16/12/2010 : Taff's Gloversblog : Taff Glover RIP
16 December 2010 : Taff Glover RIP
It is with huge sadness that I must announce the death of my beloved brother Jon Morgan, known to you all as Taff. Jon leaves his lovely and all too recently taken wife Julie, his two daughters Carly and Lauren and his grandchildren Leonie and Summer. Jon was fifty just a few weeks ago.

Jon died suddenly and unexpectedly this afternoon having suffered a heart attack. Jon was my hero in so many ways, not least how he coped so magnificently with his disabilities incurred as the result of a road accident in 1989. Never once since then did I hear Jon complain, he was so very brave.

As you will know he loved football being an ardent Yeovil Town and Tottenham Hotspur fan.

As I am sure you can appreciate I and the rest of the family are simply heartbroken today and life will never be the same again. Jon had made so many friends as a result of his love of football and I know his passing will affect so many people.

When I know more about funeral arrangements, I will let you know.

Rest in peace Jon, my brother and my hero.

Paul Morgan

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Martin McConachie said ...

My deepest sympathies go to Jon's widow, his family and friends at this very sad time.
Having met him several times, his enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious and although we often sat at opposite ends of the debating table, he was always courteous and friendly to me.
RIP Taff.
16/12/2010 21:32:23

Cruncher said ...

Such devastating news, Paul, I am so sorry. My condolences to you all.
16/12/2010 21:39:18

Lawrie Poole said ...

I am so very sorry to hear the sad news. What a terrible shock. I only talked to him a few times but I always read his magnificent blog.
Ciderspace won't be the same without his wisdom and wit.
RIP Taff
16/12/2010 21:40:18

Tim Ray said ...

My sincere condolences to the family and everyone close to Taff. I've always enjoyed and valued Taff's comments and analysis over the years. Rest in Peace Taff, and well played.
16/12/2010 21:42:12

Bill Biss said ...

Sad sad news.

I never met 'Taff' but through his words I've always felt like I had.

When it comes to his views on everything Yeovil Town I trusted his opinions implicitly. When he wrote, I sat up and took notice.

His presence will be much missed.
16/12/2010 21:42:58

Rich Swaine said ...

Our thoughts are with you all at this difficult time
16/12/2010 21:48:10

Chalky said ...

Sad news indeed. His sage like words and opinion will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with the family members at this time.
16/12/2010 21:49:57

Don Gibson said ...

What can I say. A giant of a man who taught me so many lessons by his life attitude. I will miss his friendship and biting wit and treasure the time that I was fortunate enough to know him. Regular attendance at former YTFC reserve games was nothing to do with the football and everything to do with catching up with such a wonderful person. My thoughts go to all of the family at such a cruel time.
16/12/2010 21:52:02

Simon Prout said ...

This is dreadfully sad news.

I too never met 'Taff', but we exchanged views on the various forums and latterly I have much enjoyed, looked forward to and responded to his blog entries.

I recall him responding to a post of mine when I revealed a history of drinking in the old Globe and Crown... this seemed to raise my profile in his opinion! I was rather proud!

I have always found his views to be level headed, constructive and entertaining.

Indeed, he will be truly missed.

My sincere condolences to his family.
16/12/2010 21:59:19

Rich Akers said ...

Like others I never met Taff, but I always enjoyed reading his blogs and his posts on the forum. He always seemed to talk with passion and reason. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP Taff.
16/12/2010 22:09:21

Grant said ...

RIP Taff, it was great reading your blogs they will be missed
16/12/2010 22:18:54

Andrew Foot said ...

To echo the thoughts of so many others, I never really met Taff apart from the odd smile of recognition when I saw him a couple of times. But I felt like I knew him due to his contributions to the different forums over the years. A man obviously deeply passionate about the football club, there are many at HP who won't ever forget him. My thoughts go to his family and his obviously many friends. RIP.
16/12/2010 22:33:38

David Tolley said ...

I never met him but looked forward to all his posts. As others have said here: level-headed, fair, perceptive. We will all miss you. Condolences to the family. RIP Taff
16/12/2010 22:35:57

TSFDesign said ...

It was only recently that i got to speak to 'Taff' and would have liked to get to know him a little better.

My thoughts are with all his family at this sad time and i hope that they can celebrate Christmas in the way i'm sure Taff would have wanted them too.
16/12/2010 22:37:22

Stephen Waldron said ...

Extremely sad news. Thoughts are with you.
16/12/2010 22:49:20

Bill Homer said ...


I knew Taff very well when we were teenagers at Yeovil College and I am very sorry to read of his death. My father, another huge Yeovil Fan, died last week at the age of 74. Jon's passing some 24 years at least ahead of time is a very big loss to the many who followed his blog and read his eloquent articles. He was one of the few writers who seemed to watch the same games as I did.

My condolences to you, all his family and all those close to him that he left behind.

16/12/2010 23:34:30

Palm Beach Glover said ...

I am very very sorry to hear this, my sincere commiserations to all the family, he was a YTFC stalwart with very strong views always expressed with the best interests of the club at heart.
16/12/2010 23:59:05

seb white said ...

A true Yeovil legend. He has spoke for us all lately and it's a tragedy that he is no longer with us. Genuine respect to a great guy and my thoughts are with those who have to deal with a sad loss.
17/12/2010 00:10:58

..::AL::.. said ...

Completely shocked. Whilst i never had the opportunity to meet Taff in person, his posts on the various forums were always well educated and interesting. So long Taff.
17/12/2010 00:15:43

Snoz said ...

