02/10/2008 : Achieve By Unity Fans Partnership : Achieve By Unity Fans Partnership Meeting Minutes No. 6
2 October 2008 : Achieve By Unity Fans Partnership Meeting Minutes No. 6
The Achieve By Unity Fans Partnership
Thursday 2nd October 2008, Alec Stock Lounge, 6.30pm

Meeting Minutes No. 6

Martyn Starnes - Chief Executive
Jean Cotton – Football/Company Secretary
Dave Linney – Commercial Manager
James Hillier – Stadium Manager
Clive Robinson- Hospitality Manager
Sue Parsons – Ticket Office Manager
Peter O’ Riordan – Accountant
Adrian Hopper – Media Manager
Graham Joyce – Safety Officer
Sara Bradley - Supporter Liaison Officer
Rich Rendell – G&WSC & Partnership Chairman
Fiona Grant – G&WSC
Darran Jones – G&WSC
Sharon Swain- DSA
Martin McConachie – Supporters Representative
Cyril Pomeroy - Supporter Representative
Marilyn Taylor – Supporter Representative
Dave Lilly – Supporter Representative
Len Brooker – Supporter Representative
David Burnett – Supporter Representative
Richard Culham – Supporter Representative
6 Supporters

Kim Vickers – Supporters Rep
Rod Hallett – VP Chairman
Stephen Waldron – Supporter Representative
Pete Brooks – Supporter Representative
Nigel Inggs – Supporter Representative
Kevin Farley – Supporter Representative

1) Approval of minutes

All present agreed that the minutes from the previous meeting were a true and accurate record.

2) Action points from previous minutes

Action: Martyn Starnes to provide the Achieve by Unity Fans Partnership Meeting with an answer regarding the Membership Scheme.

It was stated that this would be covered in Item 5 of the Agenda

Action: Club to be looking into a four game Season Ticket for the Armed Forces

It was stated that this was ongoing as the Club were working on various initiatives to increase crowds at Huish Park and that these would be announced shortly.

Action: A selection of supporters to be invited to the club by John Fry to talk about the questions listed above, and to discuss other matters along with the ABUFP and the Executive Committee at a time convenient to the supporters.

It was stated that John Fry was away on Holiday at the present time and that nothing had been arranged as yet. However the Club were still wishing to do this and it was hoped that a date would be set on Johns return.

3) Supporters Questions

Can the Club implement a ticket initiative where supporters buy five tickets for a single match and get one free?

We are in the process of looking at different initiatives. However supporters can only afford to buy for one game, so we don’t think that it would necessarily work at the moment. We are looking at a number of things and hopefully in the next two weeks we will be able to announce what we intend to do. We are looking at all sorts of things and Martyn Starnes is in the process of producing a written paper to put to the Executive Office and the Board.

Why does the Club not show on Setanta Sports all the England matches? This is done at Coopers Mill and is always packed out?

We haven’t got an agreement with Setanta on the first floor; however we do have it in the Hospitality Marquee. If we have it on the first floor it will be very expensive to install as the licence is just as expensive as Sky. Our Sky bill is £368.00 a month and putting Setanta on it we would be looking at around £450.00. We have tried showing England matches before on numerous occasions and the turnout hasn’t been good so it isn’t cost effective.

Would the club be prepared to offer Kids for a Quid for all matches if accompanied by a Season Ticket holder?

Not at the present time as it would compromise the prices paid by Junior Season Tickets. However we are holding two Kids for a Quid matches this Season which have proved to be very successful in the past.

How many supporters that purchased season tickets took up the offer of paying in instalments?

223 tickets this Season compared to 253 last Season.

How many Season tickets have the Club sold this season and how many of those are VP tickets?

The Club have sold 2,373 Season Tickets of which 155 are Vice Presidents. However the number is creeping up as we sell Season Tickets right up until Christmas.

How do numbers compare with last Season?

The Club sold 3,048 Season Tickets last Season of which 169 were Vice Presidents

Is the regular income from the Astroturf higher this season than last?

Its lower this Season, but that is due to the repair work that has had to be carried out.

Does the Sunday Carvery make a profit? And how many use it?

