23/11/2018 : Taff's Gloversblog : Under Pressure – A Tale of Hypertension and Yeovil Town
23 November 2018 : Under Pressure – A Tale of Hypertension and Yeovil Town
It’s an odd relationship to have with a football club. As a fan you experience the highs and lows on the pitch: from schoolboy defending; to a last minute winner! For many, myself included, a club is engrained into them from a young age. Oft said you can change many things, your job, your politics, even your spouse - but never your club.

I was born into a YTFC family, so I had no chance! That is what often makes the pain of defeat so much harder to bear but the victories all that more sweet. A win on a Saturday makes your weekend – a loss without a decent performance can ruin the time until you have to go back to the office on Monday. The relationship is then akin to someone you love with all your heart, but at times really hate. It’s passionate and that is the way it should be. If football was passionless and robotic it wouldn’t be the number one sport in the world.

The events of this week then cause myself and many others plenty of pain, not necessarily because of the obvious news - but the fallout amongst fans. People who share a common love for a club and who should form a common bond of wanting the best for that club – its written into our motto. Achieve By Unity.

Badger’s blog entry has covered the news on the minds of all YTFC fans - the new contract. Understandably this has provoked many comments on the Facebook group and for the large part the to and fro between fans has been largely polite even when posters are poles apart in how they view the news.

I haven’t waded in with my two cents, mainly on ‘advice’ of Mrs Old Green Eyes who is worried about my blood pressure! However I have read the vast majority of comments and it does seem there is a minority group that are somehow affiliated with Jones Building group - the club sponsors; and a
much larger group of those who appear to have lost faith in the current management and ownership of the club. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a YTFC fan, especially if the rumours about a certain former loan player are to be believed!

Tonight however I want to focus on something I have long criticised Darren for - his media handling - and in particular his interview with the press following the news breaking about his contract. I am however going in with an open mind, maybe with a new contract comes a better DW? A transcript of the 5 question interview can be found here.

I suggest a prescription for Bendroflumethiazide if, like me, you get worked up by failed PR.

[Reads interview, now back to keyboard]

[Sighs] One of my bugbears with Darren is two-fold: his lack of humility; and his continual use of “I” rather than “we” – it appears that there is no team effort, everything is down to Darren and he is happy to ram that message home. This interview is no different:

"When I first took over the football club, the football club was in a position where it was falling out of the Football League. I did what was required."


"Well there's been a massive turnover for me every year, as a manager at this football club, which is not easy to manage. What I've done, is I've put a squad together this year that I feel is good enough to give us success."

I’m not even going to go into detail on these – you can see that: new contract, same Darren. What a media-savvy manager would have said is something along the lines of:

"At the time when I came in we had a group of players who needed to fight to get us, as a club, out of trouble. The fans played a big part in creating an atmosphere to get us above that line. We all did our bit, players, management and fans. We achieved because we pulled together and that’s what this club does so well when times are tough."

"The next challenge having stabilised the club is to push on. Fans will remember when we came into the league in 2003 and then progressed up the pyramid. Huish Park was full most weeks and it was a great place to be, to be part of something. It was special. We’ve lost our way a bit recently and certainly at times the performances haven’t been acceptable. But now we can come together again and push on. We aim to climb the pyramid again. I hope the fans will give us another chance and see what this group can do – after all without them, the fans, there is no club. We are here to entertain, to win football matches."

Getting back to the interview, Darren makes reference to the dropping attendances and the impact on the available budget. That certainly makes sense but elsewhere we have references to selling Otis Khan and the FA Cup matches with Manchester United. With that influx of cash the budget this year is widely reported to be the biggest for a while, and if some people who would know about it are to be believed then a significant increase was given on the promise of delivering the playoffs this season – something DW said himself when at the end of last season he said those who couldn’t deliver a top 7 finish shouldn’t be at the club.

Moving on to the transfer window and having players that will be of interest to other clubs, DW says this a problem. Surely this is an opportunity. When we sold Otis Khan we used that money to bring in better players – McDonald, Arquin and of course Sessi, let alone keeping the likes of Omar and signing experience in Warren and Dickinson. The Manchester United money allowed us to bring in Fisher. So the sale of Tom James, Omar or Sessi in the window would be damaging to the team in the short term if you don’t know how to handle the situation. After all you don’t have to sell. You set the price, and the price is the money you need to get a replacement and improve the team. If you think Tom James is going to be subject to a bid – you start scouting for replacements. Its almost as if DW never played Championship Manager as a kid!

At this stage the interview is mainly just the same old clichés and excuses – I’m waiting to read “at the end of the day it’s a game of two halves and we just need to keep doing what we are doing” or some nonsense like that.

The final question “What are you and the Board hoping to achieve, so you can view this extension as a success?” is a pretty standard question. It’s a “what can YTFC fans look forward to?” kind of question. Instead Darren treats us to this:

"Well I know it's a success, because we've sold Otis Khan, and we've not done that for a number of years."

That simply doesn’t make sense. Nonsense. Your new contract is a success because of something done in the previous summer. I may be picking on a single sentence here, but there’s a 24-Karat pure DW classic coming that has really wound me up and I’ve saved it until now. It's actually enraged me so much that I can’t focus on the rest of the interview – and theres plenty to pull apart (as ever with DW):

When talking about negativity of fans online : "I've had that since I took over. Did the supporters really appreciate what I'd done?"

(There are those I’s again. Me, me, me.)

No. This is simply not true Darren. This is not ‘fake news’, the above is a simple old fashioned lie. When you were appointed to take over from Paul Sturrock, a lot of people feared another spell with Terry Skiverton at the helm and actually giving you a chance was received well. We all pulled together and we supported you and the boys. You got us out of a hole and we appreciated that at the time. You did not have people online being negative then.

