20/03/2015 : Taff's Gloversblog : 99 Problems
20 March 2015 : 99 Problems
Following Tuesday night's defeat at Colchester United, and acting manager Terry Skiverton's post-match interview in which he pretty much waved the white flag on our season, I had planned to write a bit of a post-mortem on our season, and the key sequence of events that had led us to the situation that led to Skivo's admission that we had reached 'the end', even though eight games remain before we put our feet up for the summer.

I'll come onto those sorts of thoughts in the future, but my train of thought was hijacked by Chairman John Fry's statement earlier this week. It didn't acknowledge Skiverton's position post-Colchester, and in fact only fleetingly mentioned that game in its introduction. Mr Fry's angle was to talk about the season as a whole, and inevitably from a financial side of things, and I thought it worth highlighting some of the major issues he raised.

1. SCMP: This is the Salary Cost Management Protocol, which for those who are unfamiliar with it is explained here. It's a form of Salary Capping adopted by Football League clubs. There were several things that puzzled me in this area. Firstly SCMP is not new to Football League clubs. We operated under it during our 2004-05 League Two promotion season, and then by 2012-13 it had been introduced at League One level - coincidentally we also got promoted during that season as well. Even during other seasons, the League have operated a 'shadowing' system, where clubs just received warning letters, rather than actual penalties. So it's a system that the club should have been fully versed with for ten years.

The Football League's SCMP mechanism is not related to the Financial Fair Play system, nor was it introduced by FIFA or the British Government as suggested in the club's statement (FIFA rules specifically ban national Governments from directly intervening in football). In fact the Financial Fair Play system was introduced by UEFA, and applies to Premier League clubs and those participating in European competitions. The Football League have voluntarily chosen to partially implement it at Championship level, mainly because it helps their clubs transition into the Premier League under that structure. However, the SCMP rules are entirely separate and are voted in by Football League Chairmen. Thus if there is something unfair about the SCMP mechanism, then each member club - including Yeovil Town - can canvass for it to be changed. If Mr Fry can convince enough clubs that there is a need to change the SCMP rules, then he can get those rules changed. Until this season, I'd not seen any grumbles raised by Yeovil Town with respect to SCMP rules - there are a few other clubs highlighting that they are running close to those limits, but more in a 'matter of fact' manner than a criticism of the rules.

There is a clear and obvious contradiction within the club's statement though regarding SCMP. The mechanism is based on the idea that you can spend only a certain percentage of your turnover (company income) in players wages. The limit for League One clubs is currently 60 percent (and not the 55 percent carried in the club statement - that's the League Two limit). So for every one pound that comes into the club over the counter, the club can commit to 60 pence in player wages. Clubs provide both historical and future projection figures on a monthly basis to the League as a rolling adjustment, and this determines how much the League will let you spend.

Mr Fry strongly implies that SCMP has constrained the club over the 2014-15 season, and therefore we have to assume that the club were running very close to the 60 percent limit. However, things like FA Cup windfalls alter your projected turnover figures and thus allow you to loosen the purse strings. If the Man United game gave the club an extra 500,000 pounds in turnover, they would be authorised by the League to transfer 60 percent of that (300,000 pounds) to the playing budget. However, instead the club statement indicates that "the revenues from the Manchester United FA Cup match had to be used to make up the combined budget overspend and the loss of revenues through a lower than forecasted match attendance" implying that after the Cup windfall the club were wanting to bring their spending down. The club's 'budget overspend' can't have previously exceeded the SCMP limit as otherwise the League would have put us under a transfer embargo - the maximum they can have been at was 59.99%, so if they chose not to spend the FA Cup money then that would have left them very safely away from the SCMP limits due to the higher turnover figures.

The other reason why the club's position on SCMP is a headscratcher lies in the revelation that the club's playing budget is either 1.3 million pounds (Alec Stock Lounge interview) or 1.4 million pounds (Wednesday's statement). Taking the larger of the two, for that to be at 60 percent of turnover for the 2014-15 season, the club's total turnover would have to be just 2.33 million pounds. The club have stopped reporting turnover figures in its end of year accounts, but recent reported figures include 2.9 million (2010-11) and 3.1 million (2009-10). So either the club's turnover figures have been steadily dropping since they stopped publicising them, or again we'd be comfortably under the SCMP limits - a playing budget of 1.4 million, against a turnover of 3.0 million gives a ratio of 46.7 percent. However, if the truth is that our turnover has dropped that radically, then that's not an SCMP problem!

Over the years, various Yeovil Town representatives over have made a big deal about the club's financial sustainability and their 'prudent' attitude to budgeting, with the implication that other clubs weren't playing fairly in the way that they conducted themselves in a boom'n'bust cycle. Whilst I don't think SCMP is a perfect mechanism, it has a lot of merits, in that clubs who want to live beyond their means have to do so via new share issues or gifts from owners or benefactors. It acts as proof up front that you are prepared to guarantee to underwrite those debts. In the Alec Stock Lounge interview, John Fry indicated that we were heading for a one million pound trading loss, before we drew Manchester United out of the FA Cup hat. So if we had lost to Accrington Stanley in the replay, how exactly would we have funded this season? Surely unfunded one million pound losses are precisely what SCMP is intended to put a cap on, to stop clubs from spending money they can't afford?

2. West Country Regional Problems: John Fry suggests that the problems SCMP produces are felt more by West Country clubs, suggesting a regional demise in football in this part of the world. He lists out Cheltenham, Torquay, Hereford and Bristol Rovers as suffering through the rules. I would love to see the analysis behind this topic, but I really can't see it. Hereford's problems were caused by their board overspending once they dropped out of the Football League and stopped being controlled by SCMP - they mounted up unsustainable debts, couldn't pay their players wages, fell behind on HMRC payments (another thing the Footbal League tightly control) and were ultimately liquidated. So you could argue that Hereford's demise related more to an absence of SCMP in non-league football, rather than the suggestion that it caused their liquidation.

The other point to make is that whilst the clubs listed have had recent problems, others in the West Country - Plymouth (9th), Swindon Town (3rd) and Bristol City (1st) are having successful times. Football tends to be a cyclic thing - when we went up into the Championship, Bristol City had gone down and were struggling near the foot of League One, whilst Bristol Rovers were getting relegated from League Two. Now both are up at the top end of the table, whilst we lie at the bottom. There will come another year when we are at the top of a division, whilst others are coming back down. That's football!

The one thing that I would say that causes clubs like Yeovil problems is not SCMP, but our general geography. Numerous managers have remarked that it is harder for clubs like Yeovil to attract players to the region, simply because they've got to move house (and potentially their families) to play for us, and therefore want longer term contracts to make it worth their while. Unless we get lucky with a Jamie McAllister who already lives locally, we have to use our finances to make that happen, in providing relocation costs and expenses. But that's not new - going back to the old days of the Huish ground, the club purchased several houses (which it foolishly sold off at the wrong time) which it used to house players to help address the problem. I'm not sure I understand how relaxing the SCMP rules will solve that - if the club needs to pay large relocation costs then either that needs to be in the budget, or the club need to choose an alternative strategy. More to the point, I am pretty sure such associated costs are not classed as 'playing budget' by the Football League, and so sit outside SCMP.

