03/01/2012 : WWOYTB : WWOYTB Survey No.1 Report : Ratings Of Matchday Experience
3 January 2012 : WWOYTB Survey No.1 Report : Ratings Of Matchday Experience
6. Ratings Of Matchday Experience

Ratings On Matchday Experience
Ratings On Matchday Experience

6a. Catering

One area of the match day experience stands out like a sore thumb in terms of respondent dissatisfaction: Catering. This includes all aspects of food and drink provision around the ground. Of those providing an answer, more than half rate the catering around the ground as ‘terrible’.

Sample comments from supporters include:

On a couple of occasions I have had reason to be disgusted by the level of catering. I am not on my own on this issue as I know many people who have had reason to complain, so why does it seem that nothing has been done to alter this? (6)

The catering really does need an overhaul. I work for a fast food company and know about various things that should and should not be done in this area. And microwaving pies that "aren’t quite ready yet" isn't one of them. It's unacceptable as well to simply just run out of stock. Also the lack of a basic till would be helpful to the staff rather than having to work things out in their head and would move the queues a lot quicker. (14)

The catering at present is a joke. All too often the tea bars are running out of products and the choice of food offered is poor with no vegetarian option whatsoever. The food itself is barely edible, often luke warm and vastly overpriced. The poor staff serving are on a hiding to nothing with their customer service as it's hardly their fault they aren't being given enough stock to satisfy demand. (17)

It can't be rocket science to improve the catering which is decidedly poor at present. I do not expect 5* service but quality pies and drinks would do for starters and how about some proper Bovril for us old uns eh?? And while on the subject, whoever is responsible for the catering needs to pay attention to stock levels!! All too often we get "Sorry we've run out of that" NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Goodness knows what any new supporter thinks of our facilities let alone the away fans!!! (35)

We have the worst catering that I have ever been to in 30 years of going to football. Constantly no milk for tea and coffee and running out of stuff 20 minutes before kick off. Then in the October heatwave they run out of water before the game then start restocking 20 minutes into the second half. (36)

Catering is another area that has become a joke at the club, and adds to the decline in the match day experience. Cold food, out of date food, running out of food and very high prices - simply not good enough. (47)

The dire catering - expensive, very limited, runs out and slow. I once missed an early second half goal because I was still queuing . I now bring a ruck sack with coffee, soup and snacks. Club loses income ! (57)

An overhaul of the catering set-up is needed. That is obvious to almost anyway who has ever used the service. How a football club with a relatively steady attendance can ever run out of a long lived commodity such as a bottle of coke is beyond me. I would suggest paying for an external review, supervised by a (preferably elected) supporter’s representative, on the failings of the current set-up should be done. If necessary, the current management system should be removed (62)

catering has gone down hill etc. We used to have some of the best food in the country - award winning pies! The club needs to get fans spending money on these items. They need to look at the sums - if every fan spent an extra £2 on average think of all the extra revenue that brings in! In 2011, football is all about a day out. As well as the week in week out fans, it should be about mums and dads taking their kids cos they've heard about good things, a good way to spend an afternoon together, buying sweets, drinks, programmes (which I have to say is getting better so congrats on that) but its not. Other clubs have realised this, why hasn't ours?! The food bars should not be selling out of hot food before kick off!! ARH! Whilst these things may not appear to directly impact on the on-field activities, they actually do. Extra revenue will mean we can bring in more players, better players - players of our own and not just on loan (73)

Food need to be fresher and local we have large caters in the town support them and they will support us. Mortimers can supply baked goods Palmers can run the chips stands etc (116)

Supporters are the life blood of any football team, Supporters facilities are in desperate need of upgrading. the playing surface is very good now bring the rest of the ground up to standard. (61)

6b. Drinking and Bars

The club needs to investigate this immediately and systematic changes made to the provision of food and drinks. Food and drink are a potentially important part of match day revenue and these statistics suggest they are not even close to being maximised. Many smaller clubs rely on bar/social club and catering for 25-50% of their revenue. The club should look at examples of successfully run operations and see how, even on a limited budget, a satisfactory experience can be delivered.