When we were playing well with Khan and Hedges and Tom Eaves being played at centre forward we all supported you then. We weren’t negative. So you haven’t always had that.

The negativity started when people realised that whilst you can sign players and set up a decent Plan A – once that plan is found out and countered by opposition teams you have no Plan B you have zero impact in games. That is understandable for someone learning the game and you still had a significant portion of fans giving you the benefit of the doubt, myself included.

But then we got worse, and barely scraped survival last year. At this point it is no good trying to trade on former successes. We appreciated what you did when you saved us Darren and we gave you credit for that. But that credit has been eroded by 1 win in 10 proper matches – 1 win at home this season (again in proper matches), and only 1 since mid-February (it's now nearly December), and to top it all your team (yes you signed them, you train them, they are your team) turn in the embarrassment of a performance against teachers and bakers and postmen!

At the lowest point – this is where in a relationship you sit the other person down and have the talk – what did Darren do? He blamed his players, leaving his club captain to apologise on Twitter and shirked all responsibility. His next call sounds like it was to the Darren Way Support Group at Jones who have mobilised to deflect all possible criticism of Darren and instead blame all and sundry (players/fans and anybody they can think of) or spout claims of loyalty or of DW being one of the best young managers in the country. If it didn’t matter so much I would laugh, instead I feel like crying.

Our club (for it is the fans' club Darren, not yours or Norman’s – he may own the company but that’s it) is built on a relationship between those that currently run the club for the fans. Fans are not subservient to the those in the boardroom. We are best when we pull together. When we unite. Achieve By Unity. But your words Darren are turning people away. Especially when you doubt the adulation we gave you when you kept us up following Sturrock. Now you poison the well.

So in the nicest possible way Darren – just do one. I’m done with you. I’ve called previously for you to be given time and support both from fans and from the club but if that’s really what you think of paying customers and fans who love the club much more than you do then I’m done with you.

And breathe ... let's bring the blood pressure down and finish on a less emotive note.

"Certainly all of the staff at the football club need to be proud of the fact that we've not fallen out of the Football League."

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen ... we should be proud of survival. What rhetoric to come out of the club. [Slow hand claps] Mediocrity is not only enough ... it is celebrated. Would you hear Sir Gary Johnson talk of survival being enough? No.

That’s why YTFC fans love Gary: hope. Gary dreamt big with us and look where he took us! Now it seems that we have nothing to dream of, at least for the next two years (or until things change throughout the club).

And that is why DW will never be GJ – even if his brand of football evolves into something more than long balls and set pieces. More on that another time, maybe.

I anticipate a backlash from those who disagree with me on the above. To those people I say: I am looking at this from a rational pragmatic view (or was initially trying to!) – take sentimentality out of it – can you defend what has been said above if it had been said by Russell Slade or Steve Thompson?

Anyway, how funny would it be if all this time I have cloaked my identity because actually I work at Jones?! Yes, I am Tom White! [Editor's note: No, this isn't Tom!]

Where are my meds...

Old Green Eyes.

P.S. My apologies for this entry – typing through rage isn’t something that I do well. I’m sure I will read it when posted by Badger and curse my ramblings. Most likely I will wish I had changed multiple sections. I’m sure in my rage I have missed some very important points that Badger and others may want to pick up on in the comments. ABU.

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Comments On This Article
Islegreen said ...

Once again an excellent article, voicing exactly what a majority of fans who really care feel. It is bizarre how a majority of Way supporters are family, friends or employees of the main sponsors!!
23/11/2018 22:33:40

Rob Hampson said ...

Sadly, as a Glovers supporter for well over 60 years, I must agree with all the comments in this blog. I also was hopeful at the start that he would prove to be as good a manager as he was a player and was very grateful for his 'rescue act' when he took over from Sturrock. I have even been prepared to forgive his egocentric utterances in almost every interview he has given but the only reason I could imagine that he gave the answers he did in this interview would be he was stil as shocked by the board's decision to extend his contract at this time as most of my fellow Glovers supporters. Obviously this won't make me stop my lifelong support for my team.
23/11/2018 22:36:21

Brian Harwood said ...

Brilliant piece Martin. Sums up a lot of what people who no longer go , but still have some semblance of green within them ( cue your only a true supporter if you go to games) .
23/11/2018 22:47:44

Roger Fox said ...

What is the rumour about a former loan player? Who is it?

DW is a shambles. Ruined any legacy he had as a decent player, as has Skivo. Skiverton better in front of the media - DW talks absolute nonsense, as beautifully stated in this piece.
23/11/2018 23:32:10

Badger said ...

Your mention of the quote: "proud of the fact that we've not fallen out of the Football League" amplifies a point that I've been making elsewhere - that there is a dizzying alternating between announcements that we're "going for the play-offs" immediately coupled with contentment that "we've not fallen out of the Football League". Which one is the club's target? Is it the "top seven or you shouldn't be involved in the club"? Or is it the "pat yourselves on the back because we finished 20th"? It seems to be an attempt to display false ambition and targets, but to then bring out the excuses and caveats when those targets are not met. For any football club or football manager, you have a target to aim for. It can't be both "top seven" and "just above the relegation line" at the same time. Trying to do both just creates a level of expectancy, immediately followed by disappointment.
23/11/2018 23:51:31

GARY SMITH said ...

