28/04/2015 : Review : Ben Smith - Journeyman - One Man's Odyssey Through The Lower Leagues Of English Football
28 April 2015 : Ben Smith - Journeyman - One Man's Odyssey Through The Lower Leagues Of English Football
Ben Smith - Journeyman
Ben Smith - Journeyman
Between 1998 and 2001, for three-and-a-bit seasons, Ben Smith was a popular figure at Huish Park, as a roving midfielder within the Glovers ranks. For those who never saw him play, he was what was kindly referred to as a 'flair' player, or in more unkind tones as a 'luxury' player. More modern day Yeovil equivalents have been Aaron Davies and Gavin Williams, whilst probably his nearest match to the current crop is probably Sam Foley - a ball-playing midfielder, rather than a blocker, and one more likely to be creating goals for the team than breaking up the opposition's game.

Ben arrived in South Somerset as a youngster, making his debut for us as a 19 year old, and with an upbringing that had taken in Arsenal and Reading. Now aged 36 years old, he managed to carve out a 17 year career as a professional footballer, mainly covering southern clubs pitched around League One, League Two and Conference level. This month, he has published a book on the subject, entitled Journeyman and subtitled 'One man's odyssey through the lower leagues of English football'. Of course this covers his time with Yeovil Town in detail, as well as the numerous other clubs he subsequently went to after he left us during the summer of 2001.

I've tended to avoid a lot of footballers' biographies in the past, mainly because extracts that I've read from them have either felt like their agent has been writing them, or that the purpose of the book is merely to massage that player's ever increasing ego. When you read a Premier League star recount the sort of tales where he claims he "had Mourinho on my mobile phone in one hand, whilst Fergie was on the house phone in the other hand, whilst Arsene was ringing my front door bell", you wonder whether such books should be moved from the non-fiction section of the book shop.

It is for this reason that Ben Smith's autobiography reads well - it immediately feels honest, authentic and that it feels as though you're reading his diary, rather than the santised, spun versions that a footballer's agent has told him to write. In the brief moments when Ben does allow a bit of egotism to shine, it is his 19 year old self speaking: "I had come straight from a Division One club, so obviously this was going to be easy and I would be the best player on the pitch in every game" he said of his arrival at Huish Park. When the chapter is entitled 'The Decline Gathers Momentum' you know that this is young Ben being set up for a fall, as he realises that just because you had a pedigree in Arsenal's youth academy, it doesn't mean that you're going to become the star of the Conference National league.

I have an advantage in reading the pages devoted to Ben's time with Yeovil Town, that I knew him relatively well, and certainly knew the manager that brought him to Somerset, Colin Lippiatt, along with a few of the other players of that era. As such I can verify the truthfulness of some of the stories that he relays in his book (although that didn't stop me being surprised at a few others!) In the book Ben divulges the wages and sign-on fees that he got paid at Huish Park, and also the situation that developed that meant that he almost got poached by a rival club around the time he signed his first proper contract with us - his stay at Huish Park could have been very short indeed. The key matches from that era, including battles with Rushden and Diamonds, and FA Cup matches against Colchester United, are also covered as part of the club's latter days in non-league football.

Ben also freely covers the other side to his footballing career. We always knew him as this frustrating maverick. The player who would produce dazzling runs, and spectacular assists or goals, but then four weeks later would be sat on the bench looking a bit glum, and with a few supporters scratching their heads as to whether the manager was right or wrong to keep a player capable of creating a goal stuck in the dugouts. On the whole, the 36 year old Ben backs the four Yeovil managers that he worked with - Colin Lippiatt, Steve Thompson, David Webb and Colin Addison. This is where his honesty shines through.

Rather than be given a sob story of "if only the manager had given me a chance, I would have made it", we are given the honest truth that when it came down to being tucked up in bed at half-past-ten, ready for training the next day, Ben didn't always stick to the rules, and that on one or two of his close season breaks, he may have let himself go a bit. His teenage self "thought it wise to have another two weeks at an all-inclusive resort drinking and eating, rather than preparing for a new season" giving us an insight as to why at the start of the 1998-99 season, Ben came back not quite the player that we had seen when he first signed for us from the Royals. Thankfully there are further twists'n'turns as Ben fought his way back into the side, eventually making 144 appearances for the club, but this is not without a number of events - including the one that he freely admits pretty much caused the end of his playing time with the Glovers - again it was off-the-field where this transpired. At each stage he's able to describe the turning points of his career in green'n'white - something that may fill in a few gaps for Glovers fans who may wonder why his time with us was so full of ups and downs.