3. Home Grown Players: I suspect the idea of this would appeal to many Yeovil Town fans. The likes of Paul Thorpe, Chris Weale, Craig Alcock, Andy Lindegaard have always had extra appeal because they are 'local lads come good'. However John Fry's suggestion that the club should be heading down this road has to be tempered with the fact that the club shut down its Reserve Team in 2009, whilst the youth operations closed in 2013. One of the problems I've felt that's given us is that certain players like Sam Hoskins and Kieffer Moore haven't had the chance to develop as professionals. The whole reason why so many clubs now have set up Under-21 sides is to act as that vehicle to develop young players in a competitive environment, but without the pressure-cooker environment that first team football can bring. But having disbanded both of our set-ups in that area, they're either in the first team, or they're not playing at all. But the club have to have a long term strategy here, rather than getting impatient - the old Centre of Excellence only lasted around four years, which was too short a time to realistically achieve its goals.

The reasons given by the club as to why the CoE closed in the summer of 2012 (with the Under-18s folding a year later) was that the Premier League's new EPPP (Elite Player Performance Plan) framework didn't make it cost effective for them to produce home grown players. There were two factors involved. One was that to reach any of the four EPPP standards (with Category 4 being a basic Under-18 side, rising up to a Category 1 aimed at Premier League level investment) the club said "the facilities that are available to the Club in the Yeovil area do not meet all the criteria required by the Premier League's EPPP template and there is no prospect of that situation changing in the immediate future" meaning that they'd need to either upgrade the facilities at Alvington or purchase/lease a new venue. The second issue was that the year-by-year funding needed to be increased. The Football Club were only providing 30,000 pounds of their own funding for their Centre of Excellence, but to reach the EPPP Category 3 standard (the closest to the former CoE structure) they were required to up that to 105,000 pounds a season. Rather than do that, they decided to close the CoE down.

The other obvious thing to note is that a strategy based around 'home grown' players is a long term plan. It is not something that will benefit the Yeovil Town first team during the 2015-16 season. A 12 year old footballer will need at least six years before he can be considered as a first-teamer. So if 'home grown' players is the club's strategy, then it also needs a short term strategy for the next 3-5 years at minimum - the club's CoE set-up didn't produce a single recognised first team player whilst it was open for that period - Craig Alcock, who was the club's last proper youth graduate, came out of Stuart Housley's more informal Under-18s set-up that the club had in non-league football. Such players (by definition) take years to come through.

4. Gary Johnson: Last month, John Fry said that he was not going to criticise Gary Johnson, saying "I'm not going to criticise the manager as he's the best manager that we've ever had" - that promise didn't last too long with him saying this week that the board "allowed Gary Johnson to roll the dice for a top six finish in League One ... this strategy has clearly failed as we have since found to our cost, past performance is is no guarantee of future results" and a rather barbed "if it (the playing budget) had been used effectively, (it) would have at least kept the Glovers in League One for next season".

I'll cover my own views on why the club failed this season in a future blog, but whilst Gary - as first team manager for the first 28 matches - has to shoulder a fair proportion of the blame, in my opinion he is not the only one. It did irk that the club's statement gave sole credit to the directors for the club's successes: "the directors of YTFC have run the club extremely successfully, including four promotions, two Wembley play off finals and a FA Trophy final at Villa Park" without one single mention of Gary Johnson as having played a part in most of those positive events, yet when it came to the failure of this season, they suggest that it was down to "Gary Johnson roll(ing) the dice".

As one Glovers fan wrote on Twitter: "You can't claim to be responsible for the ten years of success then blame others for the two years of failure" - such downfalls are very rarely down to single events or single people and I don't think this season can be simplified down that easily, nor can the Board so easily absolve themselves of blame. For me, Terry Skiverton got it spot on in his Tuesday night interview when he said "everyone who has been part of this football club over the last season has got to take responsibility for what's happened" - if there are only two sentences that the Board should read, then they are the two quoted in this paragraph.

5. The Crowds: The club statement suggests that the Glovers need "average crowds of at least 5000 plus, to generate sufficient income to compete in League One". If that's true, then it's something that's been a problem since the 2008-09 season, where with the exception of our Championship season we have hovered between average gates of 3,984 and 4,664 across six seasons. Furthermore, if we take other League One attendances, there are ten clubs in the division with crowds under 5,000 and six clubs with gates lower than the ones we've recorded. So it's neither a new problem, nor one that other clubs aren't facing.

Gates are clearly important, and yes I would like to see 5,000 fans or more inside Huish Park. But considering we're bottom of the division, with the most expensive day admission prices at that level, then I think supporters deserve a lot of credit for averaging 4,396 so far through the turnstiles. At the start of this season, both Gary Johnson and John Fry said in interviews that the club were targetting average gates of 4,500 to meet the playing budget, so considering the way things have gone, early season expectations appear have been met as closely as they possibly could have been. Of course you want them to be better, but any club should always strive to better their numbers coming through the turnstiles.

It was also a PR faux pas in that the implication that the club statement appeared to be attaching blame to fans for not turning up in enough numbers, whilst (as mentioned earlier) the Board make no mention of their own critical role in that equation. Indeed that is the angle that the Western Gazette have taken on the club's statement, tweeting out "Why are Yeovil Town probably going down? It's the fans' fault, or, at least, a lack of fans says John Fry", headlining with "Yeovil Town don't have enough fans to compete in Sky Bet League One says Chairman" and leading with "unless the Glovers get more fans coming to their games than is currently the case then there is no way the club can compete in the third tier of English football" - meaning the message that's reached the local media is "it's the fans' fault the club are going down". Whilst I doubt that was the angle that Mr Fry intended to offer, it amplifies the point that it should be incumbent upon the club to produce a package that will entice fans to Huish Park. For some fans, they will turn up, rain or shine, good or bad, no matter what the club are doing on and off the pitch, but clearly if you want 5,000 to turn up, you've got to give them a reason to do so. By implying that the relationship was the other way around, the club statement gifts the local press their headline, and perhaps shows how they see the relationship between supporter and club.

6. The Board: I've already given the board a couple of mentions earlier on, so I won't repeat those points. I'm also not bothered about whether a board member is or isn't getting paid for their work (provided it is declared transparently) - I'm more bothered about whether they are contributing in a positive way to our club's situation. I'd rather have a marketing genius being paid a salary for work that increases the club's revenues, than have a situation where someone is doing a job for 'free' but actually isn't doing it very well. On that count, it's very hard to judge either way, because I've no idea what each director does (and with the majority I'd not even recognise them in the street) but ultimately the buck does stop at the top - if the Board (from their statement) do not feel they have played any part in the club's recent demise, then it implies that they've not been very influential! Again, Terry Skiverton's view on the subject sums it up for me - everyone should take responsibility.