As an exiled Glover I look back on my distant days as a season ticket holder with rose tinted specs on. In the 70s we turned up for games expecting to win most of them, but, more importantly expecting to be entertained by attacking, passing football. More than that, there was realistic hope that we would be contenders for trophies and would win further respect for punching above our weight in cup competitions. There appear to be no such realistic hopes or expectations for our current regular supporters, which is very sad; it is not surprising that their loyalty is being seriously tested.
24/11/2018 02:14:18

Ivor March said ...

I have lived in Australia since late 2002 and followed YTFC closely from afar and was lucky enough to be back home when they beat Lincoln to win the League 2 championship and saw them beat Sheffield. Utd. at home in 2013. I am lucky enough to get back home to see at least one game per year and the fall off in the passion and playing style of the team and the mediocrity of the standard being produced is alarming. The club seems to be drifting with no direction and no ambition and sadly the atmosphere. at the games I have been to over the last four years has been very poor. It is such a shame but it is clear that the owner and chairman do not share the passion and support of the fans.
24/11/2018 02:24:28

Philip Allen said ...

As I'm waiting for my flight to Dublin > Chicago, I'm noting there was an obvious difference to this visit back home...the game was called off! Do you think that I didn't miss miss it? From a point of view of getting together with friends, the potential for seeing some great goals and a nail bitting win? Heck, our vacations are booked around the fixture list. This time? Not so much. Instead, a trip to Kingsholm made for an excellent evening. So if I'm happy to pay £35 (x2) for tickets and be entertained, would I shell out £25 to watch Yeovil? Maybe next year!
24/11/2018 08:05:44

ONK said ...

Spot on
24/11/2018 10:12:03

Gill Glover said ...

Spot on. Maybe we should dislike him more so he can improve.
24/11/2018 10:18:46

RoboChap said ...

Excellent article, and sadly sums up what most of us can see but that nobody at the club wants to resolve. Surely they must know how bad Darren appears in interviews? There must be a PR training course or something they can send him on?!
Your "what a media-savvy manager would have said" is spot on, in my head I read that entirely in the voice of Gary Johnson - perhaps we were spoilt by having someone so good at PR at the club for so long!
24/11/2018 10:38:19

kevin rogers said ...

Excellent blog, sums up exactly how I feel about DW,the owners and the club.This blog should be printed off and posted to DW to make sure he understands,(gets the message)!
24/11/2018 11:06:15

eddie harding said ...

Well said ,someone had to say it . I'm just off to the fallout shelter .
24/11/2018 11:12:41

Cruncher said ...

Everything a manager says should be based around hope and belief. The same goes for a parent in a family, a teacher in a classroom, anyone. Else, what's the point?

Aiming for top seven isn't sincere if it's not backed with consistent hope and belief, and certainly not when not falling through the floor is held as not just success but it seems as wonderful success. How can players be deemed unworthy of being involved for lack of hope and belief while the bar is set below the ground?

I said when Skivo was manager that any potential he had could not be gauged or even known under current mentorship. The same applies to Way.

Everything points to success being defined as what the owners want, and what they want is defined by the road they have attempted to travel via the land split etc.

Which means Way's words fit a narrative different to our hope and belief and why he confuses the bejesus out of us. And why we feel less enthused to attend and why the club looks perennially down and not up.

24/11/2018 13:39:25

Camberwell Green said ...

To be fair, whilst we have finished in lowly positions of late, there was never any serious likelihood that we would be relegated, so "barely survived" last season is a little bit too critical.
The reason DW has a new deal while the managers of Notts County and Swindon have been shown the door is down to expectations. The objective at those two clubs is promotion, anything less will not do. The objective set for DW is football league survival, anything more is a bonus. He has achieved the objective and I fully expect that he will do so again this season.
We all know that playoff talk from himself Mr Fry is what might be described as "advertisers puff", designed to sell tickets.
24/11/2018 15:16:16

Gill Glover said ...

Obviously not enough dislike. Consecutive defeats against teams with smaller attendances, smaller budgets and smaller egos. New excuses?
24/11/2018 16:59:20

Andy C said ...

Bang on article as proved by this afternoons result against a team that concede goals all over the place and before today only managed one win all season. Wonder whose fault it will be today the ref, the weather, Brexit , low budget or the players ?
Watched Final Score this afternoon and Mark Clemmit even mentioned his contract extension saying it is reward for his sterling efforts in the South West ! Suggest Mr Clemmit may feel different if he had to sit throught the god awful boring and non productive football we have had to suffer the last few years.
24/11/2018 17:33:56

John Mason said ...

Well I have been supporting ytfc since 1952 and I said after the fA Cup defeat that was the worst performance that I had ever seen and now today what happens? we lose to Macclesfield the bottom side who in all games played this year the opposition have scored against them until today. For goodness sake Darren please do the decent thing and leave, you obviously hold no respect from the players or they would come out in the second half flying as they always did when Gary was manager. I ask Mr Fry also because you didn't want us in the championship so you took us down to div2. All the times in the 66 years I have followed our team there has never been the dissatisfaction amongst our supporters as there is now. So please please do the decent thing and leave to give us at least a better chance to make us all proud to be a YTFC supporter again.
24/11/2018 18:15:20

Charles Pugsley said ...

Excellent blog as per usual. Tuesday night is now a massive game for the Manager Players and fans
24/11/2018 19:33:38

Will P said ...

No emotion is required. The stats talk for themselves. Pathetic record as a manager. Home support reduced by 25% under his miserable watch. If Way truly cared about the club he would resign. As long as he stays at the helm, the club continues to sadly stagnate.
24/11/2018 22:37:20

Hardington Foreever Green said ...