As such this is a book that any budding professional footballer should really be picking up - this is a story about how you can maybe under-achieve a bit as a footballer, and the (mainly self-inflicted) events that transpired that meant that he never rose back up to the level Reading were playing at when we took him on as a teenager. That's not to paint his career as a failure by any stretch of the imagination - promotions with Weymouth and Hereford United later in his career were supplemented with him helping Crawley Town into the Football League, and playing against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The acid test for me was how well the book held the attention when it wasn't your club that he was writing about. Thankfully it does - Ben played for enough clubs over the years that had something going on about them for it to capture the interest. He also played under managers who will be well known to fans of lower league football - in addition to the above quartet of Lippiatt, Thompson, Webb and Addison, he also served under Pat Rice, Alan Pardew, Graham Turner, Jimmy Quinn, Gary Peters, Garry Hill ... and Steve Evans.

Not too surprisingly, after picking up the book and reading the Yeovil section and following it up with Ben's brief reunion with David Webb at Southend United (which I'd forgotten about, and the author suggests I'd be best forgetting about it!) my next bit of chapter jumping was to head to the Crawley Town section, where I treated myself to Ben's life under Steve Evans - undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in lower league football. Here the caricature of the perpetually raging red-faced Scotsman doesn't disappoint, although those who find industrial language a bit disturbing may want to skip a chapter! Ben reveals that in his first match for the Sussex club he got told by Evans that he was a "f***ing liability ... why don't you just f*** off? Go on, f*** off!" - welcome to Crawley, Ben - aren't you glad you signed up? Instead of 'going forth', Ben stuck around and he describes how he dealt with playing under Mr Angry during that time.

Overall, it's an engaging read. I wonder if it will appeal to your average sofa-surfing Sky Sports watching football fan, as on a few occasions there is a built-in assumption that you know a few of the characters that have been in the game in the last decade or two, or the level that some of the teams referenced play at. But as Ben describes in his forward, that was half the point of his book - an antidote to that sort of Premier League footballer's biography, and what it's really like when you're playing on 350 quid a week - this is proper football! Interspersed with the football extracts, you also get an insight into where Ben's life was taking him just after his football career ended and around the time that he was writing the book - trying to make his way in a teaching career, and the realisation that he was still facing challenges, even after he stopped kicking a football around. If you're a fan of any of Ben's former clubs then of course you'll want to read this, but even anyone supporting any of the lower league clubs during the 1990s and 2000s will easily relate to Ben's story.

Ben Smith in action against Yeovil Town - coming up against Gavin Williams whilst in Shrewsbury Town colours
Ben Smith in action against Yeovil Town - coming up against Gavin Williams whilst in Shrewsbury Town colours

Publishers Notes and Information:

Paperback: 384 pages. ISBN Reference: 9781849548540. Published: April 28th 2015. Retail Price: £12.99.
eBook: ISBN Reference: 9781849549264. Retail Price: £9.99.
Publisher: Biteback Publishing: Ben Smith - Journeyman.

"Ben Smith, professional footballer. Recognise the name? Of course you donít. Thatís because most of Smithís seventeen years in the game were spent outside the vaunted, big-money environs of the Premier League, and this unique sporting memoir is all the richer because of it. 1995, and a young man named Ben, with a dream of playing professional football, arrives at the training ground of one of England's biggest clubs to begin his journey.

Aged just sixteen, he shares pre-season sessions with the likes of Dennis Bergkamp and Ian Wright at Arsenal. Surely his career can only go one way from here? The next seventeen years duly see him descend from Highbury to obscurity in a career that involves seasons playing for Reading, Yeovil, Weymouth, Hereford, Shrewsbury, Southend, Crawley, Kettering and Sudbury AFC, and features three promotions, one relegation, and some very memorable FA Cup games.

Smith candidly describes the contract negotiations, the insecurities, the fear and realities of injury, the house moves, the impact on his personal life, the wet Saturday afternoons playing in front of 500 people, and the many teammates, opponents and managers who left an indelible mark on his career. This is the memoir of a quintessential journeyman footballer. Honest, intelligent, brutally unsentimental and often hilarious, forget The Secret Footballer and the usual ghosted life stories of pampered Premiership stars; Journeyman offers a real insight into what it is like playing season after season, with no financial safety net, in the unfashionable far reaches of the English game

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