08/06/2008 : Yeovil Town Blog : Summer 2007 Supporters Bar Survey Participant Comments
8 June 2008 : Summer 2007 Supporters Bar Survey Participant Comments
The following details the raw responses submitted by Ciderspace readers to a survey carried out in the summer 2007, following publication of a planning application to build a 'concourse' bar behind the home terrace. As part of the survey there was also a freetext comment box supplied for supporters to supply their own views and these are the unedited responses provided. There have been a few obvious typos or spelling errors cleared up for readability, and the odd duplicate vote removed from the final results. Not everyone chose to provide a comment, but those who did, had the following to say on the subject:

Response 1: I believe the club do not understand the full situation. We have one of the biggest housing estates in the area just about to be built and this means prospective customers. Just not on matchdays but the rest of the week. With proper marketing and commercial know how a proper social club could be a huge money earner. You only have to look at The Old Barn Club. But we are talking Yeovil Town Football Club here.

Response 2: I am a bit surprised at the club coming up with these plans so soon after the original plans were approved. It is also disappointing that the club did not share these with supporters at the April CCM. Once again we find out about these things on the grapevine and not through the club being in control of its own PR. That aside, the Concourse bar will not encourage a family/community atmosphere. It will just be a beerswill for an hour before/after the game for mainly male adults to chuck beer down their necks. The loss of the upstairs supporters bar has removed a lot of the community feel the club has had in the past, and a concourse bar won't bring that back. It is also disappointing that the club are overlooking the opportunity to make the Huish Park site work for itself on a seven-day-a-week basis. In 13 days out of 14, this facility will not earn the club a penny. I'm guessing that there won't be any additional food facilities laid on, and that there will be no tables, chairs or TVs. As such I can't see anything attractive in this at all, and therefore don't think I will be using it at all. Regarding the plans themselves, some of the logic concerning entry into the bars and exit from the stadium seems a little bizarre and I don't think the health and safety people will like it. So even if the club do decide they want to go down this route, I think they need to have a big rethink in this area as it appears to reduce the number of available turnstiles and exit points.

As for the existing Marquee Bar, I gave up going into that place years ago. The service was too slow, the available drinks were far too limited, and they wouldnít allow kids in. On top of that the opening hours were erratic. I once got asked to ďdrink up and leaveĒ by the heavies barely two sips into a pint yet no-one had called Ďtimeí. What a way to treat your customers! That was enough for me and so I go elsewhere. Iíd like to be loyal to the club in that respect, but there are too many problems with the Marquee that would also exist in a concourse bar that would allow me to justify using it.

Response 3: I would just like to say that it's a relief to me that the club are improving stadium facilities, 1 because it will give supporters access to more services while at the game hopefully improving attendances and 2 because it suggests to me that the club are planning on staying at Huish Park compared to rumours of a new all-seater stadium which I would be against as I am a very vocal supporter and strongly dislike sitting down during football matches.

Response 5: When the club first came up with the plan to build the clubhouse in the corner of the ground, I was quite excited by the steps the club were making. However, the concourse doesn't seem anywhere near as good an idea. I drink and eat in the Hungry Horse before matches, and although I'd rather do this at the ground I don't see how it can provide me with the same sort of value and quality I get elsewhere. If the club want to get people in to the bars and spending their money within the club, then they need to compete with other business in the area. All I can see a concourse doing for me personally is making access to the Westland Stand more difficult, especially if there are queues for the bar, with its limited capacity of 300. We are a League One side and we need the facilities to match. This latest plan isn't moving forward from the tent we currently have, and if it only allows people from the Westland Stand to drink there, it could even be seen as a step back. I think the club need to come up with some stronger plans on what they want to do with reference to a supporters bar, and they need to listen to the fans - the customers - and find out that they really want. I know money is obviously a problem, as is planning permission and such like, but they need to be able to offer the supporters something the other pubs can't. Until they do, I shall be spending my money at the Hungry Horse before matches.

Response 6: I think I'll be very old and by then sitting in the Cowlin stand before EITHER style bar is built! We've heard too many promised opening deadlines come and go and too many designs talked about and changed months later. Really hope I'm wrong but I'm not sure its gonna happen or if it will be worth all the waiting (and there's been plenty of it so far!) if it does. We've not heard anything more than just talk so far and excuses on licensing and covenant issues that we've not even heard are resolved yet anyway. I thought the idea was to have a stand alone social club open for social drinking and pub sports/functions 7 nights a week to make money to help support the club? I thought the club wanted to create new income streams and maximise use of all its land and facilities, how does a match day only bar which isn't even open to 3 sides of the ground improve on even the current farcical tent!