Darren, an honest person would look in the mirror and say to oneself "have I done a good job", have "I achieved all the goals that I set out to achieve" and the answer is with you no! So why have accepted and signed a new contract when you know you are not good enough to do the job, you are cheating the fans who pay your wages and you are deceiving yourself because you are never going to make the grade as a good manager, you are just full of your own arrogant ego and never blaming yourself for the signings , training, tactics and selection of the players it's always someone else's fault. You have lost the plot & the respect of the supporters, do us all a favour tear up your new contract and resign because there is only one place you and your great leaders (Fry & Hayward) are taking us and that's back into non-league football. One win in ten games a 10% success rate, come on, do think you deserve your contract or are you just money orientated or just a mercenary!
24/11/2018 22:49:59

Thank you Ju said ...

I can only echo virtually all of the words above .
When reading any comments from DW , I think that they either don't make any sense , don't bear any relation to the question asked or don't seem to follow on from one sentence to the next .
In fact it has got to the stage where I don't read them because I know they will just frustrate me too much .
We have now lost to the worst team in the League , so what does that make us ?
And we are the first team to be unable to score against them , so what does that say about our attacking play ?
Tuesday night is going to be very interesting in so many different ways .
25/11/2018 08:59:38

Brumus said ...

Surely yesterday’s defeat at Macclesfield must have convinced any supporters of manager Darren Way that he is not the person to take the club forward?
The Silkmen who are stranded at the bottom of the Football League and had only won once in their first 18 league games this season, added to the debacle of the FA Cup defeat by Stockport.
I think Way is as bad a manager as he was good a player, and unfortunately has not endeared the supporters with his inane interviews and poor management both on and off the field.
The decision to give him a new contract is farcical, particularly at this time in the season. However it may be a cunning plan by Hayward and Fry.
Whilst they appear not to be interested in the club, they do not want to sell it; and maybe hope to discourage new investors who now have the added expense of paying up Way’s contract to install a new manager.
25/11/2018 11:24:43


An interesting article, on the whole I think Darren has done a reasonable job with limited resources, I do feel how ever it was wrong to issue a new contract so early in the season the club should have waited until the seasons end before deciding on a new contract .This season we are 18th in the league and out of every cup competition and have just been beaten by the worst team in the league hardly a testimonial for an extended contract .I also find some of the signings and team selections confusing we have just signed an Algerian full back who as far as I can see has only played about 35 games at a senior level yet we have a Luxembourg international full back on our books that rarely gets a game ,in addition one of our most experienced players Carl Dickinson is dropped to the bench, yet Darren is often complaining about a lack of experience in the side .
I wasn't totally surprised we got beaten by Stockport, living as I do now in the midlands I watch a lot of Nationwide North football both at Leamington and Brackley and the standard is good and the better teams in that league would give any league 2 side a good game ,indeed Guisely of that league beat Cambridge Utd in the same round of the cup. I would also argue that Stockport are a bigger club than Yeovil as they average 3,500 in their home league about 600 more than Yeovil.
Like a previous writer I too am concerned about the number of long term injuries that the club has had over the last 3 years ,this year we often have had as many as 8 players injured out of a squad of 25 and this includes 3 youth players
and surely questions need to be asked why so many players are missing at any one time .
I to feel that new investment is required in the club and was disappointed when the proposed consortium never took the club over ,I have supported this club since 1952 and while I am glad we are still in the football league I feel at the moment the club is going no where and I am very concerned for the future,this past week was definitely the wrong time to offer Darren an extended contracts with gates falling and results very poor.
Richard Parish Northampton .
25/11/2018 15:50:39

Dusty said ...

So DW now wants more disagreement in the dressing room - come and sit with the fans Darren and you can get a shed load of disagreements! He will be blaming the fans next - " well we started brightly but then the fans stopped taking responsibility mid way through the first half. They didn't shout 'Come on Yeovil' and 'Hit the bloody thing' often enough and too many went for an early pie. So I have to question the fans'game management. In the second half it was the 80th minute before anyone shouted 'Bring on Weller'. We need the fans to take more responsibility"
25/11/2018 22:11:53

andrew strickland said ...

So Tuesday ended up as I feared. The problem though is that to me the club gross mismanagement by Fry and Hayward, will continue our calamitous collapse, as until the board go, it does not matter who the manager is.
By way of this platform, I am asking Fry/Hayward and DW to leave as you are guilty of gross mismanagement of a club for which in truth you are only a temporary stewards.
28/11/2018 12:37:05

