31/12/2018 : Taff's Gloversblog : Half Term Report Part Two : Off The Field
31 December 2018 : Half Term Report Part Two : Off The Field
Earlier in the month, I said that I'd follow up the Christmas Day review of the on-the-pitch goings on, with a parallel review of the club's well-being off-the-pitch. Whilst I've tended to combine the two in the past, because there is some overlap, there is such a lot to discuss around Huish Park, it is making me dizzy at times! This therefore looks at where things stand away from the 90 minutes of football, which I know for many fans, this is all they want to get involved in. However, I'm a firm believer in that what you view when the whistle blows, is inevitably interlinked with what goes on in the Boardroom and elsewhere around the stadium.

Without question, I would say that 2018 will go down as the worst for off-the-field goings on and the Board's relationship with the supporters since the early and mid-1990s. At that time, the situation was a far more complex case - a mis-managed move to Huish Park, and associated overspend, the ousting of the Chairman that was behind that move, and a replacement Board that was trying to pick up the pieces. Sometimes the latter got flak for things they inherited from the previous Board. For the problems that exist in 2018 at Huish Park, those have to be shouldered by two individuals at the top of the club.

I'll start off with Yeovil Town's current ongoing strategic plan. During the December Supporters Alliance Meeting, the Glovers Trust asked the club to clarify the length of their current strategic plan, pointing out that in the past it had been labelled as a seven year plan. The meeting records both John Fry and Director David Lee as denying this was the case, making clear that they had been running to a five year plan, and that the club was already two years into it, with the targets being set for the end of the 2020-21 season.

The Trust were right to highlight this anomaly. The April 2018 Supporters Alliance Group meeting minutes - which were approved by the club - stated that his own report to the Board "looked forward as far as seven years" in terms of its long term strategy. The seven year plan was also referenced by Mr Palmer in a January 2018 interview, stating that he had "looked at it going forward, up to about seven years from now". This was reiterated by John Fry himself in a Western Gazette interview where he stated that "the seven year plan would be next season", pointing to the current 2018-19 campaign.

If this feels like a point of pedantry, it's an important point because aside from the main stated target within that plan or attaining promotion back to League One, both Mr Fry revealed his goal of establishing a Development Squad framework within the club as part of their new goal. Fry told the Western Gazette that "We would like to set up an Under-23s side. It's the biggest missing block we've got here". Later on in June 2018 a club official statement went one step further and said they were "looking to set up an Under-21 team for 2019-20". Given the talk of that set-up came within the period of that now debunked 'seven year plan', and there's been no mention of these plans since then, nor in the club's subsequent five year plan, it may be worth the Supporters Groups asking what the status of this is.

Moving on to the plan that currently does exist, there were five components listed. Any of you who are managers in your daytime job, and have to do target settings for departments or employees will know there are good practice rules that you can use. A common one is the SMART acronym, where the goals set must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. Three of the club's five targets on their strategic plan would automatically fail on that criteria. If we consider the following ...

a) To build the first-team resource through the recruitment and development of young players.
b) To continue to develop their Category 3 academy to produce young players for the first-team squad.
c) To improve and strengthen the governance of the Yeovil Town business, on and off the pitch, and to develop better links with fans to increase secondary spend

... none of these are Specific or Measurable. The targets are too vague, and no-one inside or outside the football club can tell whether they have been successful or not. You could argue the first two are being met already, by the existence of 'young players' in our current squad, of which two are Academy players. If the targets set are ones that you could already mark as completed right now, then these are not meaningful targets.

In that same breath the same can be said for the first part of the club's fourth target, which was to "Establish a Community Sports Trust to provide services to the local community. The Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust has been in existence since February 2008, and for the Northampton Town match took in 292 people as part of the recorded attendance. It is clearly already 'established' and I was bemused that the Gazette's journalist allowed the club to pass that one off as a 'target' without question.

A competent journalist at the local paper really should have also picked up on the second part of the club's fourth target, which was "including a Community Stand at the north end of the stadium, to be used on a seven-day-a-week basis to increase the use of the stadium site." The original plans for this date back to March 2011, and now exist in heavily watered down form in a July 2015 planning application that now hasn't moved since October 2015, and even then only identified the stand as a 'priority two' development that would be considered once enough money had come in from the provision of the retail outlets that were planned for the north side of the ground. They also could not be implemented until the club had secured guaranteed replacement football pitches for the two training pitches that would be lost on the site. The club did win their appeal against a planning decision made by SSDC for some land off Thorne Lane that could act as replacement pitches (this has never been confirmed at planning level, due to the club's request to keep the applications separated) but since they got the green light to proceed, in December 2017, there has been no sight of them taking this any further. Thus until those first two steps are concluded (develop the Lufton site, and get planning permission for the July 2015 application) and the first Retail units start to go up, any Community Stand isn't going to appear. But there's no mention of those first two elements in the Five Year Plan, so there's a great big hole there.

The final part of the Five Year Plan is the one that all supporters will be interested in - namely to gain promotion to League One by the end of the 2020-21 season. This is of course a large shift from Darren Way's claim in April 2018 that the club were aiming for a Top Seven finish for the 2018-19 season - something that he reiterated as recently as after the Stockport County FA Cup defeat in mid-November. Subsequent results have meant that's now firmly out of the window, and so we've suddenly jumped from this short-term claim, into this long-term target.

