01/01/2016 : Taff's Gloversblog : Michael Bromfield : An Open Letter To John Fry
1 January 2016 : Michael Bromfield : An Open Letter To John Fry
Dear John

I have read with interest your concerns about the new Supporters Trust and your comments about the annual contribution valued at £500,000 that the Directors are making to Yeovil Town Football Club (YTFC). Firstly let me stress that I have no connections to the new proposed Trust and I have not attended any of the meetings. However I welcome its formation and believe it is long overdue. Secondly you will recollect that almost ten years ago I wrote two articles that were published in the Western Gazette listing changes that I thought the Club needed to make in order to rid itself of its Non-League mindset and become an established Football League Club.

Sadly all my concerns are not only as valid today as they were 10 years ago but in many cases even more so. The Club is languishing at the foot of League 2 facing a likely return to Non League Football, you have alienated the majority of the Clubs Fan Base, the Club has lost control of its land assets by separating them into a holding company, whilst allowing its stadium to be put at risk as a mortgaged asset, the application for Retail development has been a shambolic embarrassment funded it appears by third parties and the most successful Manager the club has ever had who has overseen all our greatest achievements has wryly commented that the Directors that you regard so highly, appear to have lost their focus on football in recent years!

I have no doubts you wish well for Yeovil and have always tried to do your best for the Club but the world has moved on and your approach and attitude is outdated, inappropriate and likely to consign the club to a future similar to the likes of Salisbury and Weymouth. It is no longer appropriate to continually state you are the right man to lead Yeovil on and to talk about how many unpaid hours that you contribute if the end result of your efforts is negative for the club.

You talk about open and honest communication and you have practised neither in your communications with Yeovil Fans in regard to the ownership of the Club and Grounds. Your recent statements about the Directors Financial contributions, the proposed Yeovil Fans Trust and Trusts in general and AFC Bournemouth have been unnecessarily provocative, misleading and in some cases just untrue and bring no credit to yourself and embarrassment to the club.

They do however confirm you are no longer the correct person to be at the helm of YTFC.

All Yeovil fans will gratefully acknowledge your efforts in successfully guiding YTFC from Non League Football to the Championship although you now appear to regret and denigrate the latter achievement. Indeed your statement that to win promotion to the Championship was a negative achievement was a most inappropriate statement for a high profile Sports Administrator to make knowing it would be reported to young boys and girls who would normally be encouraged to always strive to achieve their best performances – unless it seems they are playing for a team reporting to the Yeovil Chairman!

In short and to be blunt – your reputation is now irretrievably tarnished and just like Sepp Blatter you are past your ‘sell by’ date and it is time to announce you are prepared to step down or make the club available for purchase. You will appreciate that being the Chairman and part-owner of a Football club has additional responsibilities as well as the Statutory duties that apply to all Company Directors. This is because as well as being a Company Director you are also the trustee of a Community asset that will hopefully survive way past you and myself for another 100 years.

If, as I suspect, you are not prepared to either announce that you are willing to stand down or allow the club to pass to alternative owners I believe it is not inappropriate to ask you some questions about the Club and its finances to clarify statements that you have personally made in recent weeks because I have to say at face value they appear to be both contradictory and misleading and not at all reflective of an individual capable, or I regret to say worthy, of leading Yeovil Town Football Club. I am listing these questions as a separate attachment and I believe that the fans who you ask to support the club are entitled to hear your response. As a result and because I believe my letter and questions raise valid concerns and because you always say you believe in open and honest communication I am copying this letter and attachment to various media outlets so they will have the opportunity to fully publicise your response.

Can I close by acknowledging your efforts and contribution to the success Yeovil Town FC has enjoyed in the past but nonetheless reiterate the view (which I think you will find is shared by many supporters) that it is time to step down. Otherwise like a Boxer who is the last to recognise they have long since gone past the time to quit you not only risk tarnishing what little remains of your reputation but also of becoming an embarrassment to both yourself and the club that you have so loyally served.

I sincerely believe it is time for some long overdue changes at Yeovil Town FC but nevertheless send both you and all associated with the Club my Best Wishes for 2016 and look forward to receiving your response to my letter and the questions that I have posed.

Michael Bromfield

Link: March 23rd 2006 : Bromfield's points to ponder.

Link: March 30th 2006 : Bromfield's points to ponder, part 2.

Link: January 2016 : Michael Bromfield's Website : Fifteen Questions To John Fry.