Response 7: Looking at the plans, admittedly only briefly, i am still unclear exactly where / how it would work but the general idea is good.

Response 8: Same old thing getting kicked out at 6/7 o,clock on MATCH days. When will the club realize having a proper clubhouse with skittles, pool, darts, fruit machines and regulars 7 days a week can bring in HUGE PROFITS. Mr Robinson is not the person that can take the bars forward but with the right person running the bar it could reap HUGE rewards for the club but are they interested? League 1 on the pitch and still in the Gola league off it

Response 9: Anything would be better than Wembley.

Response 10: Being a business person I cannot believe it is taking so long to put in a decent bar, the club keep moaning about dwindling crowds but have a cash cow on there door step, but then again thatís clubs for you they want your money without giving to much in return.

Response 11: A good club bar/social club house would be a much needed way of increasing revenue for the club (Kidderminster a good example). If the club have genuine ambitions to progress to the Championship, then we must cater for the large away followings that would ensue. I would like to sit with my children before & after games in a nice club house, watching the results come in via Sky/BBC. The bar issue should, by now, have been sorted. We are entering our fifth season as a league club. How much revenue has been lost in the preceding four years because of a lack of decent facility to use? I would like to see the club moving forward on this issue, not round and round in circles. It's a very poor state of affairs in my opinion.

Response 12: For the club to make money and compete at a higher level there is a need to make as much money as possible. A club style bar with function facilities that can be open outside normal match times would maximise the potential income offered. Currently many supporters of YTFC have to congregate in various outside establishments (Bell and Arrow) to socialise pre and post matches - a club style bar would allow this to continue but within YTFC with all revenue returning to YTFC as opposed to some other outside agency. The current style of concourse bar would not satisfy any of the above BASIC requirements and will also only be available to approx 300 of the 1500 max capacity of the Westland stand - and not to any of the other approx 8000 fans (inc AWAY fans). When visiting other grounds there is in most cases facilities open to AWAY (i.e US on away games) fans, the current proposal leaves our AWAY fans with absolutely no where to get a drink.

Response 13: The club is constantly moaning about falling attendances. The club needs to invest in the supporters with facilities like a proper clubhouse rather than a "lean to" sorry concourse bar. Investment is a two way street. My other point is away supporters. On my many away days watching the glovers our supporters are invited to use our hosts facilities, then on the return fixture we have to embarrassingly point our new found friends in the direction of the Arrow for refreshment surely for a club 90 minutes away from playing championship football this has to change!!

Response 14: I use the current bar every now and again but have on occasion walked away due to frustration as to long queues and lack of service. One evening match when I used the bar the pints were already lined up and a swift and effective service attained. I have seen similar methods used at away games to great effect too. Sometimes the bar staff seem uninterested and lack enthusiasm too which doesn't help. A concourse bar may be ok if some of the above methods are used and maybe I will use it more often.

Response 15: I tend to go to the Bell for something to eat, watch an early KO game then go to the tent for a swifty. If I'm on my own I go straight to the tent.

Response 16: As someone who works in the retail drinks industry, I am continually amazed at the Club's inability to seize this potential cash cow. Any business that lets so many of it's customers intentionally trade elsewhere, and neglects a growing local market as new housing is built, sadly deserves to fail.

Response 17: Yes. Why don't they stop talking and do something

Response 18: At present I only spend my ticket money at YTFC. My ideal situation is on a regular basis to be at the ground early, have a pub style lunch (pie/chips etc)drink with a group of mates, watch early kick off premiership and socialise with other fans. I started watching YTFC 9 years ago when I moved to Yeovil and in that time, apart from the marquee, spectator facilities have not improved one bit

Response 19: I think it's very poor that a club like ours has such poor facilities for it's fans generally. A supporters bar is the very minimum we should have. We drive down from Swindon for home matches and would spend a significant sum throughout the course of a season - this is all going to local pubs at the moment. There must be many others in the same boat.

Response 20: How long does it chuffing take?

Response 21: I don't see the point in building a bar that is a similar capacity to the tent when the tent is overcrowded already!