Rather like the plan for the Community Stand, such things are only credible if there is a detailed plan to achieve that target - as per the SMART objectives, is it Achievable? The club's last four seasons have seen us finish 19th, 20th, 19th whilst in the last couple of weeks we've hovered between 19th and 21st. Unless there's a sudden massive cash injection planned for the 2020-21 season (unlikely!) given we are two years into this Five Year Plan, you'd expect to see some measurable incremental results, that show signs of the club turning into a mid-table side, followed by one on the edge of the play-offs, and then finally one inside the top seven. At present, there are no signs of that - in fact in each of the last three seasons, the only measurable bit is we've finished closer to the relegation line in each season.

The Supporters Alliance Meeting minutes, and John Fry's interview with the Gazette do not elaborate in as to how the club plan for a flatlining 19th/20th to become a magical Top Seven position. The best explanation we have for how this part of the plan will be achieved is through the mid-December interview with COO David Mills. He identifies two areas - the club's usage of the loan system, and the club's development of its Academy system. For the former, the very nature of the loan system, is that those players who we are bringing in now, will not be part of any 2020-21 promotion-winning side. We know that players such as Ryan Hedges or Connor Roberts are only at Huish Park for either half a season or a full season before another club comes in, and so the only loan players that will get us promotion will be those recruited in either August 2020 or January 2021. But loans can be hit'n'miss - for various reasons, Yeovil Town have played two of their Christmas fixtures without a single loan player starting, with some not even making the squad. So I can't see how you can reliably fit a strategy around such temporary arrangements, and other clubs development systems.

The second component is the Academy system. Here, David describes it as the "missing piece of the jigsaw" and hopes that by around that 2020-21 season "we will have former Academy players starting for our first team on a regular basis". As a concept, I hope David is right - it is the direction the club should have been heading in, as soon as it got into the Football League. But even at the end of last season, Darren Way claimed that it wasn't possible for him to blood Academy players in the first team without a Development Squad set-up, ridiculing the idea, saying "can you imagine throwing an 18-year-old in at Notts County away?" Just three months later from that claim, Way managed to throw in a 17 year old against Aston Villa, as Gabriel Rogers made his debut, despite the game live on Sky Sports, giving one of the biggest u-turns you'll find in recent Yeovil Town history.

My assumption was that someone 'upstairs' at Huish Park had a word with Darren. If I'd been a Director, I would have been asking him, why do we have an Academy if you won't blood any of them. In addition you don't find out unless you try - Way's one single player to have been given a professional contract from the Academy, in Ollie Bassett, didn't get a single minute of first team football under him, with Paul Sturrock having given him his two first team games. The other factor has been the Football League's summer rule change, which mandates clubs to name at least one Club Developed Player on their teamsheet. Without any professional Academy players on his books, Darren either faced an eternity in only being allowed to name six substitutes for every EFL competition, or he would have to bite the bullet and go against the claim he'd made at the end of the last season.

Suddenly, rather like someone who has proudly given up cigarettes for their New Year's Resolution, the football club has now become evangelists for the Academy system. So much so that there is now the belief that the 'missing jigsaw' of having Academy players regularly appearing in the first team during the 2020-21 season will be a key feature of the club winning promotion that season. For this to be possible, it needs the likes of Gabriel Rogers and Daniel Ojo - currently 17 years old - to be breaking through by the time they are 19 years old, and to be that much of a major influence on the fortunes of the club that they can be part of a rise from the bottom seven of League Two into the top seven of League Two and promotion. I hope that becomes the case, but it feels like a magical leap of faith, and is probably a little premature given the usual age that we've found former players such as Chris Weale and Craig Alcock genuinely becoming that key influence on the club's fortunes. I suspect it also doesn't allow for those that don't quite make it at that level - Rhys Baggridge, Matt Cafer, Gareth Risbridger - who go on to have decent careers, but not quite at our level. This won't be a 100 percent success rate, and we shouldn't put too much pressure on the likes of Rogers and Ojo at this stage.

As such, I'm finding the whole Five Year Plan to be a bit of a leap of faith. Three of the components of it (young players, Academy players, governance of the YTFC business) are so vague as to serve no purpose as targets. Half of the fourth component (YTCST) was 'established' ten years ago, whilst the other half (the new North Stand) is dependent on several other factors that are absent from the club's stated plan. Meanwhile the fifth component (promotion to League One, using the Academy players) will probably turn out to be premature, given the first steps are only being progressed halfway through the plan's third year, whilst the accompanying Under-21/Under-23 set-up that was meant to help provide that pathway has disappeared from view.

This leads us on to some of the other things that were said during the recent Supporters Alliance meeting, the Gazette interview with John Fry, and the BBC Somerset interview with David Mills. One of the common topics, that has also been a feature of Darren Way's interviews during 2018, has been 'social media'. My view is the club appear to be borderline obsessed with it. Whether it's been pubs or social clubs before and after the game, or old-style message boards, or new style Twitter and Facebook, fans have always swapped views about the game, and about their club - some ill-informed and some acutely well-informed. You always learn to sift through the topics that are worthwhile, and the bits that come from one person who you know always bangs the same drum, and is frequently found to be wide of the mark. Whether it's Twitter or real life, we eventually work out who we respect, and who we don't.