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30/06/2016 The Trojan Horse EFL Trophy Trial Badger Link
16/06/2016 The Cost Of An Injury Badger Link
25/05/2016 Seven Reasons Why The League's Plans Don't Add Up Badger Link
17/05/2016 Farewell To Ten But Decision Time For Five Old Green Eyes Link
14/05/2016 Review Of The Season Badger Link
24/04/2016 Decision Time For This Year's Squad Old Green Eyes Link
18/02/2016 A Gamechanger - Or Much Ado About Nothing? Badger Link
07/01/2016 New Year, New Management Era Badger Link
01/01/2016 Michael Bromfield : An Open Letter To John Fry Michael Bromfield Link
25/12/2015 Halfway House Badger Link
17/12/2015 Stick Or Twist Again Badger Link
03/12/2015 So What Do The Bookies Know Anyway? Badger Link
02/12/2015 The Revolving Door Spins Again Badger Link
05/11/2015 Putting Trust In Supporters Badger Link
27/10/2015 Groundhog Day Strikes Again Badger Link
15/10/2015 Squad Shake-Up Plans Prompt The Guessing Game Badger Link
31/08/2015 Standing Up For Sturrock Badger Link
06/08/2015 Stepping Into The Great Unknown Badger Link
24/07/2015 Gulls Pre-Season Friendly Review Kurt West Link
20/07/2015 Cornish Pre-Season Review Kurt West Link
02/07/2015 And So It Begins Again Badger Link
10/06/2015 Analysing The League One Domino Effect Badger Link
05/06/2015 End Of Term Report Badger Link
24/04/2015 The Case For The Defence Badger Link
09/04/2015 Enter Sturrock As The Football Fix-It Man Badger Link
08/04/2015 Falling Apart At The Seams Badger Link
05/04/2015 Breaking The Walls Down Badger Link
20/03/2015 99 Problems Badger Link
16/03/2015 Survival Hopes Slide Away In East London Badger Link
09/03/2015 A Little Bit Of Daylight From Inside The Tunnel Badger Link
26/02/2015 Bringing Leadership To The Table Badger Link
18/02/2015 Target Fifty Badger Link
04/02/2015 Gary Johnson - The End Of A Yeovil Town Era Badger Link
03/02/2015 Transfer Window Fails To Provide A Breath Of Fresh Air Badger Link
23/01/2015 Back To The Future Part III Brendon Owen Link
12/01/2015 No Time To Lose Badger Link
25/12/2014 Half Term Report Badger Link
15/12/2014 Waiting For The Big One Badger Link
09/12/2014 Can Good Things Come To Those Who Wait? Badger Link
25/11/2014 Magpies Nest Raided Badger Link
04/11/2014 Changes For The Better Badger Link
28/10/2014 And Two Steps Back Badger Link
21/10/2014 Steps In The Right Direction Badger Link
15/10/2014 Paying The Price Badger Link
13/10/2014 Vale Defeat Provides A Watershed Moment Badger Link
30/09/2014 Dual Identities In Glovers Performances Badger Link
23/09/2014 Posh Noshed Badger Link
16/09/2014 Managerial Madness Badger Link
15/09/2014 Chickens And Eggs Badger Link
06/09/2014 Johnson Just Needs To Feel Enabled Cruncher Link
05/09/2014 Communication Breakdown Badger Link
03/09/2014 What's Eating Gary Johnson? Badger Link
02/09/2014 A Window Of Little Opportunity Badger Link
27/08/2014 The Shape Of Things To Come Badger Link
18/08/2014 An Unexpected False Start Badger Link
05/08/2014 Now The Real Stuff Begins! Badger Link
29/07/2014 Rehearsals For The Main Event Badger Link
05/07/2014 Sizing Up The Squad Badger Link
08/06/2014 Planning Problems And Options Northern Glover Link
04/06/2014 Food Stocks Run Out Badger Link
29/05/2014 Store Wars Episode 2 Badger Link
20/05/2014 A Trio Of Farewells Badger Link
14/05/2014 Comings And Goings Badger Link
10/05/2014 I Don't B-League It! Badger Link
06/05/2014 Time To Make Decisions Badger Link
29/04/2014 Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Badger Link
22/04/2014 And Now The End Is Near Badger Link
20/04/2014 Drawing A Blank At Blackburn Badger Link
15/04/2014 Drawing Lots Badger Link
09/04/2014 Reality Bites Badger Link
07/04/2014 Miller Time Runs Dry Badger Link
03/04/2014 Can A Two Month Extension Make The Difference? Badger Link
01/04/2014 Food For Thought Badger Link
31/03/2014 It Ain't Over Til It's Over Badger Link
24/03/2014 Are Yeovil Town A Relegation Side? Badger Link
17/02/2014 Ticket To Ride Badger Link
10/02/2014 Concentrating On The League Badger Link
06/02/2014 Home Is Where The Heart Is Badger Link
21/01/2014 The Jinx Of Being A Yeovil Town Loan Player Badger Link
03/01/2014 FA Cup Third Round Preview Henry Hudson Link
30/12/2013 Half Term Report Badger Link
19/12/2013 Moving The Goalposts Badger Link
16/12/2013 Storing Up Problems Badger Link
12/12/2013 No Peaceful New Year For Gary Badger Link
10/12/2013 Pitching A Curveball Badger Link
26/11/2013 Paddy Madden - Shocked But Not Surprised? Badger Link
18/10/2013 The Season So Far: A Lack Of Luck And Goals Kurt West Link
03/10/2013 Competing In The Mini-League Badger Link
30/09/2013 Controversial Refereeing Decisions No. 7395b Badger Link
19/09/2013 Batten Down The Hatches Badger Link
12/09/2013 Counting The Cost Badger Link
10/09/2013 No Hurry For A Loan Badger Link
28/08/2013 The Issues Of Sporting Conduct Badger Link
27/08/2013 Back To Reality Badger Link
22/08/2013 So Am I A Real Fan? Francis Gates Link
19/08/2013 Looking Back To Step Forward Badger Link
10/08/2013 The More Things Change ... Badger Link
05/08/2013 Millwall 0 Yeovil 1 : One Down, Forty-Five To Go Badger Link