Our Sunday Carveries are very popular and we do make a profit. The usage can vary from 20 – 100 each week and when we first started them we only received advanced bookings. We now get a lot of walk in trade and last week we had 46 walk ins compared to 6 people who booked in advance. Clive was asked what the breakeven point was, to which Clive answered 25.

How much does the traffic management system cost the club each season?

There are several elements that go into the cost of that system, firstly the licence from the District Council which is in the region of £4,000, then the Stewarding costs, vehicles and signage so the total annual expenditure is in the region of £8,000. Len Brooker asked the Supporters present how they felt about the Traffic management Scheme and whether they thought it was working. It was stated that it was easier to get out of the car parks this season, but this was due to the lower crowds. It was agreed that we can’t suddenly put 5,000 people on a road and not expect there to be traffic problems. James Hillier stated that as Huish Park is a licensed premise we have to take account of people that are coming to the Stadium and it’s something that we have to do and it is improving.

Was the income for the Summer Soccer School higher or lower than last season?

The income was in the region of £7,500 and it was higher than last Season.

What is being done to the path behind the Away terrace as it is always flooded when it has been raining?

We have spoken to Tony Fry again and the situation is an ongoing battle to do with the levels at the back of the Terrace. However he is looking into this again.

Have the locks in the ladies toilets in the Cowlin stand been fixed yet?

Yes they have been checked and replaced

Mr. Starnes said he would aim to come back to the next meeting in a position to put forward some practical proposals regarding the membership scheme? What have been the outcomes of the costings, research and consultations? Are practical proposals now available?

To be covered in Item 5 of the Agenda

How many supporters who have not renewed Season Tickets have been telephoned in the campaign announced by Mr. Starnes? Is the club in a position to summarise the general feedback received?

The Ticket Office rang approximately 120 supporters out of 700 Supporters who had not renewed and it was stated that they had received various feedback from the supporters that had been contacted.

These ranged from having other commitments, their children playing matches on Saturdays, unable to afford the tickets, being despondent with the Club, marriage breakdowns, the state of the toilets and not being happy with the manager. It was asked if anyone had purchased tickets after the clubs phone calls. Sue stated that some had and that some were still intending to come but where picking and choosing matches.

There seems to be some confusion in the minds of supporters over the situation of the transfer monies from the sale of Cohen and Davies. Mr. Fry stated at the last meeting that "the transfer money made a significant contribution to last year’s playing budget. Because we don’t have the transfer money this season expenditure has to be adjusted accordingly." Yet the 2007 accounts state a net surplus of monies (£686,375) was to be paid over a period of two years. Could the timescale of how much of this sum was paid and when, and how much if any is still due and when, be clarified?

The Club in this Season and previous Seasons has a playing Budget that is commensurate with its size in terms of attendance and expected revenues. Last season we had a significant income from the sale of Cohen and Davies and the Board made a decision to supplement the usual budget with a significant proportion of that transfer money. Obviously without having significant transfers going into this season’s budget that supplement cannot be maintained if we are to continue to run the club in a prudent manner. So we are now running with a budget that is in the same ball park as the season before last.

Has the arrangement of the holding of a 'consultation day' between the Club Executive and a selection of supporters as outlined by Mr. Fry moved forward?

It was stated that John Fry was away on Holiday at the present time and that nothing had been arranged as yet. However the Club were still wishing to do this and it was hoped that a date would be set on John's return.

Is Sara Bradley now sitting on the Executive Committee?

It was stated that Sara Bradley sits on the Executive Committee as and when required. However she remains in close contact with all members of the Committee in order to discuss various problems or suggestions that are brought to her attention by supporters.

In the same meeting Mr. Hopper stated he would report back in July on the issue of recycling at Huish Park. This did not happen as Mr. Hopper was not available for that meeting. What progress has been made in the last six months on this issue?

It initially came up because it was suggested by the Football League. Since then we have not had any significant feedback from the Football League as to how they would like us to go forward with it. So the answer to the question is that we haven’t made any progress with the issue.

On September 4th Mr. Starnes said in an interview on BBC Somerset that the club was looking into the possibilities of running certain areas on a match-day only basis. A month on, has the club now completed this examination and will it be pursuing this option? If so, which areas would be operated on a match-day only basis?