I suspect the problem is that the club don't understand social media, or are basing too much credence on it. In the Supporters Alliance meeting Mr Fry said that "fans were paying undue attention" to social media - I would also suggest that of the club. For example, Fry complains of "false rumours of an imminent major club announcement last week about the Chairman". The fascinating thing about this one is that it appears to stem from a post made by former Director Andy Rossiter on December 5th, where he said: "I have a feeling something is about to be announced YTFC wise". However, note carefully, that Andy did not say it was about the Chairman, so it's significant that has been added in. As it happens, because I was sat on the same rumour, my understanding is that it was about Mr Fry, but the content wasn't (to my knowledge) put online. It was one of those 24/48 hour rumours that did the rounds across that day, it caused a bit of light-hearted guesswork, and then 48 hours later, Andy conceded that his guesswork had been mistaken, and that was the end of that. It's therefore a bit odd for Mr Fry to attach such significance to something that was already a dead duck in supporters' eyes, and to add in an extra bit of detail which hadn't generally been made public.

The second mention of social media came with the comment about the club's playing budget. The Alliance minutes quote Mr Fry as saying that "the playing budget was less than the £1.5m which had been wrongly quoted in social media". This was of interest to me, given that although I'm a regular user of Twitter and Facebook, this was the first I had seen of a playing budget being quoted by anyone. Thus the club are in this case going to lengths to debunk something that to my knowledge had never reached any great volume of Glovers fans. The club might want to consider in both cases, the internet phenomenon known as the Streisand Effect, where drawing attention to things that weren't previously known, creates more attention than if they hadn't mentioned it in the first place. We do know that the club's playing budget has increased for the 2018-19 season, because Darren Way himself confirmed it in August, whilst clear facts such as the first team squad size make that obvious to anyone's eyes.

The irony is that back in August, the size of that budget was being talked up as Way told journalists what a difference the increase was making to his results, saying "they (the Owner and Chairman) have given me that little bit more (budget) this season, and you can see that". Yet with form having since nosedived, the Huish Park PR machine is attempting to tell fans how it is now "one of the smallest". Only last month, Darren Way stated in a November interview that "Last year, as a football club, we managed to bring in over a million pounds, and that is a fantastic achievement", referring to the club's FA Cup and Checkatrade Trophy run, and the sale of Otis Khan to Mansfield Town. When the club alternates between boasting of having a million pound windfall, but then later complains of having "one of the smallest (budgets) in the league" it's no wonder fans get either confused or skeptical about what they're being told.

Whilst on the subject of money apparently pouring into Huish Park (or not as the case may be) the Alliance minutes also made reference to a claim that "anyone who was coming on to the Board was contributing about £250,000 each". This would be great news for the club, surely? Five Directors, so that's 1.25 million quid, right? The author of the Alliance minutes put a footnote indicating they were unsure if this was hard cash or some sort of hourly rate stated as a 'benefit'. Judging by a similar claim made back in December 2015, it will come down to Fry's own quantification of the 'work' that the Directors do for the club, rather than real money. The remarkable thing was that back in 2015, Fry quantified this as half a million pounds. He now claims it to be 1.25 million across the Board, despite Ron Budden and Andy Rossiter having dropped out of the Boardroom in the three years that have passed. Given the near anonymity of our club's Board over the last few years, and my own doubt that I'd be able to recognise any of the current Board members, bar Mr Fry and Mr Hayward, if they passed me in the street, I'd be struggling to work out in what way they've collectively increased their worth to the club by 250 percent in the last three years.

I've touched on the lack of visibility of the Glovers Board over the last few years on a number of occasions. This topic was also brought up by the Glovers Trust within the Alliance meeting. It's an important aspect, as it is increasingly rare for fans to be given any information about how the club is run. It has to be done as a two-way conversation, precisely because of the contradictions that appear in examples like the above. There may be innocent reasons for such contradictions, and the only way you find that out is by some polite challenges to claims that don't stack up. When there are interviews like the recent one in the Western Gazette, where the journalist concerned entirely fails to challenge clear falsehoods, that doesn't do the club, or its fans any favours. It certainly didn't do the newspaper's credibility much good either.

In the Alliance minutes, Mr Fry confirmed that he was effectively boycotting the BBC for what he claimed was a 'stitch-up' by presenter Geoff Twentyman. You can read that October 2016 interview in full, and make your own mind up on whether the Glovers Chairman was the victim of such a stitch-up, or whether he was given some decent robust questions by the BBC. But even if Fry felt there were grounds for his accusations, he had the ability to complain to BBC Somerset/Bristol, or to take his greviance to the BBC Trust. He could have also requested an alternative interviewer - BBC Somerset's Claire Carter made a fairly desperate on air plea to Mr Fry asking him to come on air and talk about Andy Rossiter's resignation from the Board, but said that she'd been given a refusal. So even though there were alternatives out there, those weren't taken up.

Fry was asked in the meeting whether he thought it was right that the fans should be denied the chance to hear what the Chairman had to say on the BBC, but according to the minutes, no answer was given. The end result is the fans lose out, and I'd say the Board's own opportunity to sell their own vision, under that two-way debate and scrutiny is also lost. Ironically this silence/vacuum is what creates the 'social media' speculation that Mr Fry complained about - in any company where communication is weak or non-existent, you allow the rumourmill to take command.

And so we turn into 2019. As with many of the club's recent seasons, I suspect Yeovil Town FC will continue to meander as it has done over the last three years, as a largely rudderless ship. We will hope that the recent 19th or 20th placed finishes continue, as that appears to be the best we can hope for. But the club need to recognise how close they are skating to the thin ice in recent years - from 14 points in 2015-16, to only four points in 2016-17, and then a mere two points between Yeovil Town and relegated Barnet at the end of the 2017-18 season. I am hopeful that Notts County will be this season's club that is "too big to go down" (hello Chesterfield and Leyton Orient), but there should be no complacency over the two places that lie just below them. New contract or not, the Yeovil Town Board need to recognise the cost of relegation from League Two, as well as the potential cost of lost season ticket holders and day tickets next summer if the current form is not arrested. Even though it might involve embarrassed faces, and a large payout, the cost of not turning around the current run of form would be far more spectacular. The next six months has to be for the good of the club and not for the sake of individuals.

