and we needed this win to kick-start our season. The results werent coming but we feel that the good things are coming.

Qu: What do you think got Yeovil the three points?

LA: We defended and concentrated really well today which allowed us to come home with a result. Pablo is happy as well as the team with his goal because we have been working so hard.

Qu: You started on the left-wing, is that a position which you enjoy playing at?

LA: It is a new position and I am trying to get used to it.

Qu: The 179 fans that travelled today were fantastic and it is such a long journey for them to have made.

LA: Before we went out onto the pitch, we said lets do it for the fans. This win is for them and we are proud of them.

Qu: Have you enjoyed partnering Pablo upfront?

LA: He is a great player, plays great football and he is a great person.

Qu: It must help when settling into a club in England with someone else from the same country and background as you?

LA: Of course it is good for both of us because it is not good being miles away from your families so you need someone to talk to. We are both really happy to be here. I talk to him all the time about trying to adapt to the different styles of football and culture. We are happy here and we will have a really good stay here in Yeovil.

Qu: Do you think that you have settled in well here at Yeovil?

LA: The people here are very kind which makes things a lot easier for me. All the time they make us feel comfortable and we appreciate that so it is easy for us to live here.

Qu: Are you enjoying the English style of football?

LA: We are working very hard and the gaffer talks to us all the time and helps us get used to this style of football as soon as possible. We try and train as hard as we can during the week so we improve each game.

Qu: This weeks training I am sure will be a lot happier than in recent weeks due to some disappointing league results?

LA: We will still work hard as always. We were playing quite well but we werent getting the results and I think our season starts from here.

[Transcription by George Murray]

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