Response 22: I think the Club will miss an opportunity to encourage fans to spend more time at the club....I would also like to see a club house open at other times to watch matches on the TV.

Response 23: That type of bar is ok for away supporters, but home supporters will continue using local public houses so donít see the point. Total waste of money. Put one on away end to bring revenue in .

Response 24: Yes the bar will do well on matchdays, but there are 330+ other days in the year, when it will be a white elephant. Look around the decent pubs in Yeovil, that didnít take long did it. Why because very few people now frequent such places, and especially an out of town establishment. Believe me there is no market for this type of facility, the tent does fine on the days it is open. Now lets get the tea bars going, whereís that man from Kidderminster.

Response 25: as a rugby fan as well i have witnessed concourse style bars over the years, when they are largely populated it can make it difficult to a) get served (lots of staff required) and b) to manoeuvre around once you have been served. I am also led to believe that it is an offence to drink alcohol in sight of the pitch with only 300 people allowed in is there going to be somewhere outside the concourse to consume whatever you have bought.

Response 26: NB. I drink in several places, but most usually the marquee these days. Also The Arrow and The Bell depending on who I'm with / meeting. You know my views - we should have pushed to get a proper pub / social club on the site 15 years ago...think about the lost revenue in that time...

Response 27: The concourse bar MUST be open to EVERYONE. Otherwise WHY am I paying more for my season ticket in the main stand which will have lesser facilities than the Westland Stand.

Response 29: Why are the club not thinking about the bigger picture? Only opening for an couple of hours either side of a match doesn't make economic sense. If there was a good social club built on site with a decent (not a roll out style as per original plans) skittle alley you would guarantee 20 blokes being in there on a Monday night and Friday night. You might also get a Thursday night team in which would be another night with 20 blokes. Ladies skittles is Wednesday night. So that is 4 of the 5 weekdays covered. Tuesday is when YTFC play midweek games so will be busy when there is a game on, and also skittles cup matches are on a Tuesday. Saturdays when there is game on the social club would be packed for most of the evening. And Sundays you can do things like quizzes, bingo, race nights, etc. On the Saturdays where there is no game, the skittles alley could be rented out for parties. In the summer, the club could be used as a focal point for open days, a fete, etc. All this is without thinking how many locals might come for a drink. Abbey Manor, Badger Heights, Hawks Rise, are all within 10 mins walk of the club. Then there is the new estate to be built on the other side of Thorne lane. The potential is huge. The Arrow can bang on about the covenants all it wants, but when they were put in place Abbey Manor Park and the surrounding area was a completely different beast to what it is now. The covenants can be removed. The club just needs to push and keep pushing. David Laws has been using YTFC as a vehicle for the last couple of months. 'Bout time he gave something back to the club and took the covenant The club already own the land, so wouldn't need to pay for that, they also wouldn't need to have a car-park built. Therefore the only cost is the actual building cost, which a brewery (such as Courage) would assist with. I can't believe there is no-one at the club with a bit of business sense that could make this work. It's really not rocket science to manage a bar.

Response 30: I pay for a VP ticket purely and simply for bar access (as do a number of my group). I feel it is ridiculous that the Club have for so long failed to capitalise on the amount of revenue available, including that from Away fans. The marquee is a very poor substitute, this concourse affair looks little better.

Response 31: Whilst I prefer a clubhouse style bar the concern I would have would be the physical length of the bar. With a long bar with adequate staff you can be served quickly e.g. Casa in Nottingham. Whilst I do not mind waiting when I go for a quiet drink, on match days speed of service is VITAL or people just won't bother. If bar meals are available before & after a match then it is likely my family would join me (at present my wife takes the kids shopping as they are too young to come to the match). Naturally I would like to watch the results on TV, but accept this would draw in people who would just watch results rather than by drink/food. The club house could be a major part of the Huish Park experience.