Happy New Year (I hope!) to us all.

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Comments On This Article
Will said ...

As ever, a good piece, which highlights the lack of any coherent strategy at YTFC and the resulting continual contradictions. However, it fails to really address the real villain of the piece here: Norman Hayward.

The club has been in slow decline since Jon Goddard-Watts sold his stake back to Hayward c.2006. Save for the return of Gary Johnson and the promotion to the Championship for one season it has been nothing but negative (and even then they ballsed that opportunity up off the pitch).

When the going's good Fry and Hayward take all the credit. Lack of leadership, abysmal management and, at times, a loss of grip on reality epitomise the majority of the last 12 years. But now it's even worse, like a backs to the wall, bunker mentality of denial and grandiose plans that can never come to pass.

We need the empire to be over-thrown as a matter of urgency. Of course, this will cause uncertainty and fear. If the status quo is maintained we will, I'm certain, go the way of Torquay and Stockport and be back to being a big fish in a small pond once again. Quarter of a century of effort since relegation from the Conference in 1995 will have been for nought.

To maintain League status and regain our status as a decent third tier club with crowds of 5,000 - 6,000 a change of ownership and mindset is required.

Which do we think it will be?

31/12/2018 18:03:53

SL6 Glover said ...

Another clear and concise article, Well done!
YTFC certainly are a 'rudderless ship'. I would imagine that many fans feel as I do that there is little to be enthusiastic or confident about regarding the current regime and its lack of transparency. If the board believe the manager is tuned in enough to know how to rescue the situation then they are the people who don't understand football.
I do hope I am wrong and that things turn around in the window - we need strikers capable of scoring and a manager able to see how this can be brought about. I fear there is not a team in L2 that The Glovers can beat (and certainly not if they fall behind in a game!)

The 'Stat of the day' in The Times today says it all,
"Yeovil Town's goalless draw away to Tranmere Rovers means they have won only one of their past 16 games, a run dating back to a stunning 6-0 victory away to Newport County in September. Since those six goals in one game, Yeovil have managed only 11.

Stop living in the past, JF, DW et al, that was then, now is now.
Lets hope things start to improve tomorrow to get 2019 on an upward trend!

Little wonder we are all feeling negative.

An extremely saddened SL6 Glover
31/12/2018 18:10:51

Jamie said ...

As great as these articles are, I always sigh a little when they appear. It's just always such a negative read. One just realises over and over, just how lacking in reality, the club is.

The Geoff Twentyman interview, is just bizarre. Is it (a) total delusion from Jf, (b) an attempt to talk hi sway out of what he knows is a dire situation, (c) he just doesn't care.

Any chance the blogger could summarise all this nonsence with DW and fans not knwoing abpout football. I'm stuggling to believe a manager could say such things, and still believe that fans would support him.

Cheers for the read
31/12/2018 18:57:19

Jamie said ...

p.s could you please confirm my account on the ciderspace facebook site. Thanks
31/12/2018 18:58:14

Camberwick Green said ...

A very good article. I think the top brass avoid media interviews because they know full well that searching questions will reveal the lack of substance to so-called n year plans and debunk much else of what they say.
The WG is the preferred channel of communication because it can be relied upon not to ask awkward questions, probe too deeply or point out inconsistencies.
31/12/2018 20:03:20

Simon Prout said ...

Probably very sad worrying about this at 0130 after a great nye
Yes we are in dire straights
However I totally abhor the toxic hatred directed at DW
Yes things have not gone as well as hoped, but look at Gary Warrens interview, the players don’t need the negativity
It seems that under pressure Darren may have not made the best of comments , have we all not spoken out of turn at times?
In lots of ways, Darren is a hero, lots of other clubs do rate him and in fairness, lots of ‘fans’ do demonstrate a fairly low lack of knowledge
Mr Rossiters takeover plans may well be the answer, but I cannot understand his total destruction mission as presently displayed. Threats to publish confidential boardroom info serve no positive purpose, nor does attempts to curry favour amongst social media devotees
Of course I am concerned to the extreme,but the vitriolic attack at Darren is OTT, particularly when we have such an ineffective wimp as David Mills pretending to be CEO, that really is laughable!
I am seriously worried about tomorrow , the team and those managing need support, but sadly others seem intent on disruption
For those attending, please ask yourselves ‘do you want us to win?’. Assuming you do, then don’t act in a way that might prejudice that
01/01/2019 01:46:20

Will P said ...

An interesting and well put together piece. However, the core issue here is Norman Hayward and his strangle hold on the club and its remaining assets, held neatly in place with a legal charge. Local and national media for that matter need to address and actively challenge this as any consortium and/or individual wishing to take the club on is significantly hamstrung in terms of detangling the wholly deliberate complexity of company and asset structure put in place by Mr Hayward. Throw in some restrictive covenants as an additional smokescreen/hurdle and takers become virtually nigh on impossible to find.
Better the club fall in to non league, attendances fall to under 1500 and all but the small band of remaining voices are left to protest as the land is sold off to satisfy and bolster the coffers of the architects of the clubs demise? One feels there is indeed a 5 (or maybe 7) year plan in play, sadly it feels like that has nothing to do with on pitch activity.
A sad state of affairs indeed. Best of luck to our tirelessly hardworking if hopelessly unskilled manager and his playing staff - they need every bit of it.
01/01/2019 11:23:42

Essex Glover said ...