Shocked!!! So so sorry to hear this news! Taff, you were a pleasure to have met and the world will be a poorer place for your passing. Take care pal and keep shouting loudly from the best seat in the house! Never forgotten...
17/12/2010 00:38:57

AroundtheworldwithYeovil said ...

My deepest sympathies to Paul and Jon's family. Although I never met Taff I feel a real sense of loss. I always enjoyed reading his reasoned and well written blogs and learning what books he was currently reading or planning to read. At these very sad times it is difficult to believe it but time will allow you to enjoy fond memories of Taff without the pain you feel today. Meanwhile Ciderspace and indeed the entire Yeovil community is all the poorer for his passing.
17/12/2010 01:41:20

Andy said ...

My thoughts go out to his family. A giant of a man
17/12/2010 07:02:00

Darren Mallinson said ...

Very sad news indeed. I only met Taff a couple of times, but always liked to read his views both on the forum and on here.

My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
17/12/2010 07:25:27

Vedran said ...

Shocking news. I know him only from his blog. His articles were the most trusty source of news from Huish Park. I will miss his comments and reports about Y.T.F.C. Rest in peace my friend and condolences to his family and friends.
17/12/2010 08:09:48

Nobrakes AKA Vikki said ...

Such a sad sad day, I never personally met Taff but always enjoyed his contributions to the forum and this blog. A true YTFC man and he will be sorely missed. RIP Taff xxx
17/12/2010 08:15:52

Tallglover said ...

My thoughts to his family and friends. A terrible thing to read this morning, Taff's contributions will be missed.
17/12/2010 08:26:07

Paul Lewis said ...

Taff will be sorely missed by both myself and my dad. My dad went to school with Taff and has known him for many years, naturally then I met him at the YTFC games and have always read the ciderspace posts and in more recent years his blogs.
I know not only will he be missed by myself and dad but also by the Ciderspace community.
My thoughts are with his family and friends.

R.I.P Taff - the 2nd Mr Yeovil.
17/12/2010 08:44:25

Haribo said ...

Sad,sad news. A great loss. RIP Taff
17/12/2010 08:48:43

Sarah Woodward said ...

What a terrible shock. One of the few people whose posts and blogs were always worth reading. You will be SO missed.
17/12/2010 08:57:30

Jeremy Gear said ...

Taff - as educated a football man you're ever likley to meet. Your comments were never "sped read" because they were absorbing and so to the point. RIP Taff. You'll be sorely missed.
17/12/2010 08:59:27

Kew Green said ...

Yet another here who never met Taff in person, but I felt I got to know him over the last 8 or so years since I started reading Ciderspace and the original Ciderspace forum. His posts and blogs were always interesting, well written and his opinions credible. He was one of the few posters who had my 'trusted status', as his reading of any situation regarding YTFC was always bang on the money.

Shocked to see the news on Ciderspace this morning - it was only a few days ago that he made one of his best blog postings.
My condolences and thoughts are with his family - I hope you find the comfort you need from each other and Jon's memories at this difficult time.

RIP Taff.
Yeovil is a poorer town for your passing.
17/12/2010 09:14:01

Stew Bratherton (DNB) said ...

Well that is a shit start to Christmas, had some great chats and many beers with the BIG fella. Big is the key word:
Big Stature
Big Heart
Big with Passion
And a proud Big but soft Daddy and Grandad.

RIP mate, and condeolences go to all the Morgan Clan, I hope you can enjoy the festive period at this sad time, and remember him for what he brought to the table like we all will.

Let's hope the game is on tomorrow so we can all have a drink to remember the man we all so fondly knew as TAFF.
17/12/2010 09:16:25

Colin Redman said ...

My condolences to Julie, Paul and the Morgan family. I did not know Taff either but like many I valued his contributions on Ciderspace and his recent Taffglover blog. It was clear how much he loved our football club and his passion for reading gave me a few new authors to read. He'll be sorely missed.
17/12/2010 09:48:36

Dave Cousins(cuzzie) said ...

Rest in peace Taff. I did not know you in person but we did talk on here about our beloved Wales and Ponty.R.I.P. Cum Ru Am Byth
17/12/2010 10:01:08

Tom Burt said ...

Remember sitting next to Jon during our 6 home matches at DTFC. Great guy. Also knew him well with the DSA.
17/12/2010 10:01:13

Steve Sowden said ...

What an awful bit of news.
Deepest condolences to Taff's family.
It has been a sad year for Yeovil Town saying 'farewell' to some well-known faces such as former player Adam Stansfield, former head coach Colin Lippiatt, all-time record appearance maker Len Harris and now life-time fan Jon Morgan.
RIP to all.
17/12/2010 10:02:25

Will Ranner said ...

This was truly terrible news to receive last night.

I'd known Jon for 12 years and he was a real fixture down The Bell, pre-match, during the Glovers' glory years.

Incredibly measured and knowledgable, I've always admired Jon for his wisdom and great humility, although it's not the kind of thing he'd ever have wanted me to tell him.

Jon would always have time to stop and talk to you and even if I hadn't seen him for a while he'd know what was going on in my life and ask about it.

Without him, disabled supporters would not have got half as much attention as they have from the club.

A couple of years ago we were in the pub pre-match and I said he really should put his views down in blog form because he'd get a lot of readers. I'm really glad that he did and that a lot of other people could share in his enourmous knowledge and passion for YTFC.