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Comments On This Article
Gary Cabell said ...

Couldn't agree more with every word and question asked, but it's water off a ducks back to JF. Sepp Blatter and JF have so much in common, both think the game cannot go on without them, and both are outdated and stubborn. I just hope that the man comes to his senses and does the right thing .
01/01/2016 18:59:27

Simon Prout said ...

I realise I will be very much in the minority here, but who does Bromfield think he is?
The word 'shitehawk' comes to mind. In times of adversity up he springs, I vividly remember the old Ciderspace forums.
Apparently he wanted to buy the Club and would have been our saviour. As far as I am aware the terms of any such offer were never publicised so how on earth can so many be so sure it would have been such a great opportunity.
Of course there are many issues that need addressing and improvements that can be made, but is Bromfield the man to spearhead this?
As far as I can see, he revels in the stirring of excrement.
I wonder if his staff and indeed customers are so very welcome to access every aspect of his business and then dissect them in a public domain.
As before, the way the man conducts his courting of our club gives me absolutely no confidence as to his integrity.
01/01/2016 19:45:04

Cruncher said ...

Trust is indeed welcome and overdue, Michael. Over years the pendulum has swung: we have seen the club fuel emotion against the 'hoodies' that questioned motives and strategies, a nonsensical land-split alongside a puzzling and deeply worrying keenness to persue it, arriving at the inevitable point where it is clear to all that the ship was always floating towards the iceberg.

Despite complications from the land-split and the pathetic supermarket project - many of which I suspect may present as nasty surprises - I still have faith that the club can be revived and be made sustainable. Surely the stubbornness of the owners now - at last - will subside, and the route to change including constituted supporter involvement will happen.

01/01/2016 20:07:08

Paul b said ...

I would like to shake your hand Michael Bromfield,
It's about time someone has approached JF.
we all sit here and moan about what's happening to YTFC, by the owners.
who know what they are doing to this club, do they even care all we hear is excuses about money they made over a million profit when in the championship , £500,000 man united game then with in a month all gone
And then its if we don't get planning on adjacent land that could effect the future of the club ? But sounds like that's separate from club , who's the director of the holding company
J Fry???
What's next maybe he's got a lucky dip box under his desk he picks the excuses out of .

I and maybe a lot of fans that support Yeovil town think it's time for a change
When we went to Bolton and Southampton away games we met a lot of supporters who only go to away games to follow Yeovil because they are fed up of the way the board is bringing this club down.
If we are lucky enough to stay up this season ??
We will probably still be able to follow ytfc if we don't I feel we may see the club go in to administration
01/01/2016 20:45:29

Tim said ...

Good points Simon. The tone of Mr Bromfield's letter doesn't fill me with confidence that I'd want him running our club, if indeed that is what he wants. The comparison with the corrupt (allegedly ;-)) Sepp Blatter is quite unnecessary and inappropriate.
01/01/2016 21:00:10

Dave B said ...

I don't know who Broomfield is but at the very least he is asking questions that we (nearly) all want answering.
It's all irrelevant in any case as NH and JF won't be replying any time soon. The whole World's wrong bar them.
01/01/2016 21:59:04

Badger said ...

I would strongly presume that he is referring to Sepp Blatter's determination to cling on to power against all odds, rather than any inference over anything hanging over Blatter that's currently still pending.

I don't think Bromfield is still seeking any sort of power in the club - that ship has possibly sailed - but clearly given that JF's recent interviews demanded for people with "money" to come forward, it's no surprise to find that someone who believes he did offer the club investment but was turned away, is going to challenge the board on that front.
01/01/2016 22:15:33

andrew strickland said ...

I share Mr Bromfield's very appropriate range of detailed questions, although would take a different tack myself, as the board reacts badly to that style of challenge. I really look forward with intrigue to JFs reply, based on his own assurance over openness
02/01/2016 07:34:54

Camberwick green said ...

Absolutely spot on. Continuity is a good thing, too much continuity isn't. Too many people have been around for too long. Root and branch change is long overdue. Thanks JF, but it really is time to step aside. You won't be remembered for the rise up the divisions. You will only be remembered for the journey back down.
02/01/2016 07:59:37

Dusty said ...