Just seen latest score 1-4 vs the mighty Cheltenham Town.Surely now Way must leave the building PERMANENTLY,
01/01/2019 16:53:13

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05/04/2015 Breaking The Walls Down Badger Link
20/03/2015 99 Problems Badger Link
16/03/2015 Survival Hopes Slide Away In East London Badger Link
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04/02/2015 Gary Johnson - The End Of A Yeovil Town Era Badger Link
03/02/2015 Transfer Window Fails To Provide A Breath Of Fresh Air Badger Link
23/01/2015 Back To The Future Part III Brendon Owen Link
12/01/2015 No Time To Lose Badger Link
25/12/2014 Half Term Report Badger Link
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25/11/2014 Magpies Nest Raided Badger Link
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28/10/2014 And Two Steps Back Badger Link
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27/08/2013 Back To Reality Badger Link
22/08/2013 So Am I A Real Fan? Francis Gates Link
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10/08/2013 The More Things Change ... Badger Link
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16/06/2013 Who The Fudging Hell Are You? Cider Jaaarn Link
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10/05/2013 Finally Our Turn? Michael Bromfield Link
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18/12/2011 Much Nothing About Ado Cruncher Link
14/12/2011 Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night Before Badger Link
28/11/2011 Hartlepool 0 Yeovil 1 : It's Not So Grim Up North Cruncher Link
20/11/2011 Yeovil 2 Exeter 2 : Second-Half Improvement Renews Hope Cruncher Link
14/11/2011 Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another Awaits Badger Link
07/11/2011 Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were Then Badger Link
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10/10/2011 Colchester 2 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
26/09/2011 Scunthorpe 2 Yeovil 1 : Nowt To Show For It Again Cruncher Link
29/08/2011 Yeovil 0 Sheffield United 1 : Blades Nick It Cruncher Link
26/08/2011 Goodbye, Good Buy Cruncher Link
16/08/2011 Paying Attention To Attendances Ciderspace Link
15/08/2011 Action And Reaction Cruncher Link
12/08/2011 Shape Up Skivo Cruncher Link
07/08/2011 Brentford 2 Yeovil 0 : Capital Punishment Cruncher Link
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23/07/2011 Wossit Gonna Be? Cruncher Link
17/07/2011 A View From Treyew Road Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.2 Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.1 Ciderspace Link
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08/06/2011 totallygobsmacked.com Cruncher Link
28/05/2011 Shift One Out, Get A Load In? Cruncher Link
14/05/2011 Where Did It All Go Right? Cruncher Link
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14/04/2011 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Cruncher Link
10/04/2011 Confusion Is The Norm Cruncher Link
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11/11/2010 A Shot In The Arm, And Then In The Foot Taff Link
07/11/2010 FACR1: Rushden 0 Yeovil 1: Completing The Circle Cruncher Link
03/11/2010 MK Dons 3 Yeovil 2 : It's Tough At The Bottom Cruncher Link
01/11/2010 The Time Has Come Cruncher Link
31/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 3 Swindon 3 Taff Link
28/10/2010 Diamonds Aren't Forever Taff Link
24/10/2010 L1: Brighton 2 Yeovil 0 : Defeated And Depleted Cruncher Link
18/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 Taff Link
13/10/2010 If .... Taff Link
08/10/2010 Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some Taff Link
03/10/2010 L1: Walsall 0 Yeovil Town 1 Cruncher Link
01/10/2010 The Case For The Defence Taff Link
29/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 1 Southampton 1 Taff Link
27/09/2010 It's Just Like Deja-Vu All Over Again Taff Link
22/09/2010 More New Kids On The Blog Taff Link
19/09/2010 L1: Huddersfield 4 Yeovil 2 : Better But No Cure From The Galpharmacy Cruncher Link
17/09/2010 I Don't Like Cricket, Oh No. I Love It! Taff Link
12/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 3 Tranmere Rovers 1 Taff Link
10/09/2010 Return Of The Talisman Taff Link
05/09/2010 Notts 4 Yeovil 0 : Dismal Day At The County Show Cruncher Link
02/09/2010 FLTR1: Yeovil Town 1 Exeter City 3 Taff Link
30/08/2010 It's The Hope That Hurts Taff Link
27/08/2010 The Slowest Drip Cruncher Link
26/08/2010 Club Offers Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
22/08/2010 All Quiet On The Western Front (and the back) Cruncher Link
20/08/2010 Local Press Letting Fans Down Taff Link
19/08/2010 Can You Hear The Yeovil Sing? Cruncher Link
15/08/2010 Late Goals Cost Points, Again Taff Link
11/08/2010 League Cup R1: Yeovil Town 0 Crystal Palace 1 Taff Link
11/08/2010 Adam Stansfield 1978-2010 Taff Link
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23/07/2010 Silence From The Boardroom Is Deafening Taff Link