Jon, you were a true gentleman and a great person to talk YTFC, football and life in general with. You will be sorely missed.
17/12/2010 10:09:44

Richard May (Rich_the_Glover) said ...

Awful news, my deepest condolences to his family. Insightful and honest, I always looked forward to his blog and whilst I never had the pleasure to meet him I will miss his online presence. RIP.
17/12/2010 10:12:39

George Faris said ...

I am yet another of those who never met Taff but I always appreciated what he wrote and followed where his fiver was going. His Welsh background and my Irish one gave us a similar approach to many things Yeovil Town and England connected. I offer my sympathy to his family and to his friends. He will be greatly missed.
17/12/2010 10:53:02

Darren Evans said ...

Such a sad, sad loss. We may not have seen eye to eye on a lot of topics, however I always had the feeling that he was chuckling to himself when he posted. I never met the legend in person but from what people have been saying on here I wish I had. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

RIP Taff, you WILL be missed but NEVER forgotten.
17/12/2010 10:58:03

Michael Gay said ...

This is very sad to hear, I never met Taff but I read his blogs from time to time and thoroughly enjoyed them. It is always very sad to lose someone as sudden as this, I hope the Morgan family are coping well. RIP
17/12/2010 11:02:43

Brian Taylor said ...

What a shock. He will be missed by so many. RIP
17/12/2010 11:03:15

Nick Rogers said ...

So sad and untimely, my sympathy to Taff's family and friends. I always looked out for his blog as a well considered view of all things green & white.
17/12/2010 11:46:47

Lorraine said ...

Terrible news our thoughts go out to family & friends at this very sad time. Lorraine & Lenny.
17/12/2010 12:01:01

Fred Few said ...

Fred Few/Valetta Baby

Such sad news.
Will be sorely missed.
17/12/2010 12:10:36

Dan said ...

RIP Taff! Enjoyed reading your blogs
17/12/2010 12:11:05

Phil said ...

I am deeply saddened.. Had many a great chat in the Bell before a game... Rest in Peace
Truly a wonderful man.....:-(
17/12/2010 12:33:02

John Baker (CJ) said ...

Such sad news, the 5-6 seasons that we met prematch at the Bell were the best times watching YTFC and that was nowt to do with the football. Taff was always great company whether the chat was fun or serious. Not seen so much of him lately but any brief meeting and his straight talking blog were always a pleasure. He will be sorely missed. My sincere condolances to all his family. RIP Jon.
17/12/2010 12:34:05

Tim Lancaster said ...

Cannot believe this, so sorry to hear this news and my thoughts are with Jon's family and friends. I was only talking about how spot on Jon's blogs were with my brother earlier in the week. RIP Taff. Tim Lancaster.
17/12/2010 12:35:24

Dusty said ...

I am in a MacDonalds in Leicester having a quarter pounder and like I do everyday I am checking Ciderspace. I am so saddened by this news. I have never met Taff but this man had become a big part of my Yeovil supporting life and I felt I knew him well. Deepest sympathy to his wife and family and friends. What a shock. He will be missed and I hope Ciderspace can do something permanent on the site to remember him. Where will Skivo get such good advice again!
17/12/2010 12:39:00

Dave Linney said ...

Very sad to hear. My sincere condolencies to all family & friends.
17/12/2010 12:42:14

julie said ...

Our thoughts are with you at this sad time. We used to love reading Taffs blogs. All best wishes to the family with love
17/12/2010 12:54:09

Marilyn Tayor said ...

Sincere & deep condolences to Paul & all the family. Such a very large void now at YTFC. He will be sorely missed. It always seems so much worse so near to Christmas, but I hope & pray the family will still enjoy this season as much as possible, remembering all the good things about such a great man. RIP
17/12/2010 12:58:09

Phil Park (Sparksy) said ...

I was shocked to get home & see this sad news. Whilst not knowing Taff personally it goes to show how his passion for YTFC & nice personality came across online as I feel I've known & liked him for the last few years, and i will sorely miss reading his posts & blog.

My condolences go to his family at this tough time & he'll never be forgot by us fans - another top YTFC person lost this year :-(
17/12/2010 19:11:48

Michael West said ...

Like others, I never had the chance to meet Taff, but through his words, it almost felt you knew him. His words were always measured and straight to the point, and had a way of putting into words what those of us not as gifted as Taff, were thinking. RIP Taff, and my deepest thoughts are with his family and close friends.
17/12/2010 21:54:34

Brian Bonner said ...

The First time I met Taff Was at Dorchester when the town was playing down there, it was the same day Adam Stansfield broke his leg. I spoke to Taff many times as was in a wheelchair myself! Lovely person one of the best.
My heart goes out his family.

R.I.P Taff.
17/12/2010 21:55:00

Paul Brenton said ...

RIP Mr.Taff
17/12/2010 23:37:09

Jem Gardener said ...

I'm yet another saddened Glover who is shocked to hear of Taff's premature death. As a Ciderspace pioneer Taff takes much credit for my re-connection with YTFC from afar. I'll be eternally grateful for that and will miss Taff's big-hearted and incisive writing about our beloved football club.
I wish I'd made the effort to seek him out and thank him personally for his huge contribution to the club and its fans. I hope his passing can be marked in some appropriate way. He deserves our applause.
17/12/2010 23:57:04

david bailey said ...

taff i will miss talking to you when you were in the park with your dog and of course you are my near neighbour, my deepest thoughts to paul and all the family RIP JON
18/12/2010 06:48:44

Tony Elbourn said ...