However, this also gives me a good way to summarise my views on the club's statement. Both in the Alec Stock Lounge interview and in Wednesday's statement, there is a long list of problems, issues and criticisms identified throughout those two pieces. What is harder to see though is the Board's planned solution to those problems, and their strategy for the future. Even where there is a glimmer of a mention of forward-looking strategy - e.g. the 'home grown' players - there's no detail on how that will be achieved - particularly given the club's 2012 statement said that it couldn't be achieved.

Ultimately, supporters will form their own views on why the 2014-15 season has failed and who the culprits are, and when the errors were made - and of course there will be differing opinions on that. But what the fans need to see from the Board is 2015-16 and 2016-17 are going to look like, and how the long list of 'doom and gloom' issues identified by Mr Fry will be addressed. How will the club produce 'home grown' players? Will the club campaign to get SCMP changed? Will the club produce incentives/reasons for 5,000 fans to turn up at Huish Park? What will the club's new management structure look like? Yes, there will be problems and issues in running a football club and I think fans understand that. However, directors provide direction within a company. At the moment that direction is unfortunately downwards, so recognising the above constraints, issues and problems, they need to establish clear strategies and policies that will turn the club in an upward direction again.

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Comments On This Article
Stu said ...

Good article.
We are where we are. Consolidation and direction is what is required and communication to the fans throughout the process. It's all the cloak and dagger stuff that fans find so frustrating.
Use the rest of this season as the basis for the start of the next, thus taking some positives out of very negative period.
20/03/2015 14:47:54

Andy C said ...

Still think something stinks at board level. Sack Johnson then give an interview surrounded by cronies with prepared questions asked by an employee of the club. A bit like David Cameron being interviewed on the progress of the government by George Osborne surrounded by the cabinet !!!
As for the spending on the playing budget, what spending. Last two seasons young untried loan players and free transfers from clubs lower than Yeovil finished the previous season, not exactly rolling the dice for a top six finish !! The playing budget then must surely have gone on the wages and signing on fees and who decides that the manager or the board ???
20/03/2015 16:07:36

Rick said ...

Great article very well puts into context of what the average YTFC supporter thinks. As for the owners and board of directors, of course they have been busy ! They think that all the time and money they have spent on the last and the current planning applications is FAR more important than to tell us about - FOOTBALL!
20/03/2015 16:12:37

Bob said ...

Great write up - but why do I see a quote from John Fry this time next year being 'it's all gone wrong because of the drop down from league 1'....
20/03/2015 16:27:39

Mike Sturgess said ...

Excellent summary which causes me much concern.
Over the ten years since we got into the League we have had 7/8 good years. A lot of those were helped significantly by a good manager who appears to have lost his way this year. As you say football is cyclical and you cannot be successful all the time but you win or lose as a team.
What worries me most is the lack of a clear plan to halt the rot next year. Without everybody working together a third relegation back to the Conference is a very real possibility. That cannot be allowed to happen unless we have no ambition at all.
20/03/2015 16:45:26

Roy Mallard said ...

I would not over analyse this too much! Last summer the management team had a 1.5 million budget to invest and they went out and got a load of division 2 players so that along with injuries to our better players is where we are ending up. YTFC under Fry have continued to punch above their weight for last 10 years so I think he deserves a bit more respect. Lets take this balls up of a season on the chin and move on and get behind the club for next year.
20/03/2015 17:00:11

Nigel said ...

Excellently written and well balanced piece, that analyses the situation we find ourselves perfectly. Fry and his cronies are the problem and not the solution. JF and Hayward please sell the club to someone who cares about the football and actually knows the direction the club needs to move in. Fry out.......
20/03/2015 17:41:46

kev rogers said ...

A brilliant blog, that highlights everything that is wrong in Mr Frys attempt to get the fans of his and the boards backs over this dismal 2nd relegation!
20/03/2015 17:54:45

Mark said ...

Hopefully the Centre of Excellence is resurrected as 105,000 which I believe is match funded is peanuts if you produce some home grown talent. No reason why there isn't to be a Theo Walcott or Luke Shaw somewhere in our catchment area both products of the Southampton academy, Luke Shaw having trained as a child in Bath.
20/03/2015 17:57:40

AroundtheWorldYeovil said ...

I do not want to blow my own trumpet but this article patently shows exactly why in 2006 I proposed that the fans should be given the opportunity to buy a shareholding in the club and be represented at Board Level and which was anaethma to JF - 'If you knew what it was like in the early 90s Michael when I joined the club....................' etc

Schools realise the value of having parents with skills and the interest of the school join their Governing Bodies and clearly Badger has a better command of both detail and Football legislation that is exactly why we are in this mess,

These are skills and understanding that are clearly lacking by JF and at Board level.

Unless I am mistaken EVERY single DIrector from 2006 has jumped ship.

I have no intention of breaking any confidences but I have no reason to doubt that most if not all would say the Club is being led by an individual who's heart is in the right place but who is totally out of touch and has no idea about proper Corporate Governance.

The Club has sold its material assets, closed the Youth and Reserve structures which it says is its future, has released one crackpot plan after another and blamed the Manager who delivered success and Fans who have stayed loyal at a time when the Biard has done zilch to develop the fan base and grow revenues.

Give me a break JF!

Neither JF nor NH have any intention of stepping down or retiring or selling as YTFC is their lives.

They have nothing else to do and sadly the Clbs decline is inevitable whilst they do not have a clue how to exercise their stewardship of YTFC.

Asking the author of the excellent analysis above (Badger not me!) to assist the Board would be the best first step I could recommend.

20/03/2015 19:06:48

David said ...

Great analysis interested to see comment regarding a marketing genius. In the 10+ years that I have had a season ticket I have only seen a total lack of marketing orientation or activity from the board down through the administration of the club. Simple definition of marketing - make it attractive for people to want to come to matches.
20/03/2015 19:41:58

Robbo said ...

An excellent blog ,I agree with all points made,this should be sent to john fry/Hayward and the rest of the board, And also to western gazette, although I don't think the board give a damn anyway. Fan power should take over, maybe get as many fans to boycott the last home game off season and just stand outside and make their feelings known.
20/03/2015 20:13:29

Will P said ...

An excellent and balanced article. Essentially we are nadgered as long as nothing changes at board level. Hugely concerned going in to next season. We desperately need new blood who understand how to effectively govern a modern business.
20/03/2015 20:56:11

Dave B said ...

I see the budget has now gone up to 1.5 million now! Where does Roy Mallard get his figures? Bet he "ducks" the issue.
20/03/2015 21:03:52

paul said ...

To get us out of this mess JF MUST get a manager NOW not in the summer. If he is not going to do this he should get out.
20/03/2015 21:30:44

Will said ...


The crux of the problems is ticket prices.