Response 32: The lack of social facilities at Huish Park for the 'bread and butter' supporters are poor to say the very least and the club bar/social club issue has been one of my 'pet' subjects for many years. As chairman of the Erection 2000 Appeal some years ago now that saw the building of the roof above the home end at Huish Park and getting the sponsorship from Westland, I can remember many a conversation with John Fry about the REAL NEED for a social club. It still makes me smile when I remember Mr Fry saying, on one hand, that the club could not afford to build and run a social club, and then, in the same sentence, would say that club chairman from our days in the ICIS League would tell him that the only way they could survive on crowds of 200-250 per game was to have a flourishing social club that opened every night of the week. So if small clubs like those we came across during the ICIS League survived largely (or in some cases, I am sure, solely) on the profits of their social clubs, then surely it would make economic/financial sense for Huish Park to have a thriving social club that could provide all the usual facilities such as meeting rooms, skittle alleys, dart boards, pool table, SKY TV, hot/cold food.
The Abbey Manor estate is continuously growing and I do feel the football club is missing out on a revenue-building facility that could be open seven days and seven nights a week......i.e. Daytime: 12 noon to 3pm - Monday to Thursday; 12 noon to close - Friday; 12 noon to 2.45pm - Saturday (matchday); 12 noon to close - Saturday (non-matchday); 12 noon to 7pm(?) - Sunday. Evening: Monday to Thursday - 6pm to close; open all day to close - Friday; open all day to close - Saturday (non-matchday); 4.30pm to close - Saturday (matchday); open all day to 7pm(?) - Sunday.

With regards some of the above questions: No 17: How important is spending money at the club to you rather than at outside pubs? There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that supporters, I am certain, would rather use a proper clubhouse bar than the likes of the Arrow, Bell, Airfield Tavern, further afield pubs, because supporters want to support the football club. I for one, and many others, would always, back in the good old days when the upstairs restaurant was used as a supporters bar, would, on a Saturday matchday, get their for 12 and after the match still be there at 7pm-8pm (and, dare I say, later). What also used to happen is that wives and kids would come up after the game as well, primarily to pick up the chaps, but would stay for a drink, packet of crisps etc and it really became a family club atmosphere......something, I am sure, the football club wants.

No 19: What is your overall opinion on a concourse-style bar (as per current proposals)? A concourse-style bar is ideal for away supporters, not necessarily what I would class ideal for home supporters - although it would be good for the half-time pint. The proposed bar would have limited openings and would not, as far as I can tell, be available for all supporters on matchdays.

No 20: What is your overall opinion on a corner/clubhouse-style bar (as per the original proposals)? Better than nothing, but still a case of just scraping the surface in my opinion rather than biting the bullet, taking the bull by its horns and giving the supporters of Yeovil Town FC and, more importantly, the neighbouring community as a whole, a facility they would use and be pleased to use. Any social club bar has got to be done properly or people won't use it. Phew....I could go on..... Cheers!

Response 33: If the concourse bar is to be only for the use of Westland terrace supporters, then it a very poor decision on the part of the Club. It would be yet another example of it shooting itself in the foot, which has happened with regular occurrence over the last few seasons. Should the above be the case, I would expect either a reduction in the price of my season ticket, or for the cost of using the Westland Stand to increase reflecting the ability to use the concourse bar.

Response 34: I would like to see a supporters bar facility along the lines of the one at Cambridge United, or Rochdale

Response 35: Maybe if the club were to produce plans to the supporters, with perhaps a "virtual tour" or maybe even just greater detailed drawings of the proposed bar, a greater perspective of what is proposed would be gained.


Response 37: Drinking should be banned at all sports grounds


Response 40: Would like a real ale or cider option

Response 41: Real Ale that is well kept essential Reasonable food essential

Response 42: The bar should be open to all three stands and not just the Westland, this would limit the clubs potential income being that two whole stands are missing out. I think it would create a split between the fans and the club, because supporters who pay more to sit in the cowlin and yeovil college stands, will be at a loss as to why they are not having a bar or a bar in which they have access to. This could again lead to a drop in crowds this season, when i thought the club was trying to attract more fans???? you can't say that everybody who wants a drink in the cowlin and yeovil college stand are going to trudge across the pitch, just to get a drink. The club should explain what the implications are for those sets of supporters

Response 43: I still find it incredible that the club are prepared to use the tent for another season. The idea of the concourse is even more incredible, i see myself not getting any use from it. I am part of a small group (there are plenty more) of season ticket holders, who frequent the Arrow pre-match, we meet up at 12 and leave at 2.30, get to the ground in our spot ready for the match. We may on occasion get a coffee or burger at half time. Then back to the Arrow. I would be much happier going to the club at 12.00 (which we used to when we had the old bar upstairs) and be spending my money at the club, of course i would also like a similar atmosphere that is felt at the local pubs, tables, chairs, tv, etc etc. I would like nothing more than to go into a supporters club post match and have a drink too. There is so much more that could be incorporated within a social club too, skittles and pool for example, the social club would be used by people after playing on the astroturf and many other events also. There could be a small area set aside for the sale of goods from the club shop, people are easier parted with money after a couple of drinks i know !! The availability of food within the bar would be a good addition too, especially with the smoking coming into force (yes there could also be an outdoor shelter for smokers). Now i would hope that Mr Fry takes onboard mine and others thoughts, the club is going in the right direction at the moment, letís try and keep it that way.