18/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 0 Swansea City 1 Taff Link
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29/04/2010 Glass Half Empty Taff Link
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14/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Taff Link
13/04/2010 Million Dollar Bash Taff Link
08/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Leeds United 2 Taff Link
04/04/2010 A Good Game To Watch On Teletext Taff Link
02/04/2010 Gotcha (well, got one or two of you)! Taff Link
01/04/2010 The End Of An Era Taff Link
21/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 3 Taff Link
19/03/2010 From Hero To Zero Taff Link
17/03/2010 Another One Bites The Dust (Part 2) Taff Link
14/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 4 Hartlepool 0 Taff Link
11/03/2010 The Loan Arranger Bites Back Taff Link
04/03/2010 White Men Speak With Forked Tongue Taff Link
28/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Franchise FC 0 Taff Link
26/02/2010 Singing The Blues Taff Link
23/02/2010 Stam Suffers An Unkind Cut Taff Link
19/02/2010 One Year On Taff Link
17/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Colchester Utd 1 Taff Link
14/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Gillingham 0 Taff Link
11/02/2010 Humble Pie Taff Link
05/02/2010 Darren Way Retires Taff Link
04/02/2010 Specualtion (sic) Is Damaging Taff Link
31/01/2010 Yeovil 0 Huddersfield 1 Taff Link
28/01/2010 The Welsh Connection Taff Link
24/01/2010 L1: Yeovil 2 Exeter City 1 Taff Link
22/01/2010 Exeter Preview Taff Link
18/01/2010 Orient Preview Taff Link
16/01/2010 Water Shame, Another Game Off Taff Link
05/01/2010 Snow Joke For Anyone Taff Link
30/12/2009 A Man For All Seasons Taff Link
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22/12/2009 Draws Are Not Enough Taff Link
18/12/2009 Hartlepool Preview Taff Link
13/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Norwich 3 Taff Link
11/12/2009 Bah, Humbug! Taff Link
07/12/2009 L1: MK Dons 2 Yeovil 2 Taff Link
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30/11/2009 Should I Stay Or Should I Go Taff Link
28/11/2009 Reality Bites Taff Link
23/11/2009 New Kid On The Blog Taff Link
22/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Charlton 1 Taff Link
20/11/2009 How Green Was My Valley Taff Link
16/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Southend 0 Taff Link
09/11/2009 FA Cup R1: Oxford 1 Yeovil 0 Taff Link
06/11/2009 Up For The Cup Taff Link
02/11/2009 Premiership Giants 4 Plucky No-Hopers 0 Taff Link
30/10/2009 Hayward Back On Board Taff Link
27/10/2009 But It's Alright Now, In Fact It's A Gas! Taff Link
22/10/2009 Glovers On A Roll Taff Link
18/10/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Carlisle 1 Taff Link
16/10/2009 Carlisle Preview Taff Link
11/10/2009 Slade alive!* Yeovil 2 Brighton 2 Taff Link
09/10/2009 Russell's Return A Reality Check Taff Link
05/10/2009 A Curate's Egg Taff Link
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28/09/2009 Braving the Lions Den* Taff Link
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25/09/2009 Welcome Back Shaun Taff Link
20/09/2009 Patience Is A Virtue Taff Link
17/09/2009 Happy Days Are Here Again Taff Link
14/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 2 Stockport 2 Taff Link
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03/09/2009 Told You So Taff Link
31/08/2009 There Used To Be A Football Club Over There Taff Link
28/08/2009 Bookies Giving Money Away! Taff Link
26/08/2009 Football's Gone Mad Taff Link
23/08/2009 That's Entertainment! Taff Link
21/08/2009 Back To The Future, Part 2 Taff Link
18/08/2009 Time For Some Changes? Taff Link
14/08/2009 No Smoke Without Fire Taff Link
12/08/2009 Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Taff Link
11/08/2009 Obika's Back! Taff Link
09/08/2009 Calm Down, Calm Down Taff Link
07/08/2009 Mystic Taff's Season Predictions Taff Link
04/08/2009 Squad Shapes Up For Challenging Season Taff Link
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29/07/2009 Yeovil 3 Bristol City 2 Taff Link
27/07/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 6 Taff Link
24/07/2009 And Then There Were None Taff Link
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16/07/2009 Season Review - October '08 Taff Link
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14/07/2009 Just like London buses... Taff Link
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05/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un, part 2 Taff Link
04/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un Taff Link
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29/06/2009 Stefan Stam's A Glover Taff Link
28/06/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 4 Taff Link
19/06/2009 New(ish) Kid On The Block Taff Link
16/06/2009 Let's be 'aving you! Taff Link
15/06/2009 Seven by Seven Taff Link
12/06/2009 The Man not in Black Anymore Taff Link