My proposal would be to have flat rate prices in L2, no pre-match vs. on the day price and a simple structure:


18 Adult
14 Concession (over 60 and 12-21)
5 Under 12s


20 Adult
15 Concession
5 Under 12s

Simple pricing. No penalty for turning up on the day. That's got to be a start.
20/03/2015 21:57:10

Baz said ...

As expertly set out above, this seems to be hypocrisy, or downright nonsense, at every level. We have no homegrown players because we have done away with the youth system. We don't have gates of 5,000 because other than the promotion/champs year we haven't had such gates for several years. No money has been invested in stadium facilities and we have the most expensive tickets in the league. Not likely to encourage people in. And it goes on. It's either desperate excuses or he genuinely has no idea what's going on.

The truth is the club has survived for a long time on a limited budget thanks to some shrewd business deals, good football management and, particularly in regard to recruitment, a healthy dose of pot luck. Other than our two playoff appearances we have spent every season above league 2 fighting relegation. Our luck was bound to turn at some point and this year has been it.

The sad thing is that despite overwhelming odds last year it felt the club gave everything and achieved some highly creditable performances, and results. Is hard to say the same about this season.
20/03/2015 22:09:46

Paul said ...

Fry also contradicts himself by saying that he'd given Gary Johnson a big enough budget to keep us in League One, but then says we can't stay in League One because we're not getting big enough crowds to provide a big enough budget. Add that to the closing of the youth academy followed by Fry saying he wants to have home grown players and it shows up the muddled chaos that is the boardroom. No strategy, no clarity, and it's everyone else's fault but themselves.
20/03/2015 23:01:56

Phil A said ...

Great blog, well constructed. If only JF/NH would read and respond, but I don't think they'd dare or are humble enough to acknowledge the now obvious problems. AroundtheWorldwithYeovil summed up nicely what I've thought of NH for some time - an asset stripper par excellence. I asked about it a few weeks ago on FB hoping to shed some light on what had been closed/sold. FWIW, thought the closing of reserves and U18 was a huge mistake! Sadly while JF/NH are the owners they do not owe or are obliged to explain their actions to anyone...no matter how much we ask!
20/03/2015 23:32:30

andrew aka ex northern glover said ...

I was really looking forward to starting taking my grandchildren to the games,with Rochdale coming up soon to hopefully see them catch the amazing green and white bug as I did in the 1960s.
I live in Cheshire so have a different perspective, but why on earth would I spend my recently reduced income from being retired, on the set up I now see, and the way everyone is to blame,according to JF,but....you know who.
Preston was my last ever game. I therefore have every reason to be feeling cheated today,as a result of the negligence of the club's management.
21/03/2015 06:34:36

Matthew said ...

You should always be Judged in life by what youve achieved rather than just promised.
Fry and his yesterdays men have always talked the talk but rarely delivered.
He was happy to ride on the coat-tails of Garys Success but then made him a scapegoat....
Take a step back from your Ivory Tower John and ask yourself have we really moved forward in the past decade?
21/03/2015 07:57:12


The absence of a vision for the club with a transparent plan for implementation is the core problem. There is little understanding within the Board of the way to engage with the fans or how to capture hearts and minds in a way that delivers a sustainable business model irrespective of the fortunes on the pitch. The quality of the fan experience on match days is dire and has not changed for 20 years. The absence of a youth structure to nurture local talent denies connections with the core potential markets. We need to get back to the basics and soon.
21/03/2015 09:53:29

palm beach glover said ...

When leaders lack vision the people fail....
21/03/2015 10:37:14

andrew strickland said ...

If that is Terry from the old Yeovil Boys,then hello, and totally agree.
Interestingly when I was meeting with David Bell at the clubs request, he said his two greatest challenges were undoing the damage caused by the club at the Council/LA end, and the total void of anything like an open discourse with the club management. Both resuling on bad feelings, poor relationships locally and as a direct result of the totally silly withdrawn application,local ill will. Neither will help the new Planning application,or more importantly the gates/income
21/03/2015 10:41:45

Cruncher said ...

Excellent appraisal of typically confusing club opinion. SCMP limits the club spend but we don't have enough to spend. We need homegrown players but that was declared impossible to provide for. It's incredible that JF can deliver such words without cracking up. The lack of capability is worrying enough, but on top of that looms the mystery and despair of their determination to persue a deal with Dawson.
21/03/2015 13:50:16

Dusty said ...

Lots of solutions here but on a ridiculously positive note my friend has amusingly pointed out we only need to win 7 of the last 8 games to stay up! I said we would need to play like Barcelona to do that and that there is virtually no chance of that happening. Then again with no game today that gives the manager and team 7 days to become Barcelona Town. What Iniesta does is pass the ball to a team mate and then MOVE into a space so the ball can be passed back to him and everyone else in the Barcelona team plays the same way. What is so hard about that? Start passing to each other and moving lads!!
21/03/2015 15:01:31

camberwick green said ...

Excellent analysis - as usual
Given the drop in the share of tv revenues as between L1 and L2 and the (likely) significant drop in season ticket sales we should expect the playing budget to take a hefty hit. Wouldn't be surprised to see general cost cutting, including the cost of team management/ coaching.
Good chance that Skivo will continue as manager if that should be the case.
21/03/2015 15:16:46

chrisl said ...

Well, if the club wish to part blame the supporters for lower than anticipated gates then I will more than part blame the club's decision to raise prices by some 25%. Sorry but that is the biggest driver that stopped me from attending on match days, followed by the poor way that the fans are appreciated! I won't be attending again until these aspects of club attitude are corrected, and I know a few others that feel the same.
21/03/2015 17:06:35

David said ...

Easy solution for shortfall in revenue due only 4000 rather than 5000. Increase ticket price by 25% but that's an accounting rather than a marketing solution. But Mr Fry is more of an accountant than a marketing person!
21/03/2015 19:07:17

Northsomersetglover said ...

A very interesting blog, since Yeovil Town have been in the league now 10 plus years the club has been run with a non league attitude.

Yeovil Town F C are in the entertainment business, the marketing of the club is pathetic, they should be trying to get larger crowds by advertising on local radio and T V more, not just putting on a game of football hoping to get members of the public to just turn up in their thousands.

Chairmen of other football clubs put money into their clubs ours keep them deep in their pockets.

J F & N H are In my opinion are waiting for a big pay day if the latest planning proposal goes through!

They have certainly wasted a good deal of money on the aborted planning proposals in the past, and who is to say that they wont do so again the future!
21/03/2015 21:39:24

Camel green said ...

Great summary, how I wish this could get published for general consumption. That Mr Fry should regard the fans as too thick to see all holes in his statements. Does any one actually know how Mr Linney and his team spend their day??
21/03/2015 22:08:13

Stewart Barnes said ...

Next season could well be our last in the Football League if this decline isn't arrested starting now.
Firstly replace the manager and coach - this will bring in a new man to assess the current players etc.
If they wait until the closed season, the new man won't have enough time to get a squad for league two survival.
However, I doubt our board will act, and we will hopefully not be staring at the conference one year hence.