My heartfelt condolences to the Morgan family. You ( and we ) have lost a diamond. God bless you Taff, I will miss your pithy comments.
18/12/2010 06:49:10

Loughborough Glover said ...

Very sad news indeed.Always a pleasure to read his blog as his sentiments echoed the views of so many of us fans.He had that ability to put in to words what most of us were thinking.Condolences to the family.RIP Taff
18/12/2010 10:19:52

Mike O'Reilly said ...

Such a shame. Never met Jon, but was a big fan of his writings on various forums, Ciderspace and his postings on the mailing list. Sincerest Condolences to his family and all who knew him, or didn't know him but will still miss him.
18/12/2010 11:21:47

Liam Blackmore said ...

Not being able to get back to see the Town at all often now a days, reading Taffs blog gave me the inside track to what was really happening back in Somerset. Great opinions and always with the best of intentions for the club and its supporters. Never met the man but his pen will be sorely missed here in Reading. condolences to all Taff's friends and family.
18/12/2010 14:13:47

Annette said ...

My deepest condolences to Taffs family. Like many others i had not met Taff but felt i knew him through his wonderful blog. We always looked forward to his insightful comments and i readily took his advice on a good read. He will be greatly missed.
18/12/2010 14:29:11

Applecatcher said ...

RIP Taff. Your writing and opinions will be sorely missed. The world is a much worse place this morning. :-(
18/12/2010 15:17:18

ONK said ...

Like many others I sadly never knew Taff personally. I always read his blog because they were always to the point sometimes with humour sometimes not, he was a great writer. He was obviously an honest guy who will be missed by everyone. My condolences to his family. RIP Taff
18/12/2010 16:08:31

Robin Hodges said ...

Thank you Taff.
You and especially your family are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Thank you for making me laugh till I cried. Thank you for hitting the nail on the head with your blog when all I wanted to do was hit my head on a wall. Thank you for being honest and forthright and most of all, Thank you for being there for all of us Glovers Fans.
18/12/2010 17:52:16

Gav Cheetham said ...

RIP Taff. Enjoyed reading your blogs.
Deepest condolences to you and the rest of your family mate.
18/12/2010 20:46:07

Brizzol Glover said ...

RIP Taff.

Very sad news indeed.

Your blogs like others gave the lifeblood of the club a voice during a time when we needed it the most.

Respect and condolences to your family.
18/12/2010 21:50:00

Jon Goodall said ...

RIP Taff.
I may not have met Taff, but I can say that his words of wisdom, above all other official or otherwise communications, were the voice of THE voice of YTFC supporters. He has left a legacy - here's to 'The Fellowship of Taff Glover'.
Deepest condolences to the Morgan family.
19/12/2010 11:51:43

Gary Smith said ...

Having moved away from Yeovil 31 years ago, I never knew Taff the man, but remember Taff the lad from Yeovil School & College. His size made him a shoo-in for the rugby teams, so his incapacity in later years must have been particularly tough on him; other comments suggest that his sense of humour remained reassuringly intact, though. Strangely, during our schooldays I never realised that we shared an affection/affliction for Spurs (I'm now 31 years a THFC season ticket holder)! I'm sure all who knew him will remember him with a smile.
19/12/2010 13:04:51

Dellboy said ...

The most sad news. My condolences to Taff's family.
He was a top man and I just wish I had the chance to buy him a cigar again in The Bell.
As CJ has said we enjoyed some golden moments with Taff. Few indeed come from a mould as rich and fine as his.

19/12/2010 19:41:19

Belgian Glover said ...

Such sad sad news, my thoughts go out to the family. A loss not only to his family, but also the greater Yeovil Town family. RIP
19/12/2010 19:53:14

Richard Lane said ...

When Ciderspace first began it didn't take long for me to realise that Taff and I were of a similar age, and from the same town. I met Taff at a few reserve games, and enjoyed a brief chat about football and memories of Wales. I didn't know him well, more of a nodding acquaintance on a matchday, but his writing made me, and obviously hundreds of others, included in the friendship and banter of a group of friends. It's a mark of the man that his considered opinions were respected by so many. Rest in Peace.
20/12/2010 14:42:21

colin fenn said ...

Always enjoyed reading your blogs well written a sad loss RIP
20/12/2010 15:07:40

Dave Carter said ...

Very Sad News
I only know Taff from these blogs but I am sure he will be greatly missed

Condolences to the family and all that new him
21/12/2010 13:45:20

John Jeanes (Millands Green) said ...

Very sad news indeed. I always enjoyed meeting down the Bell during the glory years. You will be greatly missed, RIP Jon.
21/12/2010 14:58:56

mike kunz said ...

all our thoughts go out to all the family and friends who knew jon, we will miss sitting and talking to you at matches rest in peace mate
23/12/2010 12:04:19

mark Sun said ...