Well I really don't know what to make of all this but obviously quite a few people have strong & deep rooted feelings about JF and how the club is run. Clearly the objective of Mr Bromfield's letter is to encourage JF to step down but I don't think the letter will have the desired effect because of its tone and content. Like it or not the club has had footballing success with JF at the helm and in my experience of business and succession planning leaders/senior managers who have had their time so to speak, have to leave on a positive note if at all possible with their successor committed to building on their legacy. Although the mention of Sepp Blatter is probably a reference to him over staying his welcome I don't think comparing him with JF in any way is helpful. Surely the best incentives for JF to step down are a positive atmosphere (usually required when trying to persuade someone to do something when other methods are not available) and someone actually showing him the money! Has JF or the board knowingly presided over successive relegations or wilfully ignored footballing matters to that extent? I don't know though I know many aspects of the club and supporter experience could be better. Our best manager ever could not keep us in the Championship and dumped players like Madden and Upson in the process; TS/DW performed badly in league 1 and PS, someone with a very good record in leagues 1 & 2, didn't build a team from scratch to even compete in league 2. I see management not just board failure in all if that. We are in a desperate position at the bottom of the league with the worst record in the football league in 2015 and the board appoint DW as manager - a great player for us in his day and committed but in coaching a track record of failure. Time will tell if the appointment was a counter intuitive master stroke but to me it's an appointment based on DW's talent for self promoting spin. I wish him all the best but I think the board has made an error of judgement and shown a lack of ambition at this time. We must win today - despite what DW says this game like Barnet is a must win.
02/01/2016 09:57:31

Ricky said ...

This is a great article and well presented with all the questions. No doubt that Mr Fry will this time take off his glasses so he does not have to read it like he switches off his hearing aid to avoid hearing what the fans are saying !!
02/01/2016 10:21:44

Peter said ...

Michael Bromfield is simply echoing the thoughts of the vast majority of Yeovil fans. Everything he said was things that myself and many other supporters have been saying all year.
Yeovil are dying a slow and painful death. Surely Fry and co. have to see that and have to allow and encourage new ownership. But like Sepp Blatter they refuse to accept responsibility. They may not be corrupt, but they have destroyed this club.
Personally it feels like there is no unity in the YTFC community. Yeovil Town FC seems to be existing as a club within the borders of Yeovil, but it feels like it doesn't represent the town and surrounding community anymore. The core group of Yeovil supporters are alienated from the club. Fry's comments have created a rivalry between the clubs and their own fans!!!
Today we play York, a massive game. A game we have to win. No ifs, buts or maybes. But honestly we should never be in a position where playing York City in a League 2 relegation 6 pointer.
02/01/2016 10:37:57

Roger Treharne said ...

I really enjoyed Mr Bromfields comments and questions, . I`d be surprised if he got an answer, but look forward to any response.
I said to Simon Prout recently at the Stevenage game that Mr Fry and others can`t wait to get their hands on the £700K parachute payment when we return to non-league. I do think that the Football League is an over rated product, and will be no loss to YTFC.
We will be on the road to Bromley next season, but the club will still be in existence.
02/01/2016 11:09:19

Andy C said ...

Spot on opinions. The selling off of the land (Or more accurately non selling off) has been an absolute shambles and an embarrasment as well as a total waste of time. If this type of operation had been run by any other business the participants would have been sacked ages ago ! Also I think the big question Mr Fry/ Hayward has to answer where has the clubs money gone. We had the money from the play off final, extra TV income from our Championship season , fees from Upson, Ayling & Madden transfers and the MUFC cup tie . I for one as a season ticket holder have not seen it put in to the team, we just pick up players released from clubs below the league we are currently in. I am also a shareholder and as far as I know there have been no AGM's for a while but I could be wrong here. Even the appointment of Way as manager is shrouded in secrecy with regards to length of contract. Fry has to go but I think he is just a mouthpiece for Hayward and he is the one that must step dow ASAP.
02/01/2016 12:05:10

Northsomersetglover said ...

Whilst Michael Bromfield may not be the man to run YTFC, he has put forward to J Fry the questions that need answering.

After having a season ticket for the last 12 seasons, I for one, did not renew my season ticket this year, as many more before me had done the same.

My main reason is that, although the footballing side had been pretty good until last season, (never mind this season) the football club (although have been in the football league for 12/13 years) it is still being run as a non league club, that has to be down to one man J Fry.

It is time he moved aside to let new blood run YTFC, I doubt that he will though, and as long as he is at the helm, YTFC will drift back to non league football.

