Interview : John Fry : 06/03/2014
John Fry Speaks To The BBC About The Club's Season In The Championship
John Fry
John Fry
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Yeovil Town Chairman John Fry spoke to BBC Points West reporter Damian Derrick during March 2014 as part of a feature on the club's run-in for the remainder of the 2013-14 season in the Championship. John is initially asked how he feels the season has gone so far.

JF: Excellent - we've performed better than I expected. We've matched the Championship sides and we're ready to do another season, and that's our objective. Hopefully we'll get the stadium developed at the same time.

DD: It's been a big step up both on the field and off the field, and Gary has talked a lot about how the board has supported him in terms of getting players in. How much have you had to stretch yourselves in order to keep Yeovil competitive?

JF: I think everybody knows that our budget is so small compared with the other Championship sides. We realise that and we will battle on, as we did in the non-league scene. We will compete and that's what we've done. We will do the best that we can with the resources that we've got.

DD: Have you stretched yourself and done everything financially that you can do?

JF: Well, we work within our means. We will not break the club financially. So we have to do what we have to do with the money that we've got. Yes, we've been stretched. The job that Gary has done is unbelievable, along with his management team, and we've got that fighting spirit. It remains now to be seen whether we can finish the job off during the rest of the season which I believe we can. We've got a terrific spirit here, and that was shown at Reading last week.

DD: In the worst case scenario, if the club were not able to stay up, what would that mean financially to you given what you've done this season?

JF: Well we would just battle on. Obviously we're prepared for any situation. But we don't even think about that - we're going to do it and we're going to make the Championship for next season, and if we don't then we're prepared for League One. We'll wait and see what happens during the rest of the season.

DD: So you have a Plan A and a Plan B?

JF: No, I haven't got a plan - it's the manager's plan. He knows what he's doing and I've got every confidence in him and so have the Directors - in both Gary and the team. We meet every situation as it comes. There's a fighting spirit at this present time. The squad is very happy and very confident and comfortable. But at the end of the day it's all down to suspensions, injuries and how we perform on the day. Every match now is a cup match as far as we're concerned.

DD: And if you could stay up - in the context of Yeovil's history, how big an achievement would it be?

JF: It would be a miracle - it would be a bigger achievement than going to Wembley - and we're ready for it, in the same way that we were ready for Wembley. For the last ten years that we've been in the Football League, we've had to battle in every division that we've been in. The budget has been stretched but we've done it, and we can do it again. We're prepared to stay up. It's more about next season and how we can do the job next season. Hopefully with the facilities that we hope to get very shortly, then Huish Park can match everything that the first team squad is doing.

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