You will have the best view of all our matches now Taff, among the Angels .RIP
29/12/2010 03:39:22

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16/09/2016 Are Winter Breaks And Regionalisation Really The Answer? Badger Link
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25/05/2016 Seven Reasons Why The League's Plans Don't Add Up Badger Link
17/05/2016 Farewell To Ten But Decision Time For Five Old Green Eyes Link
14/05/2016 Review Of The Season Badger Link
24/04/2016 Decision Time For This Year's Squad Old Green Eyes Link
18/02/2016 A Gamechanger - Or Much Ado About Nothing? Badger Link
07/01/2016 New Year, New Management Era Badger Link
01/01/2016 Michael Bromfield : An Open Letter To John Fry Michael Bromfield Link
25/12/2015 Halfway House Badger Link
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03/12/2015 So What Do The Bookies Know Anyway? Badger Link
02/12/2015 The Revolving Door Spins Again Badger Link
05/11/2015 Putting Trust In Supporters Badger Link
27/10/2015 Groundhog Day Strikes Again Badger Link
15/10/2015 Squad Shake-Up Plans Prompt The Guessing Game Badger Link
31/08/2015 Standing Up For Sturrock Badger Link
06/08/2015 Stepping Into The Great Unknown Badger Link
24/07/2015 Gulls Pre-Season Friendly Review Kurt West Link
20/07/2015 Cornish Pre-Season Review Kurt West Link
02/07/2015 And So It Begins Again Badger Link
10/06/2015 Analysing The League One Domino Effect Badger Link
05/06/2015 End Of Term Report Badger Link
24/04/2015 The Case For The Defence Badger Link
09/04/2015 Enter Sturrock As The Football Fix-It Man Badger Link
08/04/2015 Falling Apart At The Seams Badger Link
05/04/2015 Breaking The Walls Down Badger Link
20/03/2015 99 Problems Badger Link
16/03/2015 Survival Hopes Slide Away In East London Badger Link
09/03/2015 A Little Bit Of Daylight From Inside The Tunnel Badger Link
26/02/2015 Bringing Leadership To The Table Badger Link
18/02/2015 Target Fifty Badger Link
04/02/2015 Gary Johnson - The End Of A Yeovil Town Era Badger Link
03/02/2015 Transfer Window Fails To Provide A Breath Of Fresh Air Badger Link
23/01/2015 Back To The Future Part III Brendon Owen Link
12/01/2015 No Time To Lose Badger Link
25/12/2014 Half Term Report Badger Link
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09/12/2014 Can Good Things Come To Those Who Wait? Badger Link
25/11/2014 Magpies Nest Raided Badger Link
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28/10/2014 And Two Steps Back Badger Link
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08/06/2014 Planning Problems And Options Northern Glover Link
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20/05/2014 A Trio Of Farewells Badger Link
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26/11/2013 Paddy Madden - Shocked But Not Surprised? Badger Link
18/10/2013 The Season So Far: A Lack Of Luck And Goals Kurt West Link
03/10/2013 Competing In The Mini-League Badger Link
30/09/2013 Controversial Refereeing Decisions No. 7395b Badger Link
19/09/2013 Batten Down The Hatches Badger Link
12/09/2013 Counting The Cost Badger Link
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28/08/2013 The Issues Of Sporting Conduct Badger Link
27/08/2013 Back To Reality Badger Link
22/08/2013 So Am I A Real Fan? Francis Gates Link
19/08/2013 Looking Back To Step Forward Badger Link
10/08/2013 The More Things Change ... Badger Link
05/08/2013 Millwall 0 Yeovil 1 : One Down, Forty-Five To Go Badger Link
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24/06/2013 Signs Of Life Badger Link
16/06/2013 Who The Fudging Hell Are You? Cider Jaaarn Link
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29/05/2013 The Size Of The Championship Task Badger Link
10/05/2013 Finally Our Turn? Michael Bromfield Link
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11/01/2012 The First (Blades) Cut Is The Deepest Badger Link
08/01/2012 The Second Coming Cruncher Link
08/01/2012 Dignity And Respect Needed For Management Change Badger Link
18/12/2011 Much Nothing About Ado Cruncher Link
14/12/2011 Yeovil 0 Fleetwood 2 : The Morning After The Night Before Badger Link
28/11/2011 Hartlepool 0 Yeovil 1 : It's Not So Grim Up North Cruncher Link
20/11/2011 Yeovil 2 Exeter 2 : Second-Half Improvement Renews Hope Cruncher Link
14/11/2011 Hereford 0 Yeovil 3: Banana Skin Avoided But Another Awaits Badger Link
07/11/2011 Chesterfield 2 Yeovil 2 : As You Were Then Badger Link
23/10/2011 Stevenage 0 Yeovil 0 : Drawing Blanks Cruncher Link
10/10/2011 Colchester 2 Yeovil 2 Cruncher Link
26/09/2011 Scunthorpe 2 Yeovil 1 : Nowt To Show For It Again Cruncher Link
29/08/2011 Yeovil 0 Sheffield United 1 : Blades Nick It Cruncher Link
26/08/2011 Goodbye, Good Buy Cruncher Link
16/08/2011 Paying Attention To Attendances Ciderspace Link
15/08/2011 Action And Reaction Cruncher Link
12/08/2011 Shape Up Skivo Cruncher Link