22/03/2015 08:44:51

Seb White said ...

Nails being hit on heads all over the place. Superb work, but no surprise to those who read these regular posts on this excellent blog, if only the local press were as through and detailed in their assessment, rather than just being another mouthpiece for Fry and co.

As a consequence the sad truth is most Yeovil fans have been seduced by the Fry speak for too long and can't see the truth that is clear to see, the current 'guardians' of our footbal haven't been fit for purpose for too long.

Too many of the Yeovil Town supporterbase are apathetic and those that have rightly had enough and drifted away aren't going to come back in a hurry and who can blame them? We're stuck with Fry and Hayward until they die - because for all the excellent blogs and minority agreeing the rest of the supporters will just accept it and Yeovil Town fans will get the club they deserve, one on the way down to where we came from and all the work of the last few years will be wasted.
22/03/2015 09:49:37

jules said ...

Sadly as many fans are saying the club although the club is in the football league it is still very much run like a non league club, same people around as in the old days. When they went to the championship the feeling was lots of fans will start coming now and there seemed to be nothing done to try and encourage the fans to stay, it was like the club thought just by getting promoted was enough to get fans through the door. Terry is right when he says everyone should take a share of the blame and that is from the directors, the management, the staff and even to some extent some of the players
22/03/2015 15:30:08

Pete Wescott said ...

Good, well balanced blog and some excellent points made by lots of responders already. Only thing I would like to add is to ask what our board of Neros, fiddling while Rome burns, intends to happen when Skivo and Darren's contracts end in June? It's quite clear that, dedicated though they no doubt are, they are incapable of taking the club forward again. We desperately need to get enthusiastic new blood in with a completely different perspective and ambition - and we need to do it now while there is still time for them to see who, if any, from the current squad are worth persevering with and what needs to be done. Leaving this till June will just mean more drift at the beginning of the season (and more disillusioned supporters who will have already voted with their feet).
23/03/2015 13:35:16

col said ...

Would agree with the fact that a lot of the supporters have now drifted away and are in no hurry to come back and the board must ask the question why? For too long the board have been relaxed in the feeling that there isn't many clubs in the area so we will keep a certain amount of fans regardless. There has been no proper marketing to try and attract people in and I am sorry but the people who are employed by the club seem unable to cope with running a football league club. There has always been this we are loyal to our staff but how many of the staff are in a comfort zone whereby they don't really have to do a lot to earn their money they are there because they have been there for a number of years e.g. Mr Linney, the club will say he is a loyal servant but in any walk of life you have to continue to perform and get results and it is the same at a football club. Maybe it is time to get people on board who are capable of moving the club forward, the same happened when Darren had his accident the club out of loyalty found him a position. The question is had he not had that accident would he still be here? The argument is why shouldn't the club have found him a position but many fans are arguing he is not doing a good job so therefore why is he still in his position? At the end of the day football is a business and has such needs to be run as a business rather than on sentiment. Yeovil hark back to the good old days when they were the giant killers, the most famous non league club. those days have gone the reality is here and we need to move forward rather than looking back
23/03/2015 16:03:44

Green Commuter said ...

It's obvious from the number and nature of the comments added that the gravity of the club's position is recognised by supporters. Sadly, the club's owners have shirked their business responsibilities over a number of seasons - and I mean in the widest sense - they truly missed some great marketing opportunities in recent times. The infrastructure has hardly moved on from the Conference years and it seems easier to proffer continued excuses and blame elsewhere than to look creatively to make improvements. And it seems to be a closed shop....it's 'hands off our land'. Opinions and views are labelled as 'internet hoodies' and over the last few seasons supporters have been increasingly left isolated and just treated as cash providers with no useful input to the club. And at last Badger, with this analysis, has dissected the pathetic reasoning put forward by JF and laid bare the false information contained within the statements - no doubt Badger will be accused of various crimes, of unsettling the fan base, whereas all he has delivered is some very insightful analysis backed by facts and publicly available information. Supporters care about this club, it is our club, JF and NH are custodians and it should be no more....however, the crafty restructuring of the club's main asset in recent years has diminished the real underlying value of the club. And all this was done against the backdrop of success, delivered by a talented manager who is now also being unfairly blamed for virtually all of the current problems....whilst we cheered the promotions and goals someone was pinching the very pitch we were playing on!
23/03/2015 18:30:32

andrew strickland said ...

I am truly saddened at the almost unaninimous single voice ciderspace has enabled us to give. All to the same effect,and deserving an open response from management.I ask one thing in my email today,that David Bell makes sure John Fry sess this amazing collective blog by the fans.I really think he does, but I might be able to get it in front of JF thhrough him, as he needs to know the impact.
I will separately email David Bell,asking him to ensure that both he and the board see the wreckage caused by the YTFC board of directors. Not the fans, Gary, or enything else being blamed by JF but negligent stewardship of the club I love
24/03/2015 06:10:00