108 years to get league status 2 years from Championship football to where we are now. Bottom of league 2, I would like to think we can still be in the league next year, but it does not look good.
02/01/2016 14:36:43

Mark said ...

Those questions raised need answering,especially why the land at Huish Park no longer belongs to the club,haven't renewed my season ticket this year and very sad to say haven't been to any home games,don't trust what's going on up there at the moment ,been a season ticket holder for 34 years, wish the team all the best
02/01/2016 15:09:41

k rogers said ...

Well down Michael, all those questions are spot on, Mr Fry will not answer sadly, he will not even answer me, when i ask about recieving a copy of the accounts, and i am a minor shareholder in this present shambles. I call on the likes of Simon Prout to stop supporting Mr Fry, for the good Of YTFC, or else the only mire we will be talkibg about is the bankruptcy of YTFC!
02/01/2016 17:53:24

Carolyn Hird said ...

I totally agree, my dad George Smith was a director 14 years ago & sadly passed away, all that has happened since his passing & the loss of Goddard Watts, has been a shambles! The board & the chairmen need to go & all the hanger-ons!! & as for Darren Way!! Lol Wish I had the money to buy it & get rid of them all!
02/01/2016 18:45:40

Simon said ...

I thought the questions were derivative, not well written, somewhat repetitive and (in one case) ill judged and timed.
02/01/2016 19:59:31

andrew said ...

I have seen John Fry's open and engaging response to Mr Blomfield' letter, it is exactly the response I expected! Sound questions, but very poorly presented given such a public platform being used
06/01/2016 08:12:13