06/07/2013 Chief Decisions Badger Link
24/06/2013 Signs Of Life Badger Link
16/06/2013 Who The Fudging Hell Are You? Cider Jaaarn Link
04/06/2013 Three Are Free Badger Link
01/06/2013 Grounds For Improvement Badger Link
29/05/2013 The Size Of The Championship Task Badger Link
10/05/2013 Finally Our Turn? Michael Bromfield Link
05/05/2013 Next Goal Wins? Badger Link
03/05/2013 What Are Our Chances In This Season's Play-Offs? Badger Link
11/04/2013 Enabling The Enabled Cruncher Link
08/04/2013 Target Six Badger Link
05/03/2013 Planning For The Future Part One Badger Link
04/03/2013 Can't We Just Fill The Ground? Francis Gates Link
24/01/2013 Crunching The Numbers Francis Gates Link
13/01/2013 Blades 0 Yeovil 2 : Glovers Rise To The Challenge Cruncher Link
11/01/2013 From Bramall Lane To Bramall Lane Badger Link
09/01/2013 Wembley Goes West In East London Badger Link
31/12/2012 Waiting In The Arrivals Lounge Badger Link
25/12/2012 Halfway House Badger Link
16/11/2012 The Times They Are A-Changin' Cruncher Link
12/11/2012 Keeping It Clean Kurt West Link
08/11/2012 Poor Second Half Proves Costly Kurt West Link
11/10/2012 Three (Thousand)'s A Crowd Cruncher Link
01/10/2012 Preston 3 Yeovil 2 : Deepdale Defeat Dissected Badger Link
23/09/2012 Yeovil 0 Blades 1 : Steely Blades Cut Glovers Down Kurt West Link
19/09/2012 Orient 4 Yeovil 1 : No Case For The Defence Badger Link
18/09/2012 MK Dons 1 Yeovil 0: Bounce-Back Is On Hold Cruncher Link
03/09/2012 Keeping The Defence In Czech Kurt West Link
03/09/2012 Attending To Attendances Badger Link
30/08/2012 Yeovil 2 WBA 4 : Brave Performance Gives Positives Kurt West Link
30/08/2012 Yeovil 2 WBA 4 : Cup Magic Makes A Slight Return Sheffield Glover Link
26/08/2012 Scunthorpe 0 Yeovil 4 : Iron Crushed Cruncher Link
22/08/2012 Brentford 1 Yeovil 3 : Full Stech Saves Badger Link
17/08/2012 Gary Has Grounds For Concern Cruncher Link
14/08/2012 Capital Gains Not So Taxing Kurt West Link
14/08/2012 Starting The Season Right Badger Link
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29/07/2012 Rovers Return Pegs Back Progress Kurt West Link
23/07/2012 What Will Happen To The Likely Lads? Cruncher Link
15/07/2012 Hereford 1 Yeovil 1 : The Start Of Something Cruncher Link
01/07/2012 And So It Begins Again ... Badger Link
26/06/2012 The Calm Before The Storm? Badger Link
06/06/2012 Out With The Old And In With The New Badger Link
20/05/2012 What Price A Striker? Badger Link
15/05/2012 Doc Simmonds - An Appreciation Lector Link
15/05/2012 A Four-Gone Conclusion Cruncher Link
13/05/2012 The End Of Short-Termism? Badger Link
08/05/2012 Wurzel Going On A Summer Holiday ... Cruncher Link
30/04/2012 The Waiting Game Badger Link
23/04/2012 All's Well That Ends Well Badger Link
18/04/2012 Decisions, Decisions Badger Link
13/04/2012 The Early Bird And The Egg Cruncher Link
12/04/2012 When More Is Less Badger Link
10/04/2012 Mind The Gap Badger Link
04/04/2012 What's The Big Deal? Cruncher Link
08/02/2012 The Start Of Something Good? Cruncher Link
01/02/2012 Damp Squib Is No Surprise Badger Link
24/01/2012 Bury 3 Yeovil 2 : The Width Of It Cruncher Link
14/01/2012 Not Too Late Cruncher Link
11/01/2012 The First (Blades) Cut Is The Deepest Badger Link
08/01/2012 The Second Coming Cruncher Link
08/01/2012 Dignity And Respect Needed For Management Change Badger Link
18/12/2011 Much Nothing About Ado Cruncher Link
14/12/2011 Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night Before Badger Link
28/11/2011 Hartlepool 0 Yeovil 1 : It's Not So Grim Up North Cruncher Link
20/11/2011 Yeovil 2 Exeter 2 : Second-Half Improvement Renews Hope Cruncher Link
14/11/2011 Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another Awaits Badger Link
07/11/2011 Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were Then Badger Link
23/10/2011 Stevenage 0 Yeovil 0 : Drawing Blanks Cruncher Link
10/10/2011 Colchester 2 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
26/09/2011 Scunthorpe 2 Yeovil 1 : Nowt To Show For It Again Cruncher Link
29/08/2011 Yeovil 0 Sheffield United 1 : Blades Nick It Cruncher Link
26/08/2011 Goodbye, Good Buy Cruncher Link
16/08/2011 Paying Attention To Attendances Ciderspace Link
15/08/2011 Action And Reaction Cruncher Link
12/08/2011 Shape Up Skivo Cruncher Link
07/08/2011 Brentford 2 Yeovil 0 : Capital Punishment Cruncher Link
24/07/2011 The Summer Heats Up Ciderspace Link
23/07/2011 Wossit Gonna Be? Cruncher Link
17/07/2011 A View From Treyew Road Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.2 Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.1 Ciderspace Link
06/07/2011 Dorchester 4 Yeovil 1 : Players Put On Trial Ciderspace Link
11/06/2011 Skivo Has A Crew Cut Cruncher Link
08/06/2011 totallygobsmacked.com Cruncher Link
28/05/2011 Shift One Out, Get A Load In? Cruncher Link
14/05/2011 Where Did It All Go Right? Cruncher Link
27/04/2011 Posh 2 Yeovil 2 : A Posh Cracker In The Sun Cruncher Link
14/04/2011 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Cruncher Link
10/04/2011 Confusion Is The Norm Cruncher Link
15/03/2011 Taff's Final Resting Place Ciderspace Link
10/03/2011 A Shift Too Far? Cruncher Link