At the end of the day we will always have the option to look at things from a different perspective whether you call it a match day only basis or something else. The situation is always under review to see if we can improve things for the benefit of the football club as a whole. We have got no immediate plans to put the club on a match day only basis and if we did so it would probably involve very limited changes i.e. First floor and Conference Centre but at this moment in time there are no immediate plans to go that way.

In the Western Gazette on 18th September Mr. Starnes said : "We have got to work harder to get that limited spend that people have got on leisure and entertainment because people are making choices and we want one of those choices to be Yeovil Town." Is the Chief Executive in a position yet to put flesh on those bones and outline some practical measures with timescales that the club intends to implement to realise that ambition?

We are always working hard to try and get people here and we all realise that we are in a very difficult economic climate. People are being selective about what they do with their money and we have to try to ensure that our profile is going to attract people to Huish Park. A large part of Marketing at this football club is down to what happens, on the football pitch and that’s a variable over which we have little or no control. However as was said earlier on in the meeting we are working on some initiatives that we aren’t able to discuss in detail at the meeting which we hope will stimulate some additional revenue and get more people through the gate which is what we all want at the Club

Are we going to have another Meet the Manager night soon?

We will be a holding another Meet the Manager evening, however we are waiting for the Manager to come back to us with some suitable dates.

Please can the club consider placing hand rails on the steps on the terrace that are able to be held onto wherever possible? I realise for safety reasons they can't be everywhere but it would help me and others who are less able to have them on the steps of the terrace where there is a wall to attach them to.

We can certainly look into it; we usually use the Green Guide to stipulate what can and can’t be done. Sara asked the lady who had attended the meeting to supply her with her contact details so James Hillier could get in contact with her regarding this.

Have the Club got any plans to change the way that stewards deal with away fans in home areas? Can we have a simple policy for away fans in home areas?

The first Leeds game was a huge learning curve for the Club and we learnt from that as the Leeds game this Season was a lot better. In relation to the policy, if fans are deliberately buying tickets for home areas and they are highlighted by people that are sat in front or behind and that is made known to the Control Room then they will be moved.

If they are not causing any problems it is not always thought necessary to move them. With regard to the seven Bristol Rovers Supporters in the Cowlin Stand at the recent match, the purchaser was from Weymouth but certain members of the group happened to support Bristol Rovers. Two of the group also suffered with MS.

Graham Joyce, the Safety Officer made the initial decision to keep them where they were but it started to get out of hand so they were moved. It was stated by Martin McConachie that when the Bristol Rovers supporters had been identified they should have been moved straight away. It was also mentioned that when Bristol Rovers scored both goals the group had turned around to the Yeovil fans and made hand gestures. Graham apologised for the abuse the Yeovil fans had received and stated that the abuse that the Bristol Rovers fans had received was just as bad. On that occasion regardless of the policy he made the decision on the day not to move them as he had not received any information from the stewards to suggest that there was a problem.

It was stated by a supporter at the meeting that there appeared to be a breakdown in communication from the stewards as they were being told by supporters that there was a problem but the Stewards were not conveying those comments back to the Control Room. Graham stated that the Stewards should have spoken to their Supervisors who could then go back and tell the control room and let Graham know what was happening.

Graham was asked whether there was a club policy in regards to segregation. Graham stated that the ground regulations state that if there are people in wrong areas of the ground they should be moved. Martyn Starnes stated that there had been internal discussions about this and the outcome was that the Club will be tightening up on that situation. If we do find away fans in home areas they will be moved when it is practical and safe to do so because it is not the easiest thing in the world to move a group of people. With Graham, his stewards and police support we will make every effort to move these people if we are in a situation where they have identified themselves as away fans. In the Ground regulations it states segregation and that’s what we have to work towards and we will endeavour to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Why was Marcus Stewart’s contract offer withdrawn after he’d already accepted it?