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11/08/2010 League Cup R1: Yeovil Town 0 Crystal Palace 1 Taff Link
11/08/2010 Adam Stansfield 1978-2010 Taff Link
09/08/2010 Get Over The Hump Cruncher Link
08/08/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 2 Leyton Orient 1 Taff Link
04/08/2010 Mystic Taff's Season's Predictions 2010-11 Taff Link
02/08/2010 We're Going To Score One More Than You Taff Link
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29/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 1 Bristol City 3 Taff Link
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16/07/2010 Magic Daps Gets His Cake And Eats It Taff Link
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03/05/2010 Mission Accomplished Taff Link
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18/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Southampton 1 Taff Link
14/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Taff Link
13/04/2010 Million Dollar Bash Taff Link
08/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Leeds United 2 Taff Link
04/04/2010 A Good Game To Watch On Teletext Taff Link
02/04/2010 Gotcha (well, got one or two of you)! Taff Link
01/04/2010 The End Of An Era Taff Link
21/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 3 Taff Link
19/03/2010 From Hero To Zero Taff Link
17/03/2010 Another One Bites The Dust (Part 2) Taff Link
14/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 4 Hartlepool 0 Taff Link
11/03/2010 The Loan Arranger Bites Back Taff Link
04/03/2010 White Men Speak With Forked Tongue Taff Link
28/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Franchise FC 0 Taff Link
26/02/2010 Singing The Blues Taff Link
23/02/2010 Stam Suffers An Unkind Cut Taff Link
19/02/2010 One Year On Taff Link
17/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Colchester Utd 1 Taff Link
14/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Gillingham 0 Taff Link
11/02/2010 Humble Pie Taff Link
05/02/2010 Darren Way Retires Taff Link
04/02/2010 Specualtion (sic) Is Damaging Taff Link
31/01/2010 Yeovil 0 Huddersfield 1 Taff Link
28/01/2010 The Welsh Connection Taff Link
24/01/2010 L1: Yeovil 2 Exeter City 1 Taff Link
22/01/2010 Exeter Preview Taff Link
18/01/2010 Orient Preview Taff Link
16/01/2010 Water Shame, Another Game Off Taff Link
05/01/2010 Snow Joke For Anyone Taff Link
30/12/2009 A Man For All Seasons Taff Link
27/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 4 Wycombe 0 Taff Link
22/12/2009 Draws Are Not Enough Taff Link
18/12/2009 Hartlepool Preview Taff Link
13/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Norwich 3 Taff Link
11/12/2009 Bah, Humbug! Taff Link
07/12/2009 L1: MK Dons 2 Yeovil 2 Taff Link
04/12/2009 Franchise Preview Taff Link
02/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Walsall 3 Taff Link
30/11/2009 Should I Stay Or Should I Go Taff Link
28/11/2009 Reality Bites Taff Link
23/11/2009 New Kid On The Blog Taff Link
22/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Charlton 1 Taff Link
20/11/2009 How Green Was My Valley Taff Link
16/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Southend 0 Taff Link
09/11/2009 FA Cup R1: Oxford 1 Yeovil 0 Taff Link
06/11/2009 Up For The Cup Taff Link
02/11/2009 Premiership Giants 4 Plucky No-Hopers 0 Taff Link
30/10/2009 Hayward Back On Board Taff Link
27/10/2009 But It's Alright Now, In Fact It's A Gas! Taff Link
22/10/2009 Glovers On A Roll Taff Link
18/10/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Carlisle 1 Taff Link
16/10/2009 Carlisle Preview Taff Link
11/10/2009 Slade alive!* Yeovil 2 Brighton 2 Taff Link
09/10/2009 Russell's Return A Reality Check Taff Link
05/10/2009 A Curate's Egg Taff Link
02/10/2009 Sweet FA From The FA Taff Link
28/09/2009 Braving the Lions Den* Taff Link
27/09/2009 L1 : Yeovil 2 Brentford 0 Taff Link
25/09/2009 Welcome Back Shaun Taff Link
20/09/2009 Patience Is A Virtue Taff Link
17/09/2009 Happy Days Are Here Again Taff Link
14/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 2 Stockport 2 Taff Link
10/09/2009 Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
06/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 0 Swindon 1 Taff Link
03/09/2009 Told You So Taff Link
31/08/2009 There Used To Be A Football Club Over There Taff Link
28/08/2009 Bookies Giving Money Away! Taff Link
26/08/2009 Football's Gone Mad Taff Link
23/08/2009 That's Entertainment! Taff Link
21/08/2009 Back To The Future, Part 2 Taff Link
18/08/2009 Time For Some Changes? Taff Link
14/08/2009 No Smoke Without Fire Taff Link
12/08/2009 Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Taff Link
11/08/2009 Obika's Back! Taff Link
09/08/2009 Calm Down, Calm Down Taff Link
07/08/2009 Mystic Taff's Season Predictions Taff Link
04/08/2009 Squad Shapes Up For Challenging Season Taff Link
02/08/2009 PSF - Yeovil 3 Tiverton 0 Taff Link
31/07/2009 Gary Roberts Ain't Our Friend Taff Link
29/07/2009 Yeovil 3 Bristol City 2 Taff Link
27/07/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 6 Taff Link
24/07/2009 And Then There Were None Taff Link
22/07/2009 Yeovil 0 Derby County 2 Taff Link
20/07/2009 In's, Out's And Maybe's Part 5 Taff Link
18/07/2009 Challenge Cup Giving Grounds For Concern? Taff Link
16/07/2009 Season Review - October '08 Taff Link
15/07/2009 Plucky Minnows Almost Cause A Shock Taff Link
14/07/2009 Just like London buses... Taff Link
11/07/2009 The Summer Of Silent Speculation Taff Link
07/07/2009 Back To The Future Taff Link
05/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un, part 2 Taff Link
04/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un Taff Link
02/07/2009 SP On The Wing Again Taff Link
30/06/2009 Peltier's A Terrier Taff Link
29/06/2009 Stefan Stam's A Glover Taff Link
28/06/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 4 Taff Link
19/06/2009 New(ish) Kid On The Block Taff Link
16/06/2009 Let's be 'aving you! Taff Link
15/06/2009 Seven by Seven Taff Link
12/06/2009 The Man not in Black Anymore Taff Link
10/06/2009 Danny Hutchins Signs Up Taff Link
08/06/2009 Season review - September 08 Taff Link
03/06/2009 Season review - August 08 Taff Link
02/06/2009 Season review - July 08 Taff Link
29/05/2009 Perceptions and Season Ticket Sales Taff Link
26/05/2009 No Worthington, no way Taff Link
24/05/2009 Southern bias? Taff Link
21/05/2009 In's, out's and maybe's part 3 Taff Link
16/05/2009 Another one bites the dust Taff Link