07/03/2011 Making A Useful Point Cruncher Link
28/02/2011 A Perfect Oli Day Snapshot Cruncher Link
23/02/2011 Two Years After Two Years Before Cruncher Link
14/02/2011 Daggers 2 Yeovil 1 : The Misery Of Watching Eastenders Cruncher Link
30/01/2011 L1: Brentford 1 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
24/01/2011 L1: Yeovil 0 Rochdale 1: Not The Joy Of Six Cruncher Link
21/01/2011 All Hands On Deck Cruncher Link
10/01/2011 Both Flames Still Flicker ... Cruncher Link
21/12/2010 Who's On Board? Cruncher Link
18/12/2010 The Godfather Of Ciderspace : 21st November 1960 - 16th December 2010 Ciderspace Link
17/12/2010 Thank You Taff Glover Cruncher Link
16/12/2010 Taff Glover RIP Ciderspace Link
15/12/2010 The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn ... Taff Link
13/12/2010 L1: Colchester 0 Yeovil 0 : All Graft And No Craft Cruncher Link
05/12/2010 Lions Led By Donkeys Taff Link
26/11/2010 Will The Real Mr Yeovil Stand Up Cruncher Link
25/11/2010 Tipping Point Reached? Taff Link
21/11/2010 L1: Charlton 3 Yeovil 2 : Heroic Failure Repeated Cruncher Link
19/11/2010 I Should Have Stayed Home Taff Link
14/11/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Dagenham and Redbridge 3 Cruncher Link
11/11/2010 A Shot In The Arm, And Then In The Foot Taff Link
07/11/2010 FACR1: Rushden 0 Yeovil 1: Completing The Circle Cruncher Link
03/11/2010 MK Dons 3 Yeovil 2 : It's Tough At The Bottom Cruncher Link
01/11/2010 The Time Has Come Cruncher Link
31/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 3 Swindon 3 Taff Link
28/10/2010 Diamonds Aren't Forever Taff Link
24/10/2010 L1: Brighton 2 Yeovil 0 : Defeated And Depleted Cruncher Link
18/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 Taff Link
13/10/2010 If .... Taff Link
08/10/2010 Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some Taff Link
03/10/2010 L1: Walsall 0 Yeovil Town 1 Cruncher Link
01/10/2010 The Case For The Defence Taff Link
29/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 1 Southampton 1 Taff Link
27/09/2010 It's Just Like Deja-Vu All Over Again Taff Link
22/09/2010 More New Kids On The Blog Taff Link
19/09/2010 L1: Huddersfield 4 Yeovil 2 : Better But No Cure From The Galpharmacy Cruncher Link
17/09/2010 I Don't Like Cricket, Oh No. I Love It! Taff Link
12/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 3 Tranmere Rovers 1 Taff Link
10/09/2010 Return Of The Talisman Taff Link
05/09/2010 Notts 4 Yeovil 0 : Dismal Day At The County Show Cruncher Link
02/09/2010 FLTR1: Yeovil Town 1 Exeter City 3 Taff Link
30/08/2010 It's The Hope That Hurts Taff Link
27/08/2010 The Slowest Drip Cruncher Link
26/08/2010 Club Offers Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
22/08/2010 All Quiet On The Western Front (and the back) Cruncher Link
20/08/2010 Local Press Letting Fans Down Taff Link
19/08/2010 Can You Hear The Yeovil Sing? Cruncher Link
15/08/2010 Late Goals Cost Points, Again Taff Link
11/08/2010 League Cup R1: Yeovil Town 0 Crystal Palace 1 Taff Link
11/08/2010 Adam Stansfield 1978-2010 Taff Link
09/08/2010 Get Over The Hump Cruncher Link
08/08/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 2 Leyton Orient 1 Taff Link
04/08/2010 Mystic Taff's Season's Predictions 2010-11 Taff Link
02/08/2010 We're Going To Score One More Than You Taff Link
31/07/2010 Positively Go Wing Forward Cruncher Link
29/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 1 Bristol City 3 Taff Link
25/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 3 Manchester United Reserves 2 Taff Link
23/07/2010 Silence From The Boardroom Is Deafening Taff Link
18/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 0 Swansea City 1 Taff Link
16/07/2010 Magic Daps Gets His Cake And Eats It Taff Link
09/07/2010 Silly Season Warming Up Taff Link
30/06/2010 Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't Taff Link
18/06/2010 Three Out Of Five Ain't Bad Taff Link
11/06/2010 That Was The Season That Was Taff Link
03/05/2010 Mission Accomplished Taff Link
29/04/2010 Glass Half Empty Taff Link
24/04/2010 Brentford Betting Taff Link
18/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Southampton 1 Taff Link
14/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Taff Link
13/04/2010 Million Dollar Bash Taff Link
08/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Leeds United 2 Taff Link
04/04/2010 A Good Game To Watch On Teletext Taff Link
02/04/2010 Gotcha (well, got one or two of you)! Taff Link
01/04/2010 The End Of An Era Taff Link
21/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 3 Taff Link
19/03/2010 From Hero To Zero Taff Link
17/03/2010 Another One Bites The Dust (Part 2) Taff Link
14/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 4 Hartlepool 0 Taff Link
11/03/2010 The Loan Arranger Bites Back Taff Link
04/03/2010 White Men Speak With Forked Tongue Taff Link
28/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Franchise FC 0 Taff Link
26/02/2010 Singing The Blues Taff Link
23/02/2010 Stam Suffers An Unkind Cut Taff Link
19/02/2010 One Year On Taff Link
17/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Colchester Utd 1 Taff Link