Response 44: Only lets get on with it.

Response 45: Fed up to be honest. This has run and run for years, and after all the waiting we look like ending up with pretty much the absolute minimalist most basic offering possible, that I shan't use. Also, if this is the end result, why wasn't it done three or four years ago, thus getting rid of that loss making marquee far earlier?

Additional to Q17. If I'd been asked this question four or five years ago the response would have been "Very important". I spent a lot of money in the upstairs bar, and was pleased to do so as I enjoyed the facility, and was helping the club. Since then, with years of no provision that was suitable and/or attractive, my habits and attitude have changed. The club would need to provide something above average to attract my custom back. A concourse style bar is so far off that it's a complete waste of time for this particular customer. The Bell will continue to get my money.

Response 46: Why don't the club build a club house like the old barn club? Abbey manor is big so build a club. Look at Cambridge United who have a good clubhouse before and after games. Huish was open for a drink in the evening. The club could make money. After 18.30hrs Huish Park is a ghost area. This should change. IF DONE WELL THEN IT COULD BE THE TOP BAR IN THAT PART OF YEOVIL. THE OLD BARN IS A GOOD EXAMPLE.

Response 47: When i went Rushden in the conf days the concourse style bar was excellent also at Wembley so it can work but what about the 3 other sides, at least with a club house you can go for a drink then go to the stand you need to go to, unless you can still enter the concourse bar then go to which ever stand you want

Response 48: Why is it taking so long for anything to happen, which ever way they decided to do it, I'm sure this has been going on for over 3 years now. I think most people just want to see some action!!

Response 49: Could be open not only on matchdays and could be used as a pub or night club

Response 50: what about away fans? Had some good laughs over the seasons with away fans over a pint?

Response 51: Having been to many away games, the majority of them "up north" I love the fact you can go into the supporters bar and have a drink with the opposing fans without any trouble - well none that I have seen. This adds to the atmosphere of the game, especially at FA cup time so you can watch the televised matches first.

Response 52: you want to get more staff to serve you quicker

Response 53: For the club to actually tell the supporters what is going on. Why does the development of Huish Park have to be such a big secret? Why has it taken so long?

Response 54: Whether it is a tea bar or cafe or beer only or no children or whatever is on offer, we need some good facilities at Huish park, as fans want to support the club both on and off the field. We have been to some shocking football grounds in the last couple of years, but their facilities have put ours to shame. To be in the Championship, it's one step backwards financially, but 3 steps forward..

Response 55: YTFC really do need to make up their mind what they are going to do about a bar. I think this is the third application they have submitted now, each one costing hundreds of pounds at least. This, concourse type bar plan was submitted back in March, no decision yet from SSDC, when I spoke to the chief planning officer why no decision had been made, he inferred that SSDC was probably waiting for some clarification from either YTFC or the agent who submitted the plan for them. My suspicious mind thinks that YTFC will do nothing until the whole stadium is enlarged, some years away yet. I have spoken to John Fry with regard to the fact that YTFC need to start making some money from the away fans and why arenít they planning a bar for away supporters, one serving basic food too, YTFC are missing out some much needed revenue here, away fans are dumped at Huish Park and then go off looking for a pub, all that money should be coming to YTFC.

Response 56: As we have been there for 17yrs I just think of all the money we have lost. A club like the Old Barn with skittle alleys Abbey Manor Park is getting bigger all the time and with more houses going to be built on Thorn Lane, NOW is the time to act. Look at the away bars at Wallsall, £1 to join cheap beer and food 300 max the same at Kiddy. I just think "people" want us to turn up pay our money watch the game and go home, thereís money to be made, but it WONT happen. Shame on those at the top!!!!!

Response 57: keep beer prices reasonable, not too expensive, i understand the club have to make a profit but donít put people off drinking there. Get it built asap!

