10/10/2018 : Supporters Alliance Group : Supporter Alliance Meeting : Wednesday 10th October 2018
10 October 2018 : Supporter Alliance Meeting : Wednesday 10th October 2018
Supporter Alliance Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 10 October 2018 at 11.30am
Venue: Yeovil Town FC, Boardroom

Rich Rendell - Chairman
Paul Hadlow - G&W
Sharon Swain - DSA
Sara Bradley - Community Trust
Brendan Owen - Glovers Trust
Terri Burt - Glovers Trust
Kirstie Baker - YTFC
David Mills - YTFC

Marilyn Cottle - Junior Glovers
Tom Burt - Bridport Glovers
Rob Newport - Cary Glovers

Opening comments by the Alliance Chairman

RR underlined his disappointment that the promised legal briefing had not happened and stated this had to take place no later than the November meeting, but preferably beforehand.

RR noted a dip in on the field form since the last meeting and that said that consistent good results at home were needed to bring the crowds up. The elimination from the Checkatrade now meant a good FA cup run was also needed.

Approval of minutes and matters arising

All approved minutes.

Media comment by former club Director

The group queried comments made in the media by a former club Director as they seemed to contradict club statements. DM commented that he thought this may be a misinterpretation of what the former Director and club had said, but the groups present were unsatisfied with this answer and asked for further clarification at a future meeting.

SLO role

The G&Ws have offered to take on the role of SLO as an organisation.

PH – In principle he is happy to take on part of the role for away travel, however if other people want to come forward and he feels that perhaps those who criticize the club should present themselves and take up part of the role. PH, and other members of the G&Ws are happy to carry out the role until someone else comes forward. It was agreed that the G&W’s step in until its reviewed and/or anyone else comes in for it.

Stadium maintenance update

JH provided a written update for the meeting -

“We have commission a tree survey of all the trees at the stadium. We have also carried out works on several of the trees as necessary. Following complaints, Big tree on the Screwfix side broken by bus.

We have continued progress with the electrical works at the stadium and have completed electrical testing at Alvington and the academy changing rooms.

We are now in the process of renewing the away changing room shower area flooring as it is now leaking badly poses a hygiene hazard.

I have been in discussion with the company that has carried out the tree work to date regarding the potential to set up a commemorative tree scheme. If set up correctly we would be able to fund some of the maintenance of the existing trees and replace some that are dead.

We are now preparing for the health and safety audit that is being carried out by EFL next month”.

Post season awards consultation

Keep on the agenda – no update

Results of the Alliance to date

• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower price season tickets (and increase in age band from 21) for under 23s
• Alliance suggestion adopted by the club for lower match prices for young persons & under 16s
• Subsidised travel to Checkatrade 2018 semi-final game
• Ticket bundles introduced for 17/18 season to give fans some flexibility in purchasing tickets.
• Ticket bundles reintroduced for 2018/19 season at request of Alliance
• Extra marquee staff as due to licensing a speed bar implementation was not viable
• Introduction of Match Day hotline for service or anti-social behavior issues.
• Tab on website for the Alliance where updates and minutes of meetings can be viewed
• In association with fan poll, chose the 2018/19 home shirt.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 match day programme.
• Consultation regarding 2018/19 end of season awards.

Update on potential Legal briefing

The group raised a concern that there was no representation from the Club or any feedback to the questions submitted previously. DM updated the group that he will endeavour to organise a meeting between now and the 14th November.

Glovers Trust 10-point challenge

Bus Route

DM happy to continue investigating but requires help on from the GT if they wish for him to continue. If the Alliance think there is demand, and it will financially pay for itself, DM will continue but the service may not be necessary. BO agrees financially it’s not worth pursuing but concerned for those need it. RR stated that Colchester United have stopped subsiding buses. RR suggests closing the point down and revisit if crowds pick up.

Item to be removed from future agendas

Shirts colours and how they are seen by Colour Blind fans

DM stated that at the recent Checkatrade match V Exeter the club received a complaint from two Yeovil fans who are colour-blind and due to the back of the shirt designs they couldn’t distinguish between the two teams. The club investigated internally but there is no league directive. Match officials were also asked and confirmed that there was no directive. The club had therefore advised the fans that YTFC would, consider such matters for away games, let Exeter know for when they returned to Huish Park for a league game and consider this issue for new shirt designs in the future.

Subsequently Exeter elected to wear their red shirts for the league game to the disappointment of the fans concerned who were subsequently put in direct contact with the Exeter SLO as a result.

The Alliance were asked to note this matter and SS confirmed that Level playing fields are also involved in the matter.

Update on weekly meetings with Alliance Chairman

The set up of the charity event being held at Huish Park on Friday 26/10 was explained. BIBIC have requested for teams to sign up.
The Alliance members was asked to consider fielding teams from their groups and push to their members.


Programme huts

PH raised programme huts that the G&Ws have had for 11 years, they have lasted well but falling apart. Previous contract with YTFC to sell the programmes would have enabled them to cover the cost to repair or replace however the contact has now changed. They request that the Club pay for 3 new huts at approx. £260 each.

Half time entertainment

Several persons present said they felt that halftime activities did not get enough coverage at the time leaving most of the crowd unaware of what was going on.

It is understood that activities may have to be in a one small part of the pitch but that what was going on should be announced right at the start of half time. SB said she understood the time pressures at HT and if it helped a member of YTCST staff could take over the microphone for a brief period of time to explain what was going on whilst set up was taking place for the normal HT activity.

Other match day feedback

TB raised feedback from a Swindon supporter who attended the last fixture and feedback the following:

1. No A board sign or similar for the club shop

2. The cost of a hot dog is excessive and does not taste appealing, there appeared to be unsatisfactory standards in the tea bar with spillages not cleared up. There was also no food at 2.30 onwards.

3. Positive feedback for the stewards who overall were good at their role.

4. Observations re steward however is that they appear to be over the top for searching. They need some common sense. DM confirmed that he attends the senior stewards briefing and at every briefing it is underlined that the importance of carrying out searches professionally and in a fan friendly way is vital.

MC (not present) asked for the following to be recorded: The ladies toilets upstairs in the hospitality area - 2 of the toilets have not been working for the last 2 games and 1 will not flush. Out of the 5 toilets there are only 2 which can be used, so long queues build on a match day.

Concerns with the lack of stock in the shop. There has been a long wait for hoodies and training tops, especially for womenswear.

Other AOB

BO stated that he understood that the fan expert recommended by the Alliance to help with suggestions to improve catering had withdrawn from the process. DM confirmed this was not the case and the person concerned had been in touch recently and had made further suggestions that were under consideration.

KB confirmed that the Community Trust cabin will be ready for the Lincoln game as work is due to take place next week.

Date of next meeting 14th November. Time TBC


DM to arrange meeting re legal questions.
KB to announce SLO role.
KB to provide BIBIC info.
DM to liaise with JH re the upstairs toilets
DM to refer to D. Linney re the shop issues and HT events coverage
DM to look at options re new programme huts
DM to invite JH to the next meeting to discuss the Directives given to stewards for searching.

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