15/05/2009 Marching on (in League One) together Taff Link
14/05/2009 In's and out's and maybe's, part 2 Taff Link
13/05/2009 Ins and outs and maybe's, part 1 Taff Link
10/05/2009 A profitable business Taff Link
09/05/2009 Mystic Taff's squad predictions Taff Link
07/05/2009 Hello, again Taff Link
13/03/2009 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Taff Link
12/03/2009 You really couldn't make it up Taff Link
11/03/2009 Leeds 4 - 0 Yeovil Taff Link
10/03/2009 You couldn't make it up Taff Link
09/03/2009 Muff in the brown stuff Taff Link
Other Entries By Badger.
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6/17/2019What Chance Of A Manager?BadgerLink
6/15/2019A Decision Of Sorts But The Uncertainty RemainsBadgerLink
6/13/2019Groundhog Day Is Here AgainBadgerLink
6/10/2019The Beginning Of The End?BadgerLink
6/5/2019A Question Of TimeBadgerLink
5/27/2019The Waiting GameBadgerLink
5/14/2019Managing The Management SituationBadgerLink
5/8/2019Back To Square One AgainBadgerLink
5/3/2019Keep The Focus On The Big Issues At The ClubBadgerLink
4/29/2019Where Did It All Go Wrong For Yeovil Town?BadgerLink
4/21/2019Mistakes Proving Costly As Time Runs OutBadgerLink
4/17/2019It Ain't Over Until It's OverBadgerLink
4/2/2019A False StartBadgerLink
3/28/2019Out With The Old And In With The NewBadgerLink
3/6/2019Six Points From The Six-PointersBadgerLink
2/21/2019Make Yeovil Great AgainBadgerLink
2/13/2019The Point Of No ReturnBadgerLink
1/30/2019The American DreamBadgerLink
1/26/2019A Striking ProblemBadgerLink
1/16/2019A Bright Spark In The DarknessBadgerLink
1/8/2019Where Do We Go From Here?BadgerLink
1/3/2019When In A Hole, Stop Digging!BadgerLink
12/31/2018Half Term Report Part Two : Off The FieldBadgerLink
12/25/2018Half Term Report Part One : On The FieldBadgerLink
12/13/2018Skivo Makes His Final BowBadgerLink
12/2/2018A Terrible Trio Sparks ConcernsBadgerLink
11/27/2018Macc Attack Falls FlatBadgerLink
11/21/2018Glovers Timekeeping Is Way OffBadgerLink
11/14/2018The Cup Runs DryBadgerLink
11/1/2018A Factcheck On StatisticsBadgerLink
10/2/2018Running Out Of Steam At CrawleyBadgerLink
9/8/2018Looking Upwards, Rather Than Down?BadgerLink
7/7/2018Summer Changes At Huish ParkBadgerLink
6/17/2018The Two That Got AwayBadgerLink
5/11/2018The Old Guard Exit The BuildingBadgerLink
5/10/2018Decision Time For Glovers SixBadgerLink
5/2/2018Playing The SystemBadgerLink
4/10/2018Bringing Clarity To Yeovil's DisciplineBadgerLink
4/5/2018Six AppealBadgerLink
3/22/2018The Voice Of ExperienceBadgerLink
3/13/2018Losing Out In The Chess Match BattleBadgerLink
2/21/2018Reality Check At Broadhall WayBadgerLink
12/11/2017Standing At The CrossroadsBadgerLink
11/15/2017Losing Ugly At CarlisleBadgerLink
11/2/2017Selection Headaches Brewing For FA Cup WeekendBadgerLink
10/10/2017Doing Defeats Textbook StyleBadgerLink
10/4/2017The Hype About HarryBadgerLink
9/26/2017Secret Agents And Misuse Of StatisticsBadgerLink
9/11/2017Figuring It Out - One In Five Fans Ditch Season TicketsBadgerLink
9/4/2017Crawley Defeat Gives That Deja Vu Away Day FeelingBadgerLink
8/28/2017Season Ticket Holder Trends At Yeovil TownBadgerLink
8/24/2017Do The School Holidays Really Affect Huish Park Attendances?BadgerLink
8/21/2017The Case For The DefenceBadgerLink
8/16/2017Three Games And A CrowdBadgerLink
8/4/2017How The Glovers May Line Up At Kenilworth RoadBadgerLink
7/27/2017Looking For Clues Ahead Of The New SeasonBadgerLink
7/11/2017Signs Of Life AgainBadgerLink
6/8/2017Planning For The FutureBadgerLink
5/18/2017Dawson Departure Draws A Line On The Championship EraBadgerLink
5/11/2017The Trouble With The TrophyBadgerLink
4/26/2017How To Remove MisconceptionsBadgerLink
4/6/2017Accounting For The Club's LossesBadgerLink
4/3/2017Slip Slidin' AwayBadgerLink
3/27/2017Responsible ActionsBadgerLink
3/7/2017Learning From The Luton LossBadgerLink
2/27/2017Attacking Ambition Needed To Stop Season Fizzling OutBadgerLink
2/24/2017Keeping Control Of The LandBadgerLink
2/21/2017Whaddon Road Frustrations Boil OverBadgerLink
1/19/2017Great Expectations Die DownBadgerLink
1/5/2017Crawley Trip Gives New Year BluesBadgerLink
12/25/2016Christmas RamblingsBadgerLink
11/2/2016Celebrating The Dizzy Heights At The HiveBadgerLink
10/25/2016Good Things Come In ThreesBadgerLink
9/22/2016Putting Pegs In Round HolesBadgerLink
9/16/2016Are Winter Breaks And Regionalisation Really The Answer?BadgerLink
9/14/2016Time For Solutions, Not ProblemsBadgerLink
9/9/2016Groundhog DayBadgerLink
7/7/2016Here We Go Again!BadgerLink
6/30/2016The Trojan Horse EFL Trophy TrialBadgerLink
6/16/2016The Cost Of An InjuryBadgerLink
5/25/2016Seven Reasons Why The League's Plans Don't Add UpBadgerLink
5/14/2016Review Of The SeasonBadgerLink
2/18/2016A Gamechanger - Or Much Ado About Nothing?BadgerLink
1/7/2016New Year, New Management EraBadgerLink
12/25/2015Halfway HouseBadgerLink
12/17/2015Stick Or Twist AgainBadgerLink
12/3/2015So What Do The Bookies Know Anyway?BadgerLink
12/2/2015The Revolving Door Spins AgainBadgerLink
11/5/2015Putting Trust In SupportersBadgerLink
10/27/2015Groundhog Day Strikes AgainBadgerLink
10/15/2015Squad Shake-Up Plans Prompt The Guessing GameBadgerLink
8/31/2015Standing Up For SturrockBadgerLink
8/6/2015Stepping Into The Great UnknownBadgerLink
7/2/2015And So It Begins AgainBadgerLink
6/10/2015Analysing The League One Domino EffectBadgerLink
6/5/2015End Of Term ReportBadgerLink
4/28/2015Ben Smith - Journeyman - One Man's Odyssey Through The Lower Leagues Of English FootballBadgerLink
4/24/2015The Case For The DefenceBadgerLink
4/9/2015Enter Sturrock As The Football Fix-It ManBadgerLink
4/8/2015Falling Apart At The SeamsBadgerLink
4/5/2015Breaking The Walls DownBadgerLink
3/20/201599 ProblemsBadgerLink
3/16/2015Survival Hopes Slide Away In East LondonBadgerLink
3/9/2015A Little Bit Of Daylight From Inside The TunnelBadgerLink
2/26/2015Bringing Leadership To The TableBadgerLink
2/18/2015Target FiftyBadgerLink
2/4/2015Gary Johnson - The End Of A Yeovil Town EraBadgerLink
2/3/2015Transfer Window Fails To Provide A Breath Of Fresh AirBadgerLink
1/12/2015No Time To LoseBadgerLink
12/25/2014Half Term ReportBadgerLink
12/15/2014Waiting For The Big OneBadgerLink
12/9/2014Can Good Things Come To Those Who Wait?BadgerLink
11/25/2014Magpies Nest RaidedBadgerLink
11/4/2014Changes For The BetterBadgerLink
10/28/2014And Two Steps BackBadgerLink
10/21/2014Steps In The Right DirectionBadgerLink
10/15/2014Paying The PriceBadgerLink