Response 58: when walking to the bar through the car park footpath and meeting away supporters some who have travelled 5or 6 hours its very embarrassing to have to tell them we have no bar for away fans and send them to the arrow or bell I think more money the club has lost and the must go away thinking what poor facilities we have at Yeovil

Response 59: Get some live music on - a stage and PA system should be part of the plans

Response 60: very good idea and very much needed, I think most fans would rather put money into the club as opposed to arrow, airfield, bell etc

Response 61: We are mainly welcome at away ground bars, or to away only bars, and i think its about time we gave visiting fans the same at HP, we are in 2007,not the dark bad old days of football. I go to most away games, and enjoy a drink,and some food before a game after a long journey, and Iím sure visiting fans would feel the same. After 17 years at HP itís about time the club started to make money at the ground and not let the bars outside take it all, we go to a lot smaller clubs, and at lower divisions that put us to shame with this!

Response 62: Need more efficient/professional bar staff and better planning - not running out of drinks or gas or glasses at busy times. Make the bars accessible - stop people standing at the bar and make it a proper queuing service - not whoever shouts loudest gets served.

Response 63: ... I will be glad to be rid of the marquee arrangement (very limited appeal). I just really want to see the club move towards a championship style of ground at Huish Park, I am very much against moving out to the Cartgate to achieve this however. A good quality bar would surely swell the clubs coffers and further enhance the Huish experience

Response 64: Concourse bars are routinely horrible. Soulless, standing only, terrible selection of beers. From my perspective a club bar is a much better proposition and although I live 165 miles from Yeovil think the facility should be used 7 days a week to maximise club revenue

Response 65: Would like the bar open to away fans also.

Response 66: It would be nice to see the club consulting with fans and finding out what they actually want rather than imposing their idea of a solution on them. Why has this new concourse-style bar never once been mentioned at a CCM? All things being equal I would rather spend my money at the club rather than down the pub pre-match and post-match, but I don't think this current proposal will see me changing my habits. Down the road at Weymouth they're making plans for an expanded social club catering for 600 - which puts this current proposal into a somewhat unflattering perspective.

Response 67: I read on the forum, that some people are under the impression that the bar may only be accessible for Westland Stand ticket holders, as a Cowlin Stand season ticket i strongly hope this is not put in place.

Response 68: Perhaps if the club house had a skittle alley, pool table, darts etc (not on match days obviously), then the bar could make money everyday if they had their own teams. I'm sure there would be no shortage of teams wanting to use the alley. Maybe they could show live games on sky etc....Just a thought!

Response 69: I think if it can be managed it's important to be able to attract the away supporter. Time after time, I have seen travelling support arrive in numbers at HP early (pre-noon): surely a missed opportunity over the last four seasons? Personally, I'd like to see a good selection of ales and some food with a bit of originality and quality (we all remember Kidderminster pies, right?) to perhaps attract the away support again the following season because at the moment nobody really wants to trawl to Huish Park for an away game do they?! Sky Sports is important but the place needs a bit of character and charm- old classic photo's, programme covers, framed away shirts, scarves...I'd love to run it!!!! ;-)

Response 70: An improvement over the original plans for a corner bar. (less of an eyesore!). I hope the away supporters would be welcome as i enjoy interaction with the opposing fans.

Response 71: It saddens me that when I have been to other local pubs pre match that they are making money hand over fist from supporters of both teams, when it could be going to our club.Also over the years the club appears to have ignored grass roots support whilst pandering to the VP's who actually have it in their constitution that any money raised is for their own benefit, rather than the club.

Response 72: We require income on non matchdays and a club house has the ability to do this, however a concourse will allow access for more people on matchdays. Lets have both!

Response 73: To me this is a facility that should be available as social club for supporters. ie holding functions/get togethers/theme nights etc throughout year.

Response 74: I like the idea of a concourse bar like the one at Bournemouth; all three stands would need one or at least two stands and with easy access from the third stand. Most importantly though quick service would be required, maybe on big games you would expect to wait a bit longer. on that subject my daughter and I visited the marquee before the last two league games last season and both times we didnít get served, first time they ran out of glasses and the second time we just didnít get served, i would love a pint before a game but only if i didnít have to wait for ages only not to be served. Also price would be important with no over the top prices.

Response 75: How can you believe anything the club says after the last few years, all spin and very little action.