14/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Gillingham 0 Taff Link
11/02/2010 Humble Pie Taff Link
05/02/2010 Darren Way Retires Taff Link
04/02/2010 Specualtion (sic) Is Damaging Taff Link
31/01/2010 Yeovil 0 Huddersfield 1 Taff Link
28/01/2010 The Welsh Connection Taff Link
24/01/2010 L1: Yeovil 2 Exeter City 1 Taff Link
22/01/2010 Exeter Preview Taff Link
18/01/2010 Orient Preview Taff Link
16/01/2010 Water Shame, Another Game Off Taff Link
05/01/2010 Snow Joke For Anyone Taff Link
30/12/2009 A Man For All Seasons Taff Link
27/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 4 Wycombe 0 Taff Link
22/12/2009 Draws Are Not Enough Taff Link
18/12/2009 Hartlepool Preview Taff Link
13/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Norwich 3 Taff Link
11/12/2009 Bah, Humbug! Taff Link
07/12/2009 L1: MK Dons 2 Yeovil 2 Taff Link
04/12/2009 Franchise Preview Taff Link
02/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Walsall 3 Taff Link
30/11/2009 Should I Stay Or Should I Go Taff Link
28/11/2009 Reality Bites Taff Link
23/11/2009 New Kid On The Blog Taff Link
22/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Charlton 1 Taff Link
20/11/2009 How Green Was My Valley Taff Link
16/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Southend 0 Taff Link
09/11/2009 FA Cup R1: Oxford 1 Yeovil 0 Taff Link
06/11/2009 Up For The Cup Taff Link
02/11/2009 Premiership Giants 4 Plucky No-Hopers 0 Taff Link
30/10/2009 Hayward Back On Board Taff Link
27/10/2009 But It's Alright Now, In Fact It's A Gas! Taff Link
22/10/2009 Glovers On A Roll Taff Link
18/10/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Carlisle 1 Taff Link
16/10/2009 Carlisle Preview Taff Link
11/10/2009 Slade alive!* Yeovil 2 Brighton 2 Taff Link
09/10/2009 Russell's Return A Reality Check Taff Link
05/10/2009 A Curate's Egg Taff Link
02/10/2009 Sweet FA From The FA Taff Link
28/09/2009 Braving the Lions Den* Taff Link
27/09/2009 L1 : Yeovil 2 Brentford 0 Taff Link
25/09/2009 Welcome Back Shaun Taff Link
20/09/2009 Patience Is A Virtue Taff Link
17/09/2009 Happy Days Are Here Again Taff Link
14/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 2 Stockport 2 Taff Link
10/09/2009 Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
06/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 0 Swindon 1 Taff Link
03/09/2009 Told You So Taff Link
31/08/2009 There Used To Be A Football Club Over There Taff Link
28/08/2009 Bookies Giving Money Away! Taff Link
26/08/2009 Football's Gone Mad Taff Link
23/08/2009 That's Entertainment! Taff Link
21/08/2009 Back To The Future, Part 2 Taff Link
18/08/2009 Time For Some Changes? Taff Link
14/08/2009 No Smoke Without Fire Taff Link
12/08/2009 Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Taff Link
11/08/2009 Obika's Back! Taff Link
09/08/2009 Calm Down, Calm Down Taff Link
07/08/2009 Mystic Taff's Season Predictions Taff Link
04/08/2009 Squad Shapes Up For Challenging Season Taff Link
02/08/2009 PSF - Yeovil 3 Tiverton 0 Taff Link
31/07/2009 Gary Roberts Ain't Our Friend Taff Link
29/07/2009 Yeovil 3 Bristol City 2 Taff Link
27/07/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 6 Taff Link
24/07/2009 And Then There Were None Taff Link
22/07/2009 Yeovil 0 Derby County 2 Taff Link
20/07/2009 In's, Out's And Maybe's Part 5 Taff Link
18/07/2009 Challenge Cup Giving Grounds For Concern? Taff Link
16/07/2009 Season Review - October '08 Taff Link
15/07/2009 Plucky Minnows Almost Cause A Shock Taff Link
14/07/2009 Just like London buses... Taff Link
11/07/2009 The Summer Of Silent Speculation Taff Link
07/07/2009 Back To The Future Taff Link
05/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un, part 2 Taff Link
04/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un Taff Link
02/07/2009 SP On The Wing Again Taff Link
30/06/2009 Peltier's A Terrier Taff Link
29/06/2009 Stefan Stam's A Glover Taff Link
28/06/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 4 Taff Link
19/06/2009 New(ish) Kid On The Block Taff Link
16/06/2009 Let's be 'aving you! Taff Link
15/06/2009 Seven by Seven Taff Link
12/06/2009 The Man not in Black Anymore Taff Link
10/06/2009 Danny Hutchins Signs Up Taff Link
08/06/2009 Season review - September 08 Taff Link
03/06/2009 Season review - August 08 Taff Link
02/06/2009 Season review - July 08 Taff Link
29/05/2009 Perceptions and Season Ticket Sales Taff Link
26/05/2009 No Worthington, no way Taff Link
24/05/2009 Southern bias? Taff Link
21/05/2009 In's, out's and maybe's part 3 Taff Link
16/05/2009 Another one bites the dust Taff Link
15/05/2009 Marching on (in League One) together Taff Link
14/05/2009 In's and out's and maybe's, part 2 Taff Link
13/05/2009 Ins and outs and maybe's, part 1 Taff Link
10/05/2009 A profitable business Taff Link
09/05/2009 Mystic Taff's squad predictions Taff Link
07/05/2009 Hello, again Taff Link
13/03/2009 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Taff Link
12/03/2009 You really couldn't make it up Taff Link
11/03/2009 Leeds 4 - 0 Yeovil Taff Link
10/03/2009 You couldn't make it up Taff Link
09/03/2009 Muff in the brown stuff Taff Link
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