There is obviously heavy overlap with bar facilities and tea bar facilties. However, sample comments from supporters specific to drink include:

Finally when are we ordinary supporters going to get a proper Supporters Club and do away with the temporary Marquee (6)

Let home supporters have part of the bar upstairs & let away supporters have the tent. (21)

Surely there must be a need for a supporters club that would create a "belonging" among fans where they could meet in comfortable surroundings. This needs to be within a permanent structure and NOT under canvas. (35)

When we the supporters were able to come into the club e.g. the top bar,the club were making money. Not just over the bar but this allowed organisations like the YTISA to raise money which was used for benefit of the playing staff. Myself as a supporter along with friends want to spend our money at the club not at a local pub, but I am sorry not in that bloody tent. (68)

Supporters demand for a decent social club to be built for fans to use pre match. The facilities in beer tent are poor and inclement weather such as strong winds result in it being closed on some matchdays. If/when that happens why can't the fans use the VIP bars/lounges. By building a decent social club for the supporters will be a benefit to the club overall as will generate revenue/profits to the club, which can be used towards improving the facilities at club and strengthening the playing squad. (77)

Feel the club should allow all away supporters into beer tent to maximise income, could put on more security for the larger clubs, the majority of whom are very nice people. (82)

We need a decent social club NOW! The tent is just embarrassing, it was ok as a temporary measure but for the club not to have a proper bar and place for fans to meet before and after the game is just negligence on behalf of the club's owners. This would be a valuable asset to the club, providing extra income, if run professionally (86)

When I do go i will be at the arrow for midday to watch the midday kickoff and enjoy a couple of pints before going to huish. I would love to be giving my money to help the football club instead of this pub, but there’s no bar?! (I refuse to drink in that tent). (90)

The VP bar should be given to supporters and the VP's the tent. Huge revenue is being lost with regards to catering and the bar. Supporters feel unwanted and undervalued. Many raised large sums to save the club (me included) but the needs of few are catered for at the expense of the average supporter.

6c. General Stadium Facilities And Access

We acknowledge here the limitations of the stadium, which became outdated far too quickly, but call on the club to maximise the facilities that they have. Supporters have raised the following comments of interest that were not specifically referenced within the survey:

Lack of transport links to the ground, mainly from the train stations. This has to be one of the biggest factors that puts me off from making visits to the ground, as I no longer live in Yeovil and have to take the train. The walk or expensive taxi really puts me off. Setting up links with local transport authorities/companies would possibly be a good idea not only for home fans , but away fans as well (12)

One issue not mentioned on here is the parking. Whilst not as difficult to get out due to smaller crowds the parking area is still awful,(wet, muddy and chaotic) (20)

6d. Ticket Prices, Ticket Office And Stewarding

Respondents were relatively ambivalent towards ticket prices and stewarding and the only area in the entire survey where positive outweighed negative was the ticket office, which had only 13% negative mentions.

One supporter said about the Ticket Office:

Though certain areas of the club 'off field' seem ok and certain personnel from my experience seem good, for example I thought the ticket office manager was first class when I had an issue once.

Sections: 1-3: Introduction And Background ; 4: Overall Off The Field Performance ; 5: Ratings On Commercial Attributes ; 6: Ratings Of Matchday Experience ; 7: Feelings About The Direction Of The Club ; 8: Transparency Of Information From The Club ; 9: Relationship Between Supporters And Club ; 10-11: Other Issues For Discussion ; 12: Conclusions And Next Steps.

Appendix: A: Statistical Survey Results ; B: Additional Comments Made.

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camelgreen said ...

Do something about the water that collects around HP when it rains older people sit with wet feet including my dad nearly 90 been watching YTFC since 1946. It is 2012 this situation is worse than most western lge grounds. Still dont suppose Mr Fry is bothered driving up to the front door!
06/01/2012 11:26:51

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