Response 76: The naming of the project as a 'concourse' bar unfortunately conjures images of the dire little concrete kiosk-type things you see underneath the stands at several clubs in this league, Millwall being the first to spring to mind. Why the concourse bit in the name? The architect's plans clearly show that there will be no access to the bar for fans in the College and Cowlin stands once they enter the stadium. Though the proposed location of the bar renders it difficult to allow direct access from all three home stands, IMO this should be considered as important revenue will surely be lost at half time. Overall though, what was wrong with the corner bar idea?

Response 77: I'd love to see a friendly, pub-style 'pub' like Morecambe's club bar. Local beers/ciders are a must. Would be great if we could mingle with away supporters but accept that the powers that be might prevent this. I usually attend with my young son so my ideal would be a no-smoking seating area but with full access to bar facilities with, say, Exmoor Ale and Fruit Shoots!

Response 78: in answer to question 19 - not keen on the idea but its better than doing nothing.

Response 79: I felt the original plans would enhance the look and atmosphere of the ground, but may have been slightly on the small side (I know it's on 2 floors but more than likely 1 floor would get preference) and probably only available to those in the Westland and Cowlin Stands. The new proposals seem to address any size problem, and is close to where I used to sit in the Yeovil College Stand, but may still only be accessible to those in the Westland Stand. As a supporter heading to University next year I will only be able to make about 10-15 home games next season, and will stand on the Westland terrace, but still think other stands need consideration when it comes to the bar.

Response 81: Whilst thinking a clubhouse bar is extremely important to draw people to the club and to do so earlier in the day, so whatever is decided on has to be inviting and not something that was chucked up in a hurry. It is also important not to forget the away supporters. I personally enjoy a chat with visiting supporters before a game, and as far as i can recall there has never been any trouble in the marquee since away supporters have been allowed in.It would be a pity to lose that.

Response 82: I just think that the club must lose a lot of money at every home match by not having a supporters bar

Response 83: initial impression is that the proposed bar is too small. it also needs to be fully accessible to all 3 stands and not become a them & us thing for the Westland stand. Would prefer each stand to have a concourse bar with Sky etc

Response 84: At the moment far more supporters use the Marquee than the VP's Bar, however the Club once again are not bothered about the average supporter, why should the VP's be given special treatment, they do not support the club any better, in fact I would say, that those that drink in the Marquee spend more and attend more games than the VPs. The escapade regarding the Supporters Bar has been going on for over 5 years, why do the club not come clean and admit that they are not interested in accommodating the average supporter, just those that put corporate business the clubs way, once or twice a season. It is about time, that the club carried out some proper market research, on what the supporters would like, and how the income from any subject infrastructure could benefit the club, with extra finances, rather than just making decisions that they have no research to back up.

Response 85: A concourse bar is a poor alternative to a proper club bar with the potential to raise money for the club 7 days a week. Have the club now written off any possibility of a supporters bar? If so please tell us and do not keep publishing bullshit plans of bars they have no intention of building.

Response 86: Being one of those who travel away I find we are treated better away from home than we are at home .the Club needs to look seriously at the lost revenue it is losing to surrounding businesses. having supported the club for over 45 years and even at the old Huish there were facilities for members we are now worse off in some situations than we were 10 years ago

Response 87: I think there ought to be some form of bar at the away end as well, as I am sure away supporters like a drink before/after the match as well. It will also give an air of friendliness and welcoming to add to the already great experience that is a visit to Huish Park.

Response 88: A proper bar should be built a tent is a disgrace to spectators in this day and age. A concourse-style bar should also be built in all stands this is costing the club a lot of money especially in the away section.

Response 89: I remember how good the old ground's bar was. We havenít moved forward in that respect. I hate the tent..........embarrassment when friends from another area come down to visit.

Response 90: This must go ahead ASAP. The club is missing out on large chunks of money - a WELL STAFFED bar offering some snacks will be a huge improvement on the Marquee. Average waiting time in there must be over 10 minutes - we arrive at the bar around 1.30. Sometimes the wait puts us off having a third drink, therefore the club potentially miss out on 4 pints - if this is taken across a number of games then the revenue that is being missed is far greater than the cost of employing extra staff to man the bar. Sky would be good and would attract extra punters I'm sure, but I am aware that it is v expensive for clubs to run and must have a 12 month contract for the sake of 23 match days - would be hard to justify a large cost.

Response 91: Cheap Beer!!!!!!!!!!!

Response 92: think they are both good ideas as you could drink before during and after the game and we would be putting more money into the club

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