07/08/2011 Brentford 2 Yeovil 0 : Capital Punishment Cruncher Link
24/07/2011 The Summer Heats Up Ciderspace Link
23/07/2011 Wossit Gonna Be? Cruncher Link
17/07/2011 A View From Treyew Road Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.2 Ciderspace Link
12/07/2011 Yeovil 2 Inverness 4 : Review Of The Trialists No.1 Ciderspace Link
06/07/2011 Dorchester 4 Yeovil 1 : Players Put On Trial Ciderspace Link
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08/06/2011 totallygobsmacked.com Cruncher Link
28/05/2011 Shift One Out, Get A Load In? Cruncher Link
14/05/2011 Where Did It All Go Right? Cruncher Link
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14/04/2011 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Cruncher Link
10/04/2011 Confusion Is The Norm Cruncher Link
15/03/2011 Taff's Final Resting Place Ciderspace Link
10/03/2011 A Shift Too Far? Cruncher Link
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23/02/2011 Two Years After Two Years Before Cruncher Link
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21/12/2010 Who's On Board? Cruncher Link
18/12/2010 The Godfather Of Ciderspace : 21st November 1960 - 16th December 2010 Ciderspace Link
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16/12/2010 Taff Glover RIP Ciderspace Link
15/12/2010 The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn ... Taff Link
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25/11/2010 Tipping Point Reached? Taff Link
21/11/2010 L1: Charlton 3 Yeovil 2 : Heroic Failure Repeated Cruncher Link
19/11/2010 I Should Have Stayed Home Taff Link
14/11/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Dagenham and Redbridge 3 Cruncher Link
11/11/2010 A Shot In The Arm, And Then In The Foot Taff Link
07/11/2010 FACR1: Rushden 0 Yeovil 1: Completing The Circle Cruncher Link
03/11/2010 MK Dons 3 Yeovil 2 : It's Tough At The Bottom Cruncher Link
01/11/2010 The Time Has Come Cruncher Link
31/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 3 Swindon 3 Taff Link
28/10/2010 Diamonds Aren't Forever Taff Link
24/10/2010 L1: Brighton 2 Yeovil 0 : Defeated And Depleted Cruncher Link
18/10/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 Taff Link
13/10/2010 If .... Taff Link
08/10/2010 Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some Taff Link
03/10/2010 L1: Walsall 0 Yeovil Town 1 Cruncher Link
01/10/2010 The Case For The Defence Taff Link
29/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 1 Southampton 1 Taff Link
27/09/2010 It's Just Like Deja-Vu All Over Again Taff Link
22/09/2010 More New Kids On The Blog Taff Link
19/09/2010 L1: Huddersfield 4 Yeovil 2 : Better But No Cure From The Galpharmacy Cruncher Link
17/09/2010 I Don't Like Cricket, Oh No. I Love It! Taff Link
12/09/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 3 Tranmere Rovers 1 Taff Link
10/09/2010 Return Of The Talisman Taff Link
05/09/2010 Notts 4 Yeovil 0 : Dismal Day At The County Show Cruncher Link
02/09/2010 FLTR1: Yeovil Town 1 Exeter City 3 Taff Link
30/08/2010 It's The Hope That Hurts Taff Link
27/08/2010 The Slowest Drip Cruncher Link
26/08/2010 Club Offers Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
22/08/2010 All Quiet On The Western Front (and the back) Cruncher Link
20/08/2010 Local Press Letting Fans Down Taff Link
19/08/2010 Can You Hear The Yeovil Sing? Cruncher Link
15/08/2010 Late Goals Cost Points, Again Taff Link
11/08/2010 League Cup R1: Yeovil Town 0 Crystal Palace 1 Taff Link
11/08/2010 Adam Stansfield 1978-2010 Taff Link
09/08/2010 Get Over The Hump Cruncher Link
08/08/2010 L1: Yeovil Town 2 Leyton Orient 1 Taff Link
04/08/2010 Mystic Taff's Season's Predictions 2010-11 Taff Link
02/08/2010 We're Going To Score One More Than You Taff Link
31/07/2010 Positively Go Wing Forward Cruncher Link
29/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 1 Bristol City 3 Taff Link
25/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 3 Manchester United Reserves 2 Taff Link
23/07/2010 Silence From The Boardroom Is Deafening Taff Link
18/07/2010 PSF: Yeovil Town 0 Swansea City 1 Taff Link
16/07/2010 Magic Daps Gets His Cake And Eats It Taff Link
09/07/2010 Silly Season Warming Up Taff Link
30/06/2010 Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't Taff Link
18/06/2010 Three Out Of Five Ain't Bad Taff Link
11/06/2010 That Was The Season That Was Taff Link
03/05/2010 Mission Accomplished Taff Link
29/04/2010 Glass Half Empty Taff Link
24/04/2010 Brentford Betting Taff Link
18/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Southampton 1 Taff Link
14/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Taff Link
13/04/2010 Million Dollar Bash Taff Link
08/04/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Leeds United 2 Taff Link
04/04/2010 A Good Game To Watch On Teletext Taff Link