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03/09/2012 Keeping The Defence In Czech Kurt West Link
03/09/2012 Attending To Attendances Badger Link
30/08/2012 Yeovil 2 WBA 4 : Brave Performance Gives Positives Kurt West Link
30/08/2012 Yeovil 2 WBA 4 : Cup Magic Makes A Slight Return Sheffield Glover Link
26/08/2012 Scunthorpe 0 Yeovil 4 : Iron Crushed Cruncher Link
22/08/2012 Brentford 1 Yeovil 3 : Full Stech Saves Badger Link
17/08/2012 Gary Has Grounds For Concern Cruncher Link
14/08/2012 Capital Gains Not So Taxing Kurt West Link
14/08/2012 Starting The Season Right Badger Link
08/08/2012 Drawing Strength From Potters Performance Kurt West Link
29/07/2012 Rovers Return Pegs Back Progress Kurt West Link
23/07/2012 What Will Happen To The Likely Lads? Cruncher Link
15/07/2012 Hereford 1 Yeovil 1 : The Start Of Something Cruncher Link
01/07/2012 And So It Begins Again ... Badger Link
26/06/2012 The Calm Before The Storm? Badger Link
06/06/2012 Out With The Old And In With The New Badger Link
20/05/2012 What Price A Striker? Badger Link
15/05/2012 Doc Simmonds - An Appreciation Lector Link
15/05/2012 A Four-Gone Conclusion Cruncher Link
13/05/2012 The End Of Short-Termism? Badger Link
08/05/2012 Wurzel Going On A Summer Holiday ... Cruncher Link
30/04/2012 The Waiting Game Badger Link
23/04/2012 All's Well That Ends Well Badger Link
18/04/2012 Decisions, Decisions Badger Link
13/04/2012 The Early Bird And The Egg Cruncher Link
12/04/2012 When More Is Less Badger Link
10/04/2012 Mind The Gap Badger Link
04/04/2012 What's The Big Deal? Cruncher Link
08/02/2012 The Start Of Something Good? Cruncher Link
01/02/2012 Damp Squib Is No Surprise Badger Link
24/01/2012 Bury 3 Yeovil 2 : The Width Of It Cruncher Link
14/01/2012 Not Too Late Cruncher Link
11/01/2012 The First (Blades) Cut Is The Deepest Badger Link
08/01/2012 The Second Coming Cruncher Link
08/01/2012 Dignity And Respect Needed For Management Change Badger Link
18/12/2011 Much Nothing About Ado Cruncher Link
14/12/2011 Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night Before Badger Link
28/11/2011 Hartlepool 0 Yeovil 1 : It's Not So Grim Up North Cruncher Link
20/11/2011 Yeovil 2 Exeter 2 : Second-Half Improvement Renews Hope Cruncher Link
14/11/2011 Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another Awaits Badger Link
07/11/2011 Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were Then Badger Link
23/10/2011 Stevenage 0 Yeovil 0 : Drawing Blanks Cruncher Link
10/10/2011 Colchester 2 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
26/09/2011 Scunthorpe 2 Yeovil 1 : Nowt To Show For It Again Cruncher Link
29/08/2011 Yeovil 0 Sheffield United 1 : Blades Nick It Cruncher Link
26/08/2011 Goodbye, Good Buy Cruncher Link
16/08/2011 Paying Attention To Attendances Ciderspace Link
15/08/2011 Action And Reaction Cruncher Link
12/08/2011 Shape Up Skivo Cruncher Link
07/08/2011 Brentford 2 Yeovil 0 : Capital Punishment Cruncher Link
24/07/2011 The Summer Heats Up Ciderspace Link
23/07/2011 Wossit Gonna Be? Cruncher Link
17/07/2011 A View From Treyew Road Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.2 Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.1 Ciderspace Link
06/07/2011 Dorchester 4 Yeovil 1 : Players Put On Trial Ciderspace Link
11/06/2011 Skivo Has A Crew Cut Cruncher Link
08/06/2011 totallygobsmacked.com Cruncher Link
28/05/2011 Shift One Out, Get A Load In? Cruncher Link
14/05/2011 Where Did It All Go Right? Cruncher Link
27/04/2011 Posh 2 Yeovil 2 : A Posh Cracker In The Sun Cruncher Link
14/04/2011 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Cruncher Link
10/04/2011 Confusion Is The Norm Cruncher Link
15/03/2011 Taff's Final Resting Place Ciderspace Link
10/03/2011 A Shift Too Far? Cruncher Link
07/03/2011 Making A Useful Point Cruncher Link
28/02/2011 A Perfect Oli Day Snapshot Cruncher Link
23/02/2011 Two Years After Two Years Before Cruncher Link
14/02/2011 Daggers 2 Yeovil 1 : The Misery Of Watching Eastenders Cruncher Link
30/01/2011 L1: Brentford 1 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
24/01/2011 L1: Yeovil 0 Rochdale 1: Not The Joy Of Six Cruncher Link
21/01/2011 All Hands On Deck Cruncher Link
10/01/2011 Both Flames Still Flicker ... Cruncher Link
21/12/2010 Who's On Board? Cruncher Link
18/12/2010 The Godfather Of Ciderspace : 21st November 1960 - 16th December 2010 Ciderspace Link
17/12/2010 Thank You Taff Glover Cruncher Link
16/12/2010 Taff Glover RIP Ciderspace Link
15/12/2010 The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn ... Taff Link
13/12/2010 L1: Colchester 0 Yeovil 0 : All Graft And No Craft Cruncher Link
05/12/2010 Lions Led By Donkeys Taff Link