MS stated that he generally regarded it to be inappropriate to discuss individual player’s contracts, but would do so on this occasion to clear up outstanding controversy. Marcus Stewart was offered a contract renewal, he rejected that contract offer, no contract offer was withdrawn from him that he hadn’t already rejected. We made one offer to him and it was publically rejected and as far as we were concerned we were not going to make another offer to him. The manager then moved on to work on how he was going to develop his squad with the budget that he has available.

Why was my 7 year old son told off (quite severely) by a steward for standing on the yellow lines in the Blackthorn stand at the Bristol Rovers game, but time and time again the away supporters (especially Leeds & Bristol Rovers) do this in the away end without any action being taken?

Why are the away fans continually allowed to sit or stand in home sections of the ground? Why are they not removed immediately?

The FA rules state that the yellow lines need to be clear as they are there as an exit for supporters in case of an emergency. The FA inspector requires the steps to be kept as clear as possible but they are aware of the restrictions and practicalities of doing it. Graham stated that he strongly believed in getting your own house in order before trying to control the away fan culture. As you are aware the away fan culture is that they won’t abide by your rules and that they will stand regardless. The Stewards go in to tell them to sit down, but they still stand and the stewards have been run ragged. If we don’t get our own house in order then we get the letters come in from the FA and the ultimate sanction is a reduction of the crowd. Marilyn Taylor stated that the majority of the Stewards do a brilliant job, but like with anything you get one or two who think that they are above everyone else. Graham thanked Marilyn for her comments and stated that Stewards who act that way can be dealt with. Graham went onto apologise for the fact that the gentleman’s son had been severely told off and would speak to his stewards in regards to how they speak to supporters in future.

Why are the board being so restrictive towards Russell Slade? From the outside it appears as if they are deliberately making life difficult for him with regards to signing players.

The Board isn’t being restrictive to Russell Slade. The situation is like any business where we have to control our costs in accordance with the income that we are generating. As a consequence we do have budgets and the biggest area of expenditure is on the playing side so Russell is given a budget which he agrees to work with as part of his contractual agreement of this football club. He is working with that so there is no question of any restrictions. We are budgeting for a year that we can accommodate within our resources.

What is the club doing to improve PR/relationship with supporters and what is the club doing to promote/advertise games/events at the club?

These meetings are designed to improve the relationships with the supporters and Martyn has regular contact with the Green and White Supporters Club to maintain relationships with them. We also have Sara who does her best to maintain relationships with the Supporters that contact her. The Western Gazette has also increased their coverage of the Club. The Club were asked if the advert on the back of the Western Gazette was the only advert the Club have advertising forthcoming matches at Huish Park. It was stated that the Club do not advertise in other papers due to the cost of the adverts and that most of the papers carry editorial features. The Club were asked if they could advertise via the papers in Taunton. The Club stated that the only paper was the County Gazette and that they have stated at various meetings that the Yeovil Express covers editorial features about Yeovil Town and that was sufficient. It was also asked if the club still issued posters to pubs and businesses in the surrounding areas. The Club stated that this was not being done, but they were intending to readdress the situation.

Does the club regularly monitor websites such as Ciderspace and the Greenroom to gauge supporter feeling and if so what does it do to address significant concerns?

The Club do not regularly monitor these websites, but it was likely that staff members look at them from time to time. We don’t respond to the comments in the main as they are anonymous. If supporters wish to make significant points as I am sure that the club respond to them, as I know that Sara always does. Dave Linney stated that when he passes information to Adrian to put on the website, he also passes it to Ciderspace as does Sara as Martin Baker is always pro active in putting information sent through. The club were asked why they didn’t find looking at these websites advantageous as the people that posted on them were customers of the club and whether they supplied names or not was irrelevant. It was stated that some of the information that goes up there is abusive. Marilyn Taylor stated that there was also a lot of support for the Club on the forums.

Does the club lose money in terms of FA contributions and other subsidies if we are relegated and go down to League 2?

First of all we don’t get contributions from the FA other than the solidarity payment that comes from the Premier League. The contributions that we do get are from the Football league. Yes they would be lower if we go down but equally they would be higher if we went up

Does risking the amount of money required to buy a proven striker outweigh the risk of Relegation?