10/06/2009 Danny Hutchins Signs Up Taff Link
08/06/2009 Season review - September 08 Taff Link
03/06/2009 Season review - August 08 Taff Link
02/06/2009 Season review - July 08 Taff Link
29/05/2009 Perceptions and Season Ticket Sales Taff Link
26/05/2009 No Worthington, no way Taff Link
24/05/2009 Southern bias? Taff Link
21/05/2009 In's, out's and maybe's part 3 Taff Link
16/05/2009 Another one bites the dust Taff Link
15/05/2009 Marching on (in League One) together Taff Link
14/05/2009 In's and out's and maybe's, part 2 Taff Link
13/05/2009 Ins and outs and maybe's, part 1 Taff Link
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13/03/2009 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Taff Link
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09/03/2009 Muff in the brown stuff Taff Link
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2/27/2017Attacking Ambition Needed To Stop Season Fizzling OutBadgerLink
2/24/2017Keeping Control Of The LandBadgerLink
2/21/2017Whaddon Road Frustrations Boil OverBadgerLink
1/19/2017Great Expectations Die DownBadgerLink
1/5/2017Crawley Trip Gives New Year BluesBadgerLink
12/25/2016Christmas RamblingsBadgerLink
11/2/2016Celebrating The Dizzy Heights At The HiveBadgerLink
10/25/2016Good Things Come In ThreesBadgerLink
9/22/2016Putting Pegs In Round HolesBadgerLink
9/16/2016Are Winter Breaks And Regionalisation Really The Answer?BadgerLink
9/14/2016Time For Solutions, Not ProblemsBadgerLink
9/9/2016Groundhog DayBadgerLink
7/7/2016Here We Go Again!BadgerLink
6/30/2016The Trojan Horse EFL Trophy TrialBadgerLink
6/16/2016The Cost Of An InjuryBadgerLink
5/25/2016Seven Reasons Why The League's Plans Don't Add UpBadgerLink
5/14/2016Review Of The SeasonBadgerLink
2/18/2016A Gamechanger - Or Much Ado About Nothing?BadgerLink
1/7/2016New Year, New Management EraBadgerLink
12/25/2015Halfway HouseBadgerLink
12/17/2015Stick Or Twist AgainBadgerLink
12/3/2015So What Do The Bookies Know Anyway?BadgerLink
12/2/2015The Revolving Door Spins AgainBadgerLink
11/5/2015Putting Trust In SupportersBadgerLink
10/27/2015Groundhog Day Strikes AgainBadgerLink
10/15/2015Squad Shake-Up Plans Prompt The Guessing GameBadgerLink
8/31/2015Standing Up For SturrockBadgerLink
8/6/2015Stepping Into The Great UnknownBadgerLink
7/2/2015And So It Begins AgainBadgerLink
6/10/2015Analysing The League One Domino EffectBadgerLink
6/5/2015End Of Term ReportBadgerLink
4/28/2015Ben Smith - Journeyman - One Man's Odyssey Through The Lower Leagues Of English FootballBadgerLink
4/24/2015The Case For The DefenceBadgerLink
4/9/2015Enter Sturrock As The Football Fix-It ManBadgerLink
4/8/2015Falling Apart At The SeamsBadgerLink
4/5/2015Breaking The Walls DownBadgerLink
3/20/201599 ProblemsBadgerLink
3/16/2015Survival Hopes Slide Away In East LondonBadgerLink
3/9/2015A Little Bit Of Daylight From Inside The TunnelBadgerLink
2/26/2015Bringing Leadership To The TableBadgerLink
2/18/2015Target FiftyBadgerLink
2/4/2015Gary Johnson - The End Of A Yeovil Town EraBadgerLink
2/3/2015Transfer Window Fails To Provide A Breath Of Fresh AirBadgerLink
1/12/2015No Time To LoseBadgerLink
12/25/2014Half Term ReportBadgerLink
12/15/2014Waiting For The Big OneBadgerLink
12/9/2014Can Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?BadgerLink
11/25/2014Magpies Nest RaidedBadgerLink
11/4/2014Changes For The BetterBadgerLink
10/28/2014And Two Steps BackBadgerLink
10/21/2014Steps In The Right DirectionBadgerLink
10/15/2014Paying The PriceBadgerLink
10/13/2014Vale Defeat Provides A Watershed MomentBadgerLink
9/30/2014Dual Identities In Glovers PerformancesBadgerLink
9/23/2014Posh NoshedBadgerLink
9/16/2014Managerial MadnessBadgerLink
9/15/2014Chickens And EggsBadgerLink
9/5/2014Communication BreakdownBadgerLink
9/3/2014What's Eating Gary Johnson?BadgerLink
9/2/2014A Window Of Little OpportunityBadgerLink
8/27/2014The Shape Of Things To ComeBadgerLink
8/18/2014An Unexpected False StartBadgerLink
8/5/2014Now The Real Stuff Begins!BadgerLink
7/29/2014Rehearsals For The Main EventBadgerLink
7/5/2014Sizing Up The SquadBadgerLink
6/4/2014Food Stocks Run OutBadgerLink
5/29/2014Store Wars Episode 2BadgerLink
5/20/2014A Trio Of FarewellsBadgerLink
5/14/2014Comings And GoingsBadgerLink
5/10/2014I Don't B-League It!BadgerLink
5/6/2014Time To Make DecisionsBadgerLink
4/29/2014Should I Stay Or Should I Go?BadgerLink
4/22/2014And Now The End Is NearBadgerLink
4/20/2014Drawing A Blank At BlackburnBadgerLink
4/15/2014Drawing LotsBadgerLink
4/9/2014Reality BitesBadgerLink
4/7/2014Miller Time Runs DryBadgerLink
4/3/2014Can A Two Month Extension Make The Difference?BadgerLink
4/1/2014Food For ThoughtBadgerLink
3/31/2014It Ain't Over Til It's OverBadgerLink
3/24/2014Are Yeovil Town A Relegation Side?BadgerLink
2/17/2014Ticket To RideBadgerLink
2/10/2014Concentrating On The LeagueBadgerLink
2/6/2014Home Is Where The Heart IsBadgerLink
1/21/2014The Jinx Of Being A Yeovil Town Loan PlayerBadgerLink