26/11/2010 Will The Real Mr Yeovil Stand Up Cruncher Link
25/11/2010 Tipping Point Reached? Taff Link
21/11/2010 L1: Charlton 3 Yeovil 2 : Heroic Failure Repeated Cruncher Link
19/11/2010 I Should Have Stayed Home Taff Link
14/11/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Dagenham and Redbridge 3 Cruncher Link
11/11/2010 A Shot In The Arm, And Then In The Foot Taff Link
07/11/2010 FACR1: Rushden 0 Yeovil 1: Completing The Circle Cruncher Link
03/11/2010 MK Dons 3 Yeovil 2 : It's Tough At The Bottom Cruncher Link
01/11/2010 The Time Has Come Cruncher Link
31/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 3 Swindon 3 Taff Link
28/10/2010 Diamonds Aren't Forever Taff Link
24/10/2010 L1: Brighton 2 Yeovil 0 : Defeated And Depleted Cruncher Link
18/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 Taff Link
13/10/2010 If .... Taff Link
08/10/2010 Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some Taff Link
03/10/2010 L1: Walsall 0 Yeovil Town 1 Cruncher Link
01/10/2010 The Case For The Defence Taff Link
29/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 1 Southampton 1 Taff Link
27/09/2010 It's Just Like Deja-Vu All Over Again Taff Link
22/09/2010 More New Kids On The Blog Taff Link
19/09/2010 L1: Huddersfield 4 Yeovil 2 : Better But No Cure From The Galpharmacy Cruncher Link
17/09/2010 I Don't Like Cricket, Oh No. I Love It! Taff Link
12/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 3 Tranmere Rovers 1 Taff Link
10/09/2010 Return Of The Talisman Taff Link
05/09/2010 Notts 4 Yeovil 0 : Dismal Day At The County Show Cruncher Link
02/09/2010 FLTR1: Yeovil Town 1 Exeter City 3 Taff Link
30/08/2010 It's The Hope That Hurts Taff Link
27/08/2010 The Slowest Drip Cruncher Link
26/08/2010 Club Offers Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
22/08/2010 All Quiet On The Western Front (and the back) Cruncher Link
20/08/2010 Local Press Letting Fans Down Taff Link
19/08/2010 Can You Hear The Yeovil Sing? Cruncher Link
15/08/2010 Late Goals Cost Points, Again Taff Link
11/08/2010 League Cup R1: Yeovil Town 0 Crystal Palace 1 Taff Link
11/08/2010 Adam Stansfield 1978-2010 Taff Link
09/08/2010 Get Over The Hump Cruncher Link
08/08/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 2 Leyton Orient 1 Taff Link
04/08/2010 Mystic Taff's Season's Predictions 2010-11 Taff Link
02/08/2010 We're Going To Score One More Than You Taff Link
31/07/2010 Positively Go Wing Forward Cruncher Link
29/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 1 Bristol City 3 Taff Link
25/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 3 Manchester United Reserves 2 Taff Link
23/07/2010 Silence From The Boardroom Is Deafening Taff Link
18/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 0 Swansea City 1 Taff Link
16/07/2010 Magic Daps Gets His Cake And Eats It Taff Link
09/07/2010 Silly Season Warming Up Taff Link
30/06/2010 Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't Taff Link
18/06/2010 Three Out Of Five Ain't Bad Taff Link
11/06/2010 That Was The Season That Was Taff Link
03/05/2010 Mission Accomplished Taff Link
29/04/2010 Glass Half Empty Taff Link
24/04/2010 Brentford Betting Taff Link
18/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Southampton 1 Taff Link
14/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Taff Link
13/04/2010 Million Dollar Bash Taff Link
08/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Leeds United 2 Taff Link
04/04/2010 A Good Game To Watch On Teletext Taff Link
02/04/2010 Gotcha (well, got one or two of you)! Taff Link
01/04/2010 The End Of An Era Taff Link
21/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 3 Taff Link
19/03/2010 From Hero To Zero Taff Link
17/03/2010 Another One Bites The Dust (Part 2) Taff Link
14/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 4 Hartlepool 0 Taff Link
11/03/2010 The Loan Arranger Bites Back Taff Link
04/03/2010 White Men Speak With Forked Tongue Taff Link
28/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Franchise FC 0 Taff Link
26/02/2010 Singing The Blues Taff Link
23/02/2010 Stam Suffers An Unkind Cut Taff Link
19/02/2010 One Year On Taff Link
17/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Colchester Utd 1 Taff Link
14/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Gillingham 0 Taff Link
11/02/2010 Humble Pie Taff Link
05/02/2010 Darren Way Retires Taff Link
04/02/2010 Specualtion (sic) Is Damaging Taff Link
31/01/2010 Yeovil 0 Huddersfield 1 Taff Link
28/01/2010 The Welsh Connection Taff Link
24/01/2010 L1: Yeovil 2 Exeter City 1 Taff Link
22/01/2010 Exeter Preview Taff Link
18/01/2010 Orient Preview Taff Link
16/01/2010 Water Shame, Another Game Off Taff Link
05/01/2010 Snow Joke For Anyone Taff Link