02/04/2010 Gotcha (well, got one or two of you)! Taff Link
01/04/2010 The End Of An Era Taff Link
21/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 3 Taff Link
19/03/2010 From Hero To Zero Taff Link
17/03/2010 Another One Bites The Dust (Part 2) Taff Link
14/03/2010 L1: Yeovil 4 Hartlepool 0 Taff Link
11/03/2010 The Loan Arranger Bites Back Taff Link
04/03/2010 White Men Speak With Forked Tongue Taff Link
28/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 1 Franchise FC 0 Taff Link
26/02/2010 Singing The Blues Taff Link
23/02/2010 Stam Suffers An Unkind Cut Taff Link
19/02/2010 One Year On Taff Link
17/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Colchester Utd 1 Taff Link
14/02/2010 L1: Yeovil 0 Gillingham 0 Taff Link
11/02/2010 Humble Pie Taff Link
05/02/2010 Darren Way Retires Taff Link
04/02/2010 Specualtion (sic) Is Damaging Taff Link
31/01/2010 Yeovil 0 Huddersfield 1 Taff Link
28/01/2010 The Welsh Connection Taff Link
24/01/2010 L1: Yeovil 2 Exeter City 1 Taff Link
22/01/2010 Exeter Preview Taff Link
18/01/2010 Orient Preview Taff Link
16/01/2010 Water Shame, Another Game Off Taff Link
05/01/2010 Snow Joke For Anyone Taff Link
30/12/2009 A Man For All Seasons Taff Link
27/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 4 Wycombe 0 Taff Link
22/12/2009 Draws Are Not Enough Taff Link
18/12/2009 Hartlepool Preview Taff Link
13/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Norwich 3 Taff Link
11/12/2009 Bah, Humbug! Taff Link
07/12/2009 L1: MK Dons 2 Yeovil 2 Taff Link
04/12/2009 Franchise Preview Taff Link
02/12/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Walsall 3 Taff Link
30/11/2009 Should I Stay Or Should I Go Taff Link
28/11/2009 Reality Bites Taff Link
23/11/2009 New Kid On The Blog Taff Link
22/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Charlton 1 Taff Link
20/11/2009 How Green Was My Valley Taff Link
16/11/2009 L1: Yeovil 1 Southend 0 Taff Link
09/11/2009 FA Cup R1: Oxford 1 Yeovil 0 Taff Link
06/11/2009 Up For The Cup Taff Link
02/11/2009 Premiership Giants 4 Plucky No-Hopers 0 Taff Link
30/10/2009 Hayward Back On Board Taff Link
27/10/2009 But It's Alright Now, In Fact It's A Gas! Taff Link
22/10/2009 Glovers On A Roll Taff Link
18/10/2009 L1: Yeovil 3 Carlisle 1 Taff Link
16/10/2009 Carlisle Preview Taff Link
11/10/2009 Slade alive!* Yeovil 2 Brighton 2 Taff Link
09/10/2009 Russell's Return A Reality Check Taff Link
05/10/2009 A Curate's Egg Taff Link
02/10/2009 Sweet FA From The FA Taff Link
28/09/2009 Braving the Lions Den* Taff Link
27/09/2009 L1 : Yeovil 2 Brentford 0 Taff Link
25/09/2009 Welcome Back Shaun Taff Link
20/09/2009 Patience Is A Virtue Taff Link
17/09/2009 Happy Days Are Here Again Taff Link
14/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 2 Stockport 2 Taff Link
10/09/2009 Crumbs Of Comfort Taff Link
06/09/2009 L1: Yeovil 0 Swindon 1 Taff Link
03/09/2009 Told You So Taff Link
31/08/2009 There Used To Be A Football Club Over There Taff Link
28/08/2009 Bookies Giving Money Away! Taff Link
26/08/2009 Football's Gone Mad Taff Link
23/08/2009 That's Entertainment! Taff Link
21/08/2009 Back To The Future, Part 2 Taff Link
18/08/2009 Time For Some Changes? Taff Link
14/08/2009 No Smoke Without Fire Taff Link
12/08/2009 Don't Panic! Don't Panic! Taff Link
11/08/2009 Obika's Back! Taff Link
09/08/2009 Calm Down, Calm Down Taff Link
07/08/2009 Mystic Taff's Season Predictions Taff Link
04/08/2009 Squad Shapes Up For Challenging Season Taff Link
02/08/2009 PSF - Yeovil 3 Tiverton 0 Taff Link
31/07/2009 Gary Roberts Ain't Our Friend Taff Link
29/07/2009 Yeovil 3 Bristol City 2 Taff Link
27/07/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 6 Taff Link
24/07/2009 And Then There Were None Taff Link
22/07/2009 Yeovil 0 Derby County 2 Taff Link
20/07/2009 In's, Out's And Maybe's Part 5 Taff Link
18/07/2009 Challenge Cup Giving Grounds For Concern? Taff Link
16/07/2009 Season Review - October '08 Taff Link
15/07/2009 Plucky Minnows Almost Cause A Shock Taff Link
14/07/2009 Just like London buses... Taff Link
11/07/2009 The Summer Of Silent Speculation Taff Link
07/07/2009 Back To The Future Taff Link
05/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un, part 2 Taff Link
04/07/2009 Skivo's game's a good 'un Taff Link
02/07/2009 SP On The Wing Again Taff Link
30/06/2009 Peltier's A Terrier Taff Link
29/06/2009 Stefan Stam's A Glover Taff Link
28/06/2009 In's, Out's and Maybe's Part 4 Taff Link
19/06/2009 New(ish) Kid On The Block Taff Link
16/06/2009 Let's be 'aving you! Taff Link
15/06/2009 Seven by Seven Taff Link
12/06/2009 The Man not in Black Anymore Taff Link
10/06/2009 Danny Hutchins Signs Up Taff Link
08/06/2009 Season review - September 08 Taff Link
03/06/2009 Season review - August 08 Taff Link
02/06/2009 Season review - July 08 Taff Link
29/05/2009 Perceptions and Season Ticket Sales Taff Link