10/13/2014Vale Defeat Provides A Watershed MomentBadgerLink
9/30/2014Dual Identities In Glovers PerformancesBadgerLink
9/23/2014Posh NoshedBadgerLink
9/16/2014Managerial MadnessBadgerLink
9/15/2014Chickens And EggsBadgerLink
9/5/2014Communication BreakdownBadgerLink
9/3/2014What's Eating Gary Johnson?BadgerLink
9/2/2014A Window Of Little OpportunityBadgerLink
8/27/2014The Shape Of Things To ComeBadgerLink
8/18/2014An Unexpected False StartBadgerLink
8/5/2014Now The Real Stuff Begins!BadgerLink
7/29/2014Rehearsals For The Main EventBadgerLink
7/5/2014Sizing Up The SquadBadgerLink
6/4/2014Food Stocks Run OutBadgerLink
5/29/2014Store Wars Episode 2BadgerLink
5/20/2014A Trio Of FarewellsBadgerLink
5/14/2014Comings And GoingsBadgerLink
5/10/2014I Don't B-League It!BadgerLink
5/6/2014Time To Make DecisionsBadgerLink
4/29/2014Should I Stay Or Should I Go?BadgerLink
4/22/2014And Now The End Is NearBadgerLink
4/20/2014Drawing A Blank At BlackburnBadgerLink
4/15/2014Drawing LotsBadgerLink
4/9/2014Reality BitesBadgerLink
4/7/2014Miller Time Runs DryBadgerLink
4/3/2014Can A Two Month Extension Make The Difference?BadgerLink
4/1/2014Food For ThoughtBadgerLink
3/31/2014It Ain't Over Til It's OverBadgerLink
3/24/2014Are Yeovil Town A Relegation Side?BadgerLink
2/17/2014Ticket To RideBadgerLink
2/10/2014Concentrating On The LeagueBadgerLink
2/6/2014Home Is Where The Heart IsBadgerLink
1/21/2014The Jinx Of Being A Yeovil Town Loan PlayerBadgerLink
12/31/2013Stand Up If You Love YeovilBadgerLink
12/30/2013Half Term ReportBadgerLink
12/19/2013Moving The GoalpostsBadgerLink
12/16/2013Storing Up ProblemsBadgerLink
12/12/2013No Peaceful New Year For GaryBadgerLink
12/10/2013Pitching A CurveballBadgerLink
11/26/2013Paddy Madden - Shocked But Not Surprised?BadgerLink
10/3/2013Competing In The Mini-LeagueBadgerLink
9/30/2013Controversial Refereeing Decisions No. 7395bBadgerLink
9/19/2013Batten Down The HatchesBadgerLink
9/12/2013Counting The CostBadgerLink
9/10/2013No Hurry For A LoanBadgerLink
8/28/2013The Issues Of Sporting ConductBadgerLink
8/27/2013Back To RealityBadgerLink
8/19/2013Looking Back To Step ForwardBadgerLink
8/10/2013The More Things Change ...BadgerLink
8/5/2013Millwall 0 Yeovil 1 : One Down, Forty-Five To GoBadgerLink
7/6/2013Chief DecisionsBadgerLink
6/24/2013Signs Of LifeBadgerLink
6/4/2013Three Are FreeBadgerLink
6/1/2013Grounds For ImprovementBadgerLink
5/29/2013The Size Of The Championship TaskBadgerLink
5/5/2013Next Goal Wins?BadgerLink
5/3/2013What Are Our Chances In This Season's Play-Offs?BadgerLink
4/8/2013Target SixBadgerLink
3/5/2013Planning For The Future Part OneBadgerLink
1/20/2013Does The Administration Rule Need Revisiting?BadgerLink
1/11/2013From Bramall Lane To Bramall LaneBadgerLink
1/9/2013Wembley Goes West In East LondonBadgerLink
12/31/2012Waiting In The Arrivals LoungeBadgerLink
12/25/2012Halfway HouseBadgerLink
10/1/2012Preston 3 Yeovil 2 : Deepdale Defeat DissectedBadgerLink
9/19/2012Orient 4 Yeovil 1 : No Case For The DefenceBadgerLink
9/3/2012Attending To AttendancesBadgerLink
8/22/2012Brentford 1 Yeovil 3 : Full Stech SavesBadgerLink
8/14/2012Starting The Season RightBadgerLink
7/1/2012And So It Begins Again ...BadgerLink
6/26/2012The Calm Before The Storm?BadgerLink
6/6/2012Out With The Old And In With The NewBadgerLink
5/20/2012What Price A Striker?BadgerLink
5/13/2012The End Of Short-Termism?BadgerLink
4/30/2012The Waiting GameBadgerLink
4/23/2012All's Well That Ends WellBadgerLink
4/18/2012Decisions, DecisionsBadgerLink
4/12/2012When More Is LessBadgerLink
4/10/2012Mind The GapBadgerLink
2/1/2012Damp Squib Is No SurpriseBadgerLink
1/11/2012The First (Blades) Cut Is The DeepestBadgerLink
1/8/2012Dignity And Respect Needed For Management ChangeBadgerLink
12/18/2011The Future Of BBC Local RadioBadgerLink
12/14/2011Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night BeforeBadgerLink
11/14/2011Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another AwaitsBadgerLink
11/7/2011Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were ThenBadgerLink
7/9/2010Football League Survey 2010 Detailed ResultsBadgerLink
6/25/2010Pressure Grows For League Sporting Sanctions To Be IncreasedBadgerLink
6/18/2010Making A Perfect PitchBadgerLink
6/9/2010Larrieu Signs New Deal To Set Up A Decade With PilgrimsBadgerLink
6/8/2010Summer Scrapped For Former Loan StarsBadgerLink
6/8/2010Wazza Speaks About Witheridge AppointmentBadgerLink
6/7/2010Wazza Back In BusinessBadgerLink
6/7/2010Stewart Planning Final Season Of Playing CareerBadgerLink
6/6/2010On The Agenda At The Football League AGMBadgerLink
6/4/2010Warne Extends Stay With MillersBadgerLink
5/14/2010Hearn Calls For Double Relegation For 'Cheating' ClubsBadgerLink
5/13/2010Football's Silly SeasonBadgerLink
5/10/2010Tears, Tantrums And Two-Bob ClubsBadgerLink
5/4/2010Levelling The Playing Field For Next SeasonBadgerLink
4/30/2010Fancy An Extra 217,000 Per Season? No Thanks!BadgerLink
4/28/2010Full Transparency For Football League Club Ownership?BadgerLink
1/10/2010The Big Freezes And How They Affected Yeovil TownBadgerLink
1/4/2010A Window Of Little Opportunity?BadgerLink
12/6/2009The Fastest Glovers In The WestBadgerLink
11/27/2009Chipping Away At Yeovil's Travel ProblemsBadgerLink
11/19/2009Tis The Season To Post LossesBadgerLink
10/8/2009Unmasking The Real Owners Behind Football ClubsBadgerLink
10/6/2009What A Difference A Gate MakesBadgerLink
7/6/2009The Worries Of Becoming A Small ClubBadgerLink
7/3/2009The Other Guy - Terry Skiverton In 1999BadgerLink
5/20/2009The North-South DivideBadgerLink
10/15/2007Premium Pricing Attendance Analysis : October 2007BadgerLink
3/13/2007The Effect Of Friday Night Football Upon AttendancesBadgerLink
2/1/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.10BadgerLink
1/30/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.9BadgerLink
1/27/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.8BadgerLink
1/26/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.7BadgerLink
1/25/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.6BadgerLink
1/16/2006 January Transfer Window Round-Up No.5BadgerLink
1/12/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.4BadgerLink
1/11/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.3BadgerLink
1/9/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.2BadgerLink
1/4/2006January Transfer Window Round-Up No.1BadgerLink
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