Football is a high risk business; we have a situation where our income is variable and a larger proportion of our costs are fixed in players contracts and those contracts can be for two or three years. Whenever you sign on a player it doesn’t matter if he is a youngster, from nonleague or whether he is experienced there is a risk associated. With a young player you don’t know whether he is going to adapt to the level of play and whether he is going to be able to sustain it over a season. An older player like we have seen recently can come with inherited injuries and he is not able to produce the performances that he wants. When you look at signing a player there are no guarantees whatsoever that that player is going to perform at a level which is going to ensure results and protect our position in the league. Frankly we don’t have the resources to take a risk and fail in the strategy of actually paying money for strikers with the attendant cost of their contract. We all know that we need a striker out there at the moment and we have to be very selective in how we go about that. We won’t be paying big money for a striker as we do not have the resources to do that and even if we did there would be substantial risk attached to it

At a past meeting it was brought up about the players and the manager (for that matter) not acknowledging the fans after the game. Sadly after the Bristol Rovers game only six players took the trouble to acknowledge the fans in the main stand. Can this be addressed again with Russell and the players?

As far as we were aware we thought that Russell and the players did go and acknowledge the fans albeit they don’t go into the middle of the pitch and do it. Jean Cotton said she will talk to the Manager and Terry Skiverton regarding this.

4) Membership Scheme

The subject of a membership scheme has been on the agenda for some time. Opinion appears divided as to whether such a scheme is necessary or desirable. However, if significant support from the fan base is forthcoming the Club will consider introducing its preferred option of a loyalty card/membership scheme which may include some or all of the following benefits:-

1) Priority allocation of tickets for Cup matches after season ticket holders
2) Priority allocation of away tickets after season ticket holders.
3) 5% discount in the Club Shop
4) Exclusive advanced purchase opportunities on new merchandise
5) Invitations to special club events
6) Selective ticketing discounts
7) Option to buy ticket vouchers

There would be the additional attraction of loyalty points attaching to purchases from national retailers such as McDonald’s and Curry’s as well as local suppliers that the Club would seek to recruit. Further loyalty points could be earned from business that members transact directly with the Club.

Any loyalty points earned would only be redeemable at the Club on merchandise or any other items the Club may wish to choose, which could include match tickets.

There is of course a substantial cost associated with the establishment and ongoing administration of such a system. An annual membership fee of £10-£15 for an adult may be necessary but a sponsor would be sought for the loyalty card to mitigate the fees.

The Club proposes to hold a four week consultation period whereby supporters can submit their views and suggestions and there will be an opportunity to participate in an online poll on the official website.

After this consultation has been concluded the Club will announce the results and if it is determined that a loyalty/membership scheme should proceed details of the benefits, terms and conditions will be confirmed shortly afterwards.

In regards to the G&WSC membership, there is a way of dealing with it where the Green and Whites are a different tier of membership so it is possible that for a different fee you can become a member of this scheme and get additional benefits for example the away travel.

5) AOB

James expressed his thanks to all the supporters who helped at the cleaning day, especially Cyril Pomeroy who is still volunteering his services.

5a) Firework Night

The club will be holding a Firework Night on Wednesday 5th November .Tickets are priced at just £6.00 for Adults, £3.00 for Under 16's and £15.00 for a Family Ticket (2 Adults + up to 4 children). Plus if you purchase a Family Ticket you will receive a voucher for a Junior Ticket (Junior must be accompanied by a paying Adult) for our match against Peterborough on Saturday 15th November. Gates open at 6.00pm with the Bonfire being lit at 6.45pm and the first firework illuminating the sky at 7.25pm Tickets are available from Ticket Office on 01935 847888 or by visiting the Ticket Office in person. Volunteers are also required on the day and anyone who is interested in helping should contact James Hillier on 01935 423662

5b) Marquee at the Bristol Rovers Match

It was stated that the Club needed to devise a policy regarding away fans in the Hospitality Marquee. At the Bristol Rovers match there was some confusion as to whether they were allowed in or not. Supporters were under the impression that especially for local derby’s or high profile matches away supporters were not allowed in. The Club agreed that staff needed to communicate more with their security staff and will endeavour to make sure that there is a clear policy regarding away fans

Meeting Closed: 8.20pm
Next Meeting: TBC

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