26/05/2009 No Worthington, no way Taff Link
24/05/2009 Southern bias? Taff Link
21/05/2009 In's, out's and maybe's part 3 Taff Link
16/05/2009 Another one bites the dust Taff Link
15/05/2009 Marching on (in League One) together Taff Link
14/05/2009 In's and out's and maybe's, part 2 Taff Link
13/05/2009 Ins and outs and maybe's, part 1 Taff Link
10/05/2009 A profitable business Taff Link
09/05/2009 Mystic Taff's squad predictions Taff Link
07/05/2009 Hello, again Taff Link
13/03/2009 Mama Weer All Crazee Now Taff Link
12/03/2009 You really couldn't make it up Taff Link
11/03/2009 Leeds 4 - 0 Yeovil Taff Link
10/03/2009 You couldn't make it up Taff Link
09/03/2009 Muff in the brown stuff Taff Link
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8/8/2010Collis Signs Short Term Posh DealCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Davies Sees Red On DebutCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Griffin Nets On Return To Football LeagueCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Rendell Nets On Debut As Six Figure Fee RevealedCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Schofield Nets Past England GoalkeeperCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Poole Scores On Barnet DebutCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Christophe On Trial At WrexhamCiderspaceLink
8/7/2010Gillett Red-Carded On Donny DebutCiderspaceLink
8/5/2010Murray Goes Commercial At CityCiderspaceLink
8/5/2010Fitzgerald Teams Up With UxbridgeCiderspaceLink
8/4/2010Peltier Signs Four Year Terriers DealCiderspaceLink
8/4/2010Johnson Jnr : I'm Never Playing For Dad Again!CiderspaceLink
8/4/2010Caulker Heading For Leeds LoanCiderspaceLink
8/4/2010Walker On Trial For OrientCiderspaceLink
8/3/2010Gray Gets Cambridge Contract OfferCiderspaceLink
8/3/2010Terry Becomes A QuakerCiderspaceLink
8/3/2010Tudur Jones Nets As He Looks For A PilgrimageCiderspaceLink
7/31/2010Lindy Plays Down Retirement FearsCiderspaceLink
7/30/2010Gritton To Face Glovers Tomorrow As Loan Deal SealedCiderspaceLink
7/29/2010Lindegaard Retires From Professional FootballCiderspaceLink
7/29/2010Terry On Trial For Second North-East ClubCiderspaceLink
7/29/2010Caulker Rewarded By New Spurs ContractCiderspaceLink
7/27/2010Caulker And England Head Home After DefeatCiderspaceLink
7/27/2010Gary Roberts Signs A Deal At The Last Chance SaloonCiderspaceLink
7/26/2010Parsons On The MoveCiderspaceLink
7/26/2010Thomas On The MoveCiderspaceLink
7/26/2010Bent On The MoveCiderspaceLink
7/26/2010Caulker 'Buzzing' After England SuccessCiderspaceLink
7/24/2010England And Caulker Scrape Through To Semi-FinalsCiderspaceLink
7/23/2010Bircham Back In FootballCiderspaceLink
7/23/2010Forinton Given Lengthy Ban For Betting BreachCiderspaceLink
7/22/2010Chris To Get Wealey Hammered Second Time Round?CiderspaceLink
7/21/2010Ex-Striker Morris Signs For HarriersCiderspaceLink
7/21/2010Brittain Back In BusinessCiderspaceLink
7/21/2010Terry On Trial For The TynesidersCiderspaceLink
7/21/2010Caulker And England Beaten By DutchCiderspaceLink
7/20/2010Reid Signs For BathCiderspaceLink
7/20/2010Murray Goes For A BathCiderspaceLink
7/20/2010Collis Turns Out PoshCiderspaceLink
7/20/2010Maguire Tries To Restart Career At CreweCiderspaceLink
7/19/2010Ex-Glover Richardson Signs For Reading TownCiderspaceLink
7/19/2010Murray Shown The Door At AldershotCiderspaceLink
7/18/2010Caulker Reflects On Time At Huish ParkCiderspaceLink
7/18/2010Caulker Clocks Up 8th England CapCiderspaceLink
7/16/2010Ex-Glover Knights Signs For Conference NewcomersCiderspaceLink
7/15/2010Ex-Glover Hewitt Signs For HarrowCiderspaceLink
7/14/2010Hatters Lynch A Former Glovers Right-BackCiderspaceLink
7/8/2010Arron Davies Reunited With JohnsonCiderspaceLink
7/8/2010Yate Seeking Glovers FriendlyCiderspaceLink
7/8/2010Stansfield Joins Exeter Pre-Season TrainingCiderspaceLink
7/8/2010Birkby Trains At Hardenhuish ParkCiderspaceLink
6/9/2008Summer 2007 Supporters Bar Survey ResultsCiderspaceLink
6/8/2008Summer 2007 Supporters Bar Survey Participant CommentsCiderspaceLink
5/7/2008Huish Park Crowd Disturbances - Reader ResponsesCiderspaceLink
4/28/2008Crowd Disturbances At Huish ParkCiderspaceLink
7/31/2006But Not At Huish Park..........?CiderspaceLink
7/31/2006'Real Football Roar' AwardCiderspaceLink
7/26/2006Cowlin ConfirmedCiderspaceLink
7/25/2006The Bartlett Is No MoreCiderspaceLink
7/25/2006Mandatory Two Year Bans IntroducedCiderspaceLink
7/18/2006AGM Reveals Small ProfitCiderspaceLink
7/13/2006Agent Fees Fall For Glovers And LeagueCiderspaceLink
6/29/2006Fry In Optimistic MoodCiderspaceLink
6/24/2006Invest In Yeovil Website LaunchedCiderspaceLink
6/22/2006Fry's Ambitions For Yeovil TownCiderspaceLink
6/21/2006Doesn't Stay Long Does He.........CiderspaceLink
2/17/2004Yeovil True : Song LyricsCiderspaceLink
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