30/12/2009 A Man For All Seasons Taff Link
27/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 4 Wycombe 0 Taff Link
22/12/2009 Draws Are Not Enough Taff Link
18/12/2009 Hartlepool Preview Taff Link
13/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Norwich 3 Taff Link
11/12/2009 Bah, Humbug! Taff Link
07/12/2009 L1: MK Dons 2 Yeovil 2 Taff Link
04/12/2009 Franchise Preview Taff Link
02/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Walsall 3 Taff Link
30/11/2009 Should I Stay Or Should I Go Taff Link
28/11/2009 Reality Bites Taff Link
23/11/2009 New Kid On The Blog Taff Link
22/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Charlton 1 Taff Link
20/11/2009 How Green Was My Valley Taff Link
16/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Southend 0 Taff Link
09/11/2009 FA Cup R1: Oxford 1 Yeovil 0 Taff Link
06/11/2009 Up For The Cup Taff Link
02/11/2009 Premiership Giants 4 Plucky No-Hopers 0 Taff Link
30/10/2009 Hayward Back On Board Taff Link
27/10/2009 But It's Alright Now, In Fact It's A Gas! Taff Link
22/10/2009 Glovers On A Roll Taff Link
18/10/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Carlisle 1 Taff Link
16/10/2009 Carlisle Preview Taff Link
11/10/2009 Slade alive!* Yeovil 2 Brighton 2 Taff Link
09/10/2009 Russell's Return A Reality Check Taff Link
05/10/2009 A Curate's Egg Taff Link
02/10/2009 Sweet FA From The FA Taff Link
28/09/2009 Braving the Lions Den* Taff Link
27/09/2009 L1 : Yeovil 2 Brentford 0 Taff Link
25/09/2009 Welcome Back Shaun Taff Link
20/09/2009 Patience Is A Virtue Taff Link
17/09/2009 Happy Days Are Here Again Taff Link
14/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 2 Stockport 2 Taff Link
10/09/2009 Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
06/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 0 Swindon 1 Taff Link
03/09/2009 Told You So Taff Link
31/08/2009 There Used To Be A Football Club Over There Taff Link
28/08/2009 Bookies Giving Money Away! Taff Link
26/08/2009 Football's Gone Mad Taff Link
23/08/2009 That's Entertainment! Taff Link
21/08/2009 Back To The Future, Part 2 Taff Link
18/08/2009 Time For Some Changes? Taff Link
14/08/2009 No Smoke Without Fire Taff Link
12/08/2009 Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Taff Link
11/08/2009 Obika's Back! Taff Link
09/08/2009 Calm Down, Calm Down Taff Link
07/08/2009 Mystic Taff's Season Predictions Taff Link
04/08/2009 Squad Shapes Up For Challenging Season Taff Link
02/08/2009 PSF - Yeovil 3 Tiverton 0 Taff Link
31/07/2009 Gary Roberts Ain't Our Friend Taff Link
29/07/2009 Yeovil 3 Bristol City 2 Taff Link
27/07/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 6 Taff Link
24/07/2009 And Then There Were None Taff Link
22/07/2009 Yeovil 0 Derby County 2 Taff Link
20/07/2009 In's, Out's And Maybe's Part 5 Taff Link
18/07/2009 Challenge Cup Giving Grounds For Concern? Taff Link
16/07/2009 Season Review - October '08 Taff Link
15/07/2009 Plucky Minnows Almost Cause A Shock Taff Link
14/07/2009 Just like London buses... Taff Link
11/07/2009 The Summer Of Silent Speculation Taff Link
07/07/2009 Back To The Future Taff Link
05/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un, part 2 Taff Link
04/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un Taff Link
02/07/2009 SP On The Wing Again Taff Link
30/06/2009 Peltier's A Terrier Taff Link
29/06/2009 Stefan Stam's A Glover Taff Link
28/06/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 4 Taff Link
19/06/2009 New(ish) Kid On The Block Taff Link
16/06/2009 Let's be 'aving you! Taff Link
15/06/2009 Seven by Seven Taff Link
12/06/2009 The Man not in Black Anymore Taff Link
10/06/2009 Danny Hutchins Signs Up Taff Link
08/06/2009 Season review - September 08 Taff Link
03/06/2009 Season review - August 08 Taff Link
02/06/2009 Season review - July 08 Taff Link
29/05/2009 Perceptions and Season Ticket Sales Taff Link
26/05/2009 No Worthington, no way Taff Link
24/05/2009 Southern bias? Taff Link
21/05/2009 In's, out's and maybe's part 3 Taff Link
16/05/2009 Another one bites the dust Taff Link
15/05/2009 Marching on (in League One) together Taff Link
14/05/2009 In's and out's and maybe's, part 2 Taff Link
13/05/2009 Ins and outs and maybe's, part 1 Taff Link
10/05/2009 A profitable business Taff Link
09/05/2009 Mystic Taff's squad predictions Taff Link
07/05/2009 Hello, again Taff Link
13/03/2009 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Taff Link
12/03/2009 You really couldn't make it up Taff Link
11/03/2009 Leeds 4 - 0 Yeovil Taff Link
10/03/2009 You couldn't make it up Taff Link
09/03/2009 Muff in the brown stuff Taff Link
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