12/31/2013Stand Up If You Love YeovilBadgerLink
12/30/2013Half Term ReportBadgerLink
12/19/2013Moving The GoalpostsBadgerLink
12/16/2013Storing Up ProblemsBadgerLink
12/12/2013No Peaceful New Year For GaryBadgerLink
12/10/2013Pitching A CurveballBadgerLink
11/26/2013Paddy Madden - Shocked But Not Surprised?BadgerLink
10/3/2013Competing In The Mini-LeagueBadgerLink
9/30/2013Controversial Refereeing Decisions No. 7395bBadgerLink
9/19/2013Batten Down The HatchesBadgerLink
9/12/2013Counting The CostBadgerLink
9/10/2013No Hurry For A LoanBadgerLink
8/28/2013The Issues Of Sporting ConductBadgerLink
8/27/2013Back To RealityBadgerLink
8/19/2013Looking Back To Step ForwardBadgerLink
8/10/2013The More Things Change ...BadgerLink
8/5/2013Millwall 0 Yeovil 1 : One Down, Forty-Five To GoBadgerLink
7/6/2013Chief DecisionsBadgerLink
6/24/2013Signs Of LifeBadgerLink
6/4/2013Three Are FreeBadgerLink
6/1/2013Grounds For ImprovementBadgerLink
5/29/2013The Size Of The Championship TaskBadgerLink
5/5/2013Next Goal Wins?BadgerLink
5/3/2013What Are Our Chances In This Season's Play-Offs?BadgerLink
4/8/2013Target SixBadgerLink
3/5/2013Planning For The Future Part OneBadgerLink
1/20/2013Does The Administration Rule Need Revisiting?BadgerLink
1/11/2013From Bramall Lane To Bramall LaneBadgerLink
1/9/2013Wembley Goes West In East LondonBadgerLink
12/31/2012Waiting In The Arrivals LoungeBadgerLink
12/25/2012Halfway HouseBadgerLink
10/1/2012Preston 3 Yeovil 2 : Deepdale Defeat DissectedBadgerLink
9/19/2012Orient 4 Yeovil 1 : No Case For The DefenceBadgerLink
9/3/2012Attending To AttendancesBadgerLink
8/22/2012Brentford 1 Yeovil 3 : Full Stech SavesBadgerLink
8/14/2012Starting The Season RightBadgerLink
7/1/2012And So It Begins Again ...BadgerLink
6/26/2012The Calm Before The Storm?BadgerLink
6/6/2012Out With The Old And In With The NewBadgerLink
5/20/2012What Price A Striker?BadgerLink
5/13/2012The End Of Short-Termism?BadgerLink
4/30/2012The Waiting GameBadgerLink
4/23/2012All's Well That Ends WellBadgerLink
4/18/2012Decisions, DecisionsBadgerLink
4/12/2012When More Is LessBadgerLink
4/10/2012Mind The GapBadgerLink
2/1/2012Damp Squib Is No SurpriseBadgerLink
1/11/2012The First (Blades) Cut Is The DeepestBadgerLink
1/8/2012Dignity And Respect Needed For Management ChangeBadgerLink
12/18/2011The Future Of BBC Local RadioBadgerLink
12/14/2011Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night BeforeBadgerLink
11/14/2011Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another AwaitsBadgerLink
11/7/2011Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were ThenBadgerLink
7/9/2010Football League Survey 2010 Detailed ResultsBadgerLink
6/25/2010Pressure Grows For League Sporting Sanctions To Be IncreasedBadgerLink
6/18/2010Making A Perfect PitchBadgerLink
6/9/2010Larrieu Signs New Deal To Set Up A Decade With PilgrimsBadgerLink
6/8/2010Summer Scrapped For Former Loan StarsBadgerLink
6/8/2010Wazza Speaks About Witheridge AppointmentBadgerLink
6/7/2010Wazza Back In BusinessBadgerLink
6/7/2010Stewart Planning Final Season Of Playing CareerBadgerLink
6/6/2010On The Agenda At The Football League AGMBadgerLink
6/4/2010Warne Extends Stay With MillersBadgerLink
5/14/2010Hearn Calls For Double Relegation For 'Cheating' ClubsBadgerLink
5/13/2010Football's Silly SeasonBadgerLink
5/10/2010Tears, Tantrums And Two-Bob ClubsBadgerLink
5/4/2010Levelling The Playing Field For Next SeasonBadgerLink
4/30/2010Fancy An Extra £217,000 Per Season? No Thanks!BadgerLink
4/28/2010Full Transparency For Football League Club Ownership?BadgerLink
1/10/2010The Big Freezes And How They Affected Yeovil TownBadgerLink
1/4/2010A Window Of Little Opportunity?BadgerLink
12/6/2009The Fastest Glovers In The WestBadgerLink
11/27/2009Chipping Away At Yeovil's Travel ProblemsBadgerLink
11/19/2009Tis The Season To Post LossesBadgerLink
10/8/2009Unmasking The Real Owners Behind Football ClubsBadgerLink
10/6/2009What A Difference A Gate MakesBadgerLink
7/6/2009The Worries Of Becoming A Small ClubBadgerLink
7/3/2009The Other Guy - Terry Skiverton In 1999BadgerLink
5/20/2009The North-South DivideBadgerLink
10/15/2007Premium Pricing Attendance Analysis : October 2007BadgerLink
3/13/2007The Effect Of Friday Night Football Upon AttendancesBadgerLink
2/1/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.10BadgerLink
1/30/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.9BadgerLink
1/27/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.8BadgerLink
1/26/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.7BadgerLink
1/25/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.6BadgerLink
1/16/2006 January Transfer Window Round-Up No.5BadgerLink
1/12/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.4BadgerLink
1/11/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.3BadgerLink
1/9/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.2BadgerLink
1/4/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